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About Team BreathePureAir.com (BPA)

"With 100+ Years Combined Air Purification Experience...
Why Go Any Where Else?"

Over the years BreathePureAir.com has grown to become one of the largest retailers of residential and commercial air purification systems in the world.  Now BPA is fast becoming a major presence in the industrial air purification market place with representatives for our industrial air purification products located across the USA and Canada.

Dr. Donnelly has assembled a team of some of the finest minds in the air purification industry who total over 100 years of combined air purification expertise and experience.

Team BPA offers you the expertise and experience that can't be matched by any other air purification distributorship or company.  Whether it’s across town, the country, or the world, Team BPA can offer on-site quotes and customized air solution systems whether you are looking for commercial carbon smoke eaters, industrial fume extractors, dust collectors or mist eliminators... Team BPA will ensure that you get the job done right the first time around.

Team BPA:

  Dr. Craig Donnelly - President and Founder of BreathePureAir.com


Dr. Donnelly founded BreathePureAir.com as a result of his experience with his patients, many who suffered from allergies, asthma and airborne environmental sensitivities.  Having been diagnosed with asthma himself, he understood the health consequences of compromised breathing many of his patients experienced on a daily basis. This first hand experience compelled Dr. Donnelly to research, test and review various air purification technologies, manufacturers and products so that he could make the very best recommendations to his patients... and now to his clients around the world. 


  Dave Kuck - Industrial Air Purification Specialist


Dave heads our in-house Commercial/Industrial Sales Department.  He Leads our extensive team of application engineers to solve complex dust, mist, fume and smoke problems.  Dave’s problem solving skills have proven beneficial when it comes to evaluating our clients’ air quality needs, and he has extensive first hand, real world knowledge about the operation and performance of our multi-faceted air pollution control equipment.


  Rod Yarbrough - National Sales Manager


Rod plays an integral part in the day to day operations of BPA and has a decade of IT experience. As an air quality professional, Rod has spent the past 7 years solving our customers' most demanding air quality problems and is our in-house air monitoring specialist. His extensive knowledge of laser particle counters, cleanroom applications, gas monitoring, humidity control and air purification is coupled with his dedication to customer satisfaction.

  Dave Bubb - Commercial and Industrial Application Engineer



Dave Bubb has 14 years experience in air cleaning and dust collection: inside (phone) sales for light commercial products, Inside Sales Manager for commercial and industrial air cleaners, General Manager for a full service air cleaner sales & service center, District Sales Manager for direct & dealer industrial air cleaner and dust collector sales, National Accounts Manager for commercial air cleaners, OEM sales of industrial air cleaners and dust collectors, Aftermarket Manager for replacement cartridge filters, Trion Director of Representative Sales - North America for commercial and industrial representatives and distributors.

"As I've held these various positions of responsibility I've gained invaluable hands on experience with air cleaner service & trouble shooting, system installations (hood, ductwork & system design), running an air cleaner sales & service company, and managing a national network of distributors and reps."

  • light commercial (tobacco smoke removal)
  • commercial (general air cleaning)
  • kitchen exhaust filtration
  • industrial
  • air pollution control
  • dust collection
  • rep and distributor recruitment
  • national accounts

  Mark Schrieber - Commercial and Industrial Air Quality Engineer

Mark, an employee of Air Quality Engineering Inc., comes to Team BPA as a consultant who has 10 years of commercial and industrial air purification installation and design experience. Mark holds a chemical engineering degree from Iowa State University and is our go-to-guy when it comes to our most difficult customized industrial air purification projects. Mark has performed over 500 on-site installations and has additional expertise in air filtration mechanics, designing air filters and ductwork design and installation. 


  Warren Lynn - Ultraviolet (UVc) Application Engineer


Warren brings over 12 years of ultraviolet (UVc) air purification experience as a consultant to Team BPA and is one of the world's leading authorities on sterilizing / purifying the air through the use of UV light.  Warren's expertise is in designing customized UVc air purification systems for government projects, industrial applications, hospital settings and food processing plants just to name a few.  The United States Congress has personally invited Warren to be a keynote speaker at the Hospital Engineering and Facilities Management Convention during the Summer of '04.


  Sam Teitelbaum - Residential, Commercial, Industrial Application Engineer


Sam has been in the air purification industry for 18 years and lends his expertise to Team BPA whenever needed.  Sam has been involved with research and development, designing over 100 residential, commercial and industrial air purification units that can be modified to over 5000 different variations and configurations for almost any air pollution problem. Sam’s reputation as an air quality expert has been called upon to testify at many court proceedings, where his expertise was deemed invaluable. Sam’s free time is usually spent guest lecturing at several well known educational and medical institutions.


  Peter Audet - Industrial Application Engineer


Peter was born in Quebec, Canada and has over 25 years professional experience in the air purification industry. Peter went to University of Montreal and earned degrees in mechanical and electronic engineering that played a pivotal role in his inventing and securing the patent on the technology for BPA’s Electro-filter. Peter was president and CEO of Cimatec Evironmental Engineering ltd from 1991 to 1998 and is presently one of BPA’s most sought after consultants as an industrial application engineer.


  James Gause Lee - Industrial Designer


James' expertise is in product design and marketing for commercial, industrial and consumer markets.  James has a Bachelor of Science from the College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio.  Mr. Lee's focus of study was in industrial design that covered areas of ergonomics, psychonomics, aesthetics, materials and processes.  James provides BPA with the unique insight of a formally educated industrial designer.


  Nicki Blackburn - Corporate Manager and Accounting


Nicki is the keystone to holding BreathePureAir and Team BPA together.  A native South Carolinian, Nicki's organizational and accounting skills allow the rest of Team BPA to concentrate on offering the focused attention needed to offer our clients the best service in the industry. 

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