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UV Sterilizers - UV Germicidal Light Fixtures - UV Sterilizer Fixture

Direct UV Sterilizers & Germicidal UV Light Fixtures

BreathePureAir offers you one of the world's most complete line of commercial UV sterilizers, UV sterilizer fixtures, UV germicidal air sterilizers for the most complete UV air treatment.

Our UV germicidal sterilizer systems are manufactured by AU Co., a 43 year old company that is a world-wide leading authority of UV applications.

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UV Germicidal Sterilizer Utility Fixtures

General Description

Closed End UV Sterilizer Fixtures

Closed end UV sterilizers.


"Direct UV germicidal sterilization designed for use over conveyor lines and laboratory benches."

Available in 10 lengths from 6 inches to 3 feet long. Each model is available in 1-4 bulb configuration with cold cathode, hot cathode or slimline UV bulbs. These fixtures direct and confine the potent germicidal ultraviolet rays to specific areas and deliver superior ultraviolet sterilization.

Multi-Purpose UV Sterilizer Fixtures

Multi-Purpose Utility germicidal sterilizers.


"General multi-purpose UV germicidal utility lamps are used for general-purpose air and surface sterilization."

We have 15 different sizes of our multi-purpose utility germicidal fixtures that can be used for a multitude of air and surface sterilization applications.

Germicidal UV Door Barriers

Germicidal UV Door Barriers


"Control airborne microorganisms from traveling from area to area with germicidal UV door barriers."

By generating a curtain of germicidal ultraviolet rays, this uv air cleaner provides effective control of airborne microorganisms from traveling between areas.

Surface Mounted
UV Sterlizers

Surface Mounted UV germicidal sterilizers.


"Our Surface-mounted UV sterilizers are designed for hospitals, laboratories and industrial applications."

BPA's surface mounted UV sterilizer fixtures have a dust-free design that ensures a lifetime of dependability and contemporary appearance. These one-of-a-kind UV sterilizers have specular aluminum reflectors for maximum ultraviolet efficiency. 

Portable 8 Lamp UV Germicidal  Air Sterilizer
Portable 8 Lamp UV Germicidal  Air Sterilizer


"This mobile room UV sterilizer has 8 high-output germicidal lamps that has a built-in 24 hour timer."

This portable eight-lamp ultraviolet fixture features a time-delay and 24-hour timer for total room irradiation. Popular applications are  operating rooms, sterile areas, laboratories, unoccupied patient rooms, clean rooms and all other applications where permanent fixtures are not practical.


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