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Air Purifiers, Air Monitoring Instruments, Dehumidifiers, Dust Collectors, Smoke Eaters

Over 100 Combined Years of
Residential, Commercial and Industrial
Air Purification Experience!

  As one of the largest distributors of air quality equipment, BPA is able to provide our customers with the most extensive knowledge of every major brand, style, and technology of home air purifiers, commercial smoke eaters, industrial mist eliminators, dust collectors, UV sterilizers, and laser particle counters. Our expertise also extends to welding fume extractors, dehumidifiers, and multi-gas monitors.

Browse our selection online to find the best air purification equipment to meet your needs or call one of our air quality engineers to help you select the right equipment for your needs.

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Air Purifiers.  Air Cleaners.  Smoke Eaters.  Mist Collectors & Particle Counters.
Smoke Eaters Home Air Purifiers Particle Counters
Smoke Eaters: Air purifier designed to remove airborne contaminants.
Trion SE 800 Smoke Eater
Was $1,699.00
As Low As $999.99

Limited Time Offer on Trion Smoke Eaters!
Residential Air Purifiers: High quality, all purpose air cleaner.
Airpura Home Air Cleaners
HIGH-END design at a low cost !!!
As Low As $499.98
Improved engineering sets new standard !!
Particle Counters: Air Monitoring Instruments.
Handheld 3016 Particle Counter

Massive internal memory and an easy to use touch screen interface  make this handheld particle counter the best in class!

Dust Collection Mist Eliminators Gas Detectors
Dust collectors: For Your Air Pollution Control Needs.
Trion AirBoss DC Series
Extremely versatile self cleaning cartridge-based industrial air cleaners and dust collectors are engineered for each specific application.
Mist Eliminators: High efficiency mist and oil smoke collectors.
AQE MistBuster 500
This machine mount mist collector is very effective, with a variety of mounting options and accessories available.
Gas Detectors: Wide selection of portable and fixed gas monitors.
Tetra Multi-Gas Detector

The Crowcon Tetra is by far, the most durable and easy to use portable gas detector we've ever tested!

Dehumidifiers Particle Counters Fume Extractors
Dehumidifiers: Home, commercial and industrial dehumidifiers for your indoor air quality.
HI-E Dry Vehere Pool & Spa Dehumidifier
Home, commercial and industrialdehumidifiers help provide healthy indoor air quality and make a comfortable environment. We have a full selection of swimming pool dehumidifiers and basement dehumidifiers.
Particle Counters: Solutions for monitoring or testing environmental and indoor air quality.
Kanomax 3887 Particle Counter
The Kanomax 3887 simultaneously displays 3 particle sizes and downloads data to your computer. We have a full line of handheld laser particle counters for cleanroom monitoring, indoor air quality or complete air monitoring systems and particle counter software. FumeFighter 500 soldering fume extractor
Fume Fighter 500 Soldering Fume Extractor

We have a large selection of ambient and source capture LEV systems for welding fume extraction as well as models for plasma cutting tables, soldering and all other forms of smoke and fume removal.



BPA provides you with the world's largest
selection of air quality equipment & instruments,
AND free expert advice!
ive us a call today and let us help you solve your air quality problems.


BPA's team has over 100 combined years of experience covering all aspects of indoor air quality, air purification, and air monitoring.  Our team is comprised of some of the world's leading air quality experts, ensuring air purification solutions based on scientific fact, rather than marketing hype. We are committed to staying current with the most effective air purifiers, air cleaners, smoke eaters, dehumidifiers, particle counters, gas detectors, and more, allowing us to deliver the most efficient and accurate solution for your particular air quality issues. Our recommendations stem from years of research and testing by air quality experts and we are motivated to use this knowledge to provide only the equipment that you need. When you call BPA, you will speak with air quality specialists who's goal is to solve your problem, not sell equipment.

We are constantly comparing the quality, effectiveness and value of a variety of home air purifiers, commercial smoke eaters, industrial mist collectors and fume extractors, as well as all of our other air purification products. It is our objective to meet every client's needs with professionalism and accuracy, while providing an expertise that is unmatched in our industry. This enables us to provide each client with an efficient and effective solution.

We are committed to providing optimal air purification equipment and are so confident that you will be happy with your purchase that we are extending our money-back guarantee to an industry leading 90 days!

For assistance selecting the right home air purifier, commercial smoke eater, industrial air cleaner or laser particle counter for your specific needs call toll free 1-800-551-8544 and speak with one of our air purification specialists.

New Projects: BPA Air Quality Solutions is involved in developing the world's first social networking website for theWind Turbines community.


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