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"The Government Protects Their Employees From Airborne Germs and Mold By Using UV Air Cleaners In Their HVAC Ducts... "
Don't You Think You Should Too?

The American-Lights™ In-duct UV air cleaner is an effective solution for eliminating airborne mold, mold spores, viruses and bacteria from the indoor air.  The American-Lights™ UV Air Cleaner can help...

  • Fight sickness caused by viruses and bacteria such as the common cold, influenza, measles, small pox and tuberculosis

  • Reduce allergy and asthma symptoms

  • Reduce constant headaches

  • Reduce heavy snoring

  • Reduce nasal congestion and sinusitis

  • Reduce irritability

  • Increase energy

  • Reduce fatigue and depression

  • Guard against Sick Building Syndrome

Your heating and air-conditioning ventilation ducts and filters breed and circulate germs, viruses and allergy-causing mold spores - Protect yourself and your family with an  American-Lights™ In-duct Home UV Air Cleaner.

Whole house induct air cleaner instalation options diagram.

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American-Lights™ In-duct
Home UV Air Cleaner.
American Lights induct UV whole house air cleaner.
Rating: Air purifier rating star.Air purifier rating star.Air purifier rating star.Air purifier rating star.Air purifier rating star.- Excellent
Availability: Ships in 1-2 business days
Warranty: Two-years


Home UV Induct Air Purifier $447.00


When you buy your home UV air cleaner from BreathePureAir.com you will get...

 Plus 8 other one-of-a-kind reasons
to buy from BreathePureAir.com

   American-Lights™ In-duct Home UV Air Cleaner Reviewed by Dr. Donnelly 
Air purifier rating star.Air purifier rating star.Air purifier rating star.Air purifier rating star.Air purifier rating star. - Excellent

Positive Qualities:

  • The manufacturer's of American-Lights™ In-duct Home UV Air Cleaner  have been in the UV air cleaning technology business for over 43 years... this in and of itself says a tremendous amount about their UV air cleaner products.  In this length of time, the have become the authority on UV light air purification technology.  Listen folks, manufacturing an effective In-duct air cleaner is not as simple as plugging a UV bulb into an electrical outlet and then placing it in your HVAC duct system.  American-Lights™ UV Air Cleaner is the # 1 selling ultraviolet light system on the market because they simply make the best and most effective product in this category.

  • The American-Lights™ In-duct Home UV Air Cleaner has the strongest UV lamp in the industry.  For those of you who are tech-heads, the bulb is 12W UVC, 36W electrical UVC High Output 800 µW / cm² per second @ 1 foot distance.  For those of you who don't know what this means... just know that these numbers are impressive.  You won't find an in-duct UV cleaner that will kill more airborne viruses, bacteria and mold in a shorter time.

  • The American-Lights™ UV air purifier is the only UV in-duct unit that has earned the ETL Product Safety Certification Mark which gives you that extra assurance that AAW has gone the extra mile to ensure product safety. The American-Lights™ In-duct UV Air Cleaner has been independently tested and certified by Intertek Testing Services a nationally recognized testing laboratory that is accredited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) under Federal law.

  • Most UV bulbs are not even strong enough to last 12-months.  In fact BreathePureAir used to carry an induct UV air purifier line where we used to get feed back from customers who reported that their UV lamps seemed to only last about six-months.  The American-Lights™ In-duct Home UV Air Cleaner Bulb Life will still have 100% of its strength after 12-months and will retain 90% of its strength for a full 24 months.  To get the best performance from your American-Lights™ In-duct UV Air purifier we recommend that you change your UV lamp every 12 months.

  • Ease of installation is less than 15 minutes.  We highly recommend that you pay $30 for a HVAC professional to come and install your American-Lights™ In-duct UV Air Cleaner - by doing this your two-year manufacturer's warranty will stay in effect.  It is as easy as drilling one 1.3/8” hole any where along the duct-work for the UV lamp to fit through.  Sqeezing the square housing unit up to the HVAV duct with a lock-nut. Snap the UV air cleaner's cover in place and power the air cleaner to a grounded 110V socket and away you go.

  • Ease of UV bulb replacement - less than 5 minutes.  All you have to do is plug the UV lamp into the socket.

Negative Qualities:

  • For the manufacturer's warranty to stay in effect you must have your American-Lights™ UV Air Cleaner installed by a qualified contractor. For the "handyman" this may be an inconvenience however, the manufacturer enforces this rule so that they can be sure that you are getting your in-duct UV Air Cleaner installed properly.

  • Don't let the 80's look of the American-Lights™ UV Air Cleaner fool you - it may not be the best looking in-duct unit on the market but it is definitely the most effective and powerful UV air purifier that will eliminate more bacteria, mold and viruses.

  • Remember that ALL UV Germicidal Lamp have the potential to cause irritation of the eyes and skin upon Prolonged exposure. With any UV product you have to remember not to look into the UV light for a prolonged period of time. By having your American-Lights™ UV Air Cleaner installed by a qualified HVAC contractor your UV lamp will be safely tucked away in the depths of your duct system unavailable to the naked eye with nothing for you to worry about.


We have searched long and hard for a home in-duct UV air purifier that is powerful enough to truly eliminate viruses, bacteria and mold.  With independent laboratory testing to prove that there is a 1000% decrease in residential mold after 2 weeks we can whole-heartedly endorse the American-Lights™ In-duct Home UV Air Cleaner as the most powerful UV in-duct unit on the market.  The American-Lights™ UV Air Purifier is the best in its class. Beware of cheap imitations!

 Dr. Donnelly's air purifier star rating system. All air purifiers, air cleaners and air purification technology is closely researched by Dr. Donnelly before products are offered or recommended on BreathePureAir.com

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