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BPA Smoke Muncher XL by Airpura

"...BPA Smoke Muncher XL has optimized air cleaner technology to remove tars, particles and chemicals from tobacco smoke..."

It is well known that tobacco smoke removal is essential for minimizing health risks of an indoor environment for both smokers and non smokers.  Tobacco smoke is comprised of gaseous chemicals, tar fumes, and solid particles.  The BPA SmokeMuncher XL is specially modified with a tar barrier and extra large carbon bed and a HEPA filter to treat all aspects of tobacco smoke.

The "TarBarrier" is a pre-filter that works like the filter on a cigarette.  Airborne tar is a fume or vapor made of tiny moisture droplets.  Tar will settle and stick to surfaces creating a sticky dull yellow or brown film.  The TarBarrier pre-filter extends life of the HEPA filter by catching gooey tar before it gums up the tightly woven HEPA.

The carbon bed is a monstrous natural filter that adsorbs chemicals and gases.  Tobacco smoke contains over 4000 chemicals and gases such as benzene, carbon monoxide, radon, vinyl chloride, formaldehyde, lead, radioactive lead 210, toulene, urethane and a whole lot more.  BPA SmokeMuncher XL has a 26 pound carbon bed that is 3 inches deep that will adsorb tobacco smoke's gaseous chemicals.

BPA SmokeMuncher XL Home Smoke Eater by Airpura

Carbon is the most important component to treating tobacco smoke.  Some smoke eaters or air cleaners use carbon, but not to the extent of the SmokeMuncher XL.  Some use carbon dust sprinkled on foam pads.  Others use a thin layer of carbon embedded in substrate or woven into cloth.  The most effective treatment is pulling dirty air through a big bed of granulated carbon.  The more carbon the better.

The final step in the BPA SmokeMuncher XL system is the HEPA after-filter that catches any remaining particles.


The BPA SmokeMuncher XL is a great smoke eater for home use or very light commercial use in rooms up to approximately 400 square feet.  Good uses of the SmokeMuncher XL include small meeting room, break room, small office, smoking lounge, den, residential game room, bedroom, "rec" room, but not large open areas like a bar or pool hall.  BPA SmokeMuncher XL works best in a contained area where it is the only device effecting airflow. 

To Capture Smoke...

Smoke from a cigarette or cigar consists of hot particles and gases that move upward and slowly spread throughout the room.  Smoke will remain suspended near the top of the room until it cools.  As it cools, the particles and gases that make up the smoke fall from the air, rain down and settle on everything in the room.  The trick to capturing smoke is to filter it through an air cleaner while it is still floating near the ceiling!  Because smoke rises, the BPA SmokeMuncher XL is most effective when mounted near the ceiling using wall brackets.

Horizontal Wall Mount Bracket
horizontal smokeater bracket
horizontal wall mount bracket
Vertical Wall Mount Bracket
vertical wall mount bracket vertical smokeater wall mount bracket

Technical Specifications...

BPA-Airpura technical specifications for HEPA home air cleaners


BPA SmokeMuncher XL by Airpura Residential Smoke Eater

BPA SmokeMuncher XL
by Airpura: Model T-600
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BPA SmokeMuncher XL - Deluxe With Superblend Filter
By Airpura: Model T-600D
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Wall Mount Brackets:

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Airpura Replacement Filters

Coordinate SmokeMuncher XL with your interior design...

 Available colors for Airpura home air cleaners

Black  |  Sandstone  |  White

black Airpura home air purifiersandstone Airpura home air purifierwhite Airpura home air purifier

Filter life
depends on use.  Smoke is generally heavier in public areas.  Filter changing is normally less frequent when used in private homes as opposed to commercial applications.  Filters need to be changed when unit stops pulling smoke out of the air.  BPA will send you an email reminder when it is typically time to change filters.

Carbon filters
Under typical operating conditions, the 26 lb. carbon module usually lasts 1-2 years, depending on use

Tar Barriers
The Tar Barrier Prefilter is rated to last 2-6 months depending on use, and can be vacuumed from the outside of the machine between filter changes.

HEPA Barrier
Under normal conditions, the HEPA filter usually lasts 1-2 years, depending on use

Tobacco Smoke
produces over 4000 chemicals and gases, tar and particles.  Gasses and chemicals are what make the odor.  Particles are generally undetected, yet become permanently lodged in lung tissue.  Unlike most indoor airborne contaminants, tobacco smoke is dense enough to be seen by the naked eye.  The high level of particle and gaseous contamination can fill up and clog regular air cleaners.  Smoke eaters must be designed with larger capacity to continue treating tobacco smoke for an extended period of use.  The BPA SmokeMuncher XL provides large capacity filtration that addresses tar, odor and all harmful chemicals.

See the particle size chart
airborne particle size chart



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