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Air-O-Swiss Air Purifiers & Humidifiers


"The Air-O-Swiss is so Quiet only the operating light lets you know it's running..."

Ideal for rooms up to 540 square feet, the Air-O-Swiss Air Purifier removes even the smallest particles from the air. With its two HEPA particle filters, it efficiently reduces the levels of air pollutants such as pollen, dust, animal hairs, and mites.

Its active carbon filter absorbs unpleasant smoke and odors and chemical fumes.

These features promote a healthy room climate where allergy sufferers, in particular, can breathe easier:

  • Circulates room air up to 5 times per hour (for a 280 square foot room)

  • Three performance settings for a rapid purification, normal and night use

  • HEPA filters last at least 12 months and active carbon filter last at least 6 months

  • Easy filter replacement

  • Ergonomically designed handles and built-in cable wrap

  • Operating light show when unit is on

Performance for different room sizes
Particles such as dust, pollen, animal dander, etc. are efficiently removed every...

Air-O-Swiss room coverage diagram.

Air-O-Swiss air purifiers and humidifiers.
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Air-O-Swiss Air Purifier & Ratings

General Information & Description

Air-O-Swiss Air Purifier 2061
Air purifier rating star.Air purifier rating star.Air purifier rating star.Air purifier rating star.Air purifier rating star. Excellent

Air-O-Swiss Air Purifier 2061

This extremely quiet and economic air purifier features high efficiency HEPA particle filters, carbon media filter and an air freshening system that uses essential oils.

Excellent for removing allergens, dust, odors and vapors in most rooms and areas up to 500 sq. ft.

Air-O-Swiss Air Purifier
MSRP $375.00


Air-O-Swiss Combo 2071 Air Purifier & Humidifier
Air purifier rating star.Air purifier rating star.Air purifier rating star.Air purifier rating star.Air purifier rating star. Excellent

Air-O-Swiss Combo 2071
Air Purifier & Humidifier

An air cleaner and humidifier designed to quietly clean the air while also offering humidification and also features the air freshening system which uses essential oils. This is perfect for people who live in colder climates as the air in winter has a tendency to become uncomfortably dry.

Excellent for most rooms and areas up to 500 sq. ft.

Air Purifier/Humidifier

MSRP $425.00


The Air-O-Swiss air purifier utilizes two highly efficient HEPA filters.Remove particles
With its two high tech HEPA particle filters, the Air-O-Swiss Air Purifier offers optimum protection against harmful particles, such as pollen, dust and spores, that are up to 100,000 times finer than a human hair.


A carbon media filter provides smoke, odor and chemical fume adsorbtion.Eliminate odors
The Air-O-Swiss Air Purifier contains a carbon media filter which absorbs unpleasant tobacco, cooking and animal odors as well as harmful chemical fumes.

Add essential iols to the air freshening system for evenly distributing scents.Bring a breath of fresh air
The Air-O-Swiss Air Purifier and Humidifier has a unique air freshening system.  With a choice of 100% natural essential oils, it will make you feel relaxed or energized.

As the temperature outside drops, so does the relative humidity inside your home.
Without assisted humidification, cold air extracts moisture wherever  it can find it, such as from you skin, lungs and nasal passages, plants and wooden furniture.

People perform better, and are best protected from air quality threats when the humidity levels are between 40% and 60%.

Tests in nursery schools have shown that when humidifiers are used, absences due to illness are reduced by 40%!

The only HEPA system on the market with built-in humidification, the Air-O-Swiss Air Purifier and Humidifier includes two HEPA filters for particle removal, an active carbon filter for odor and fume removal and a self-regulating humidification system that provides an optimal hygienically humidified room atmosphere.

All of this performance is delivered with extremely quiet operation, thanks to an optimal combination of size, enormous filter surface, and a high-quality fan.

Product highlights

  • Two detachable water tanks with a combined 2.2 gallon capacity.

  • Fitted with an anti-bacterial evaporator cartridge, no water additives required.

  • Easy-to-clean removable water tray.

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