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Airpura Residential Air Purifiers

"...High quality, all purpose residential air cleaners produced and designed by an engineer dedicated to the science of air quality..."

Our Best Selling Home Air Purifiers!

Airpura was designed by a former head engineer from a major international air cleaner manufacturer. Here, existing technology has been configured and crafted to an ideal standard for effective air purification.

We at BPA are more than impressed; we  appreciate Airpura's product craftsmanship and design ideals.  In fact, Airpura has been chosen to manufacture the new BPA Smoke Muncher XL and Allergy Arrestor.

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Airpura Home Air Purifiers:

  • white Airpura home air purifierAirpura Standard - Call For Discount
    Removes neraly all common household airborne contaminates with a well designed 3 Stage filtration featuring a pleated prefilter, true HEPA filter and 18 pounds of granulated carbon.

  • black Airpura home air purifierAirpura Deluxe VOC - Call For Discount
    Same features as the standard, except the carbon is blended with potassium iodide, capable of capturing and eliminating a wider range of chemical fumes!

  • sandstone Airpura home air purifierAirpura Titanium UV - Call For Discount
    AirPura's top of the line (TitanClean) titanium dioxide (TiO2) air purifier uses TiO2 and UV light to create photo catalytic oxidation. No harmful byproducts - kills biological contaminants. Breaks down airborne chemicals into water vapor and carbon dioxide.

  • black Airpura home air purifierSmoke Muncher XL - Call For Discount
    Specially designed to remove smoke and odors in small to medium sized rooms. Contains an amazing 3 inch deep bed of carbon that, a whopping 30 pounds of granulated activated carbon!

  • sandstone Airpura home air purifierBPA Allergy Arrestor - Call For Discount
    Features a 3 inch deep cold rolled, pleated HEPA filter, well designed, well sealed perfect for removing nearly all suspended airborne particles!

Airpura Replacement Filters

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All Models are available three interior design friendly colors to integrate into your home decor.

Available colors for Airpura home air cleaners
 Black  |  Sandstone  |  White

black Airpura home air purifiersandstone Airpura home air purifierwhite Airpura home air purifier

AirPura Air Cleaners for Residential air purification

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Airpura Home Air Purifiers
Engineered for airflow to travel the shortest distance possible, reducing noise and energy consumption.  Round filter design similar to latest cartridge filters used in industrial air cleaners.  Notice airflow does not pass over impellor.  Curved impellor blades direct air up and out.

5 years parts, 10 years labor.

HEPA traps particles 0.3 um and larger.  UV kills smaller microbes.  Even smaller yet gaseous particles are absorbed by carbon.


See the particle size chart
airborne particle size chart



Features & Benefits.....

Major areas Airpura has addressed in air cleaner design are quality of air produced, user convenience, and functional aesthetics.

Even though an air cleaner may use a HEPA filter rated at 99.97% efficient at catching particles 0.3 micron and larger, the air coming out is usually not 99.97% clean.  Unfiltered air is commonly found leaking through seams or joints in a purifier's enclosure.  Air cleaners made by Airpura are pressure sealed such that they can handle the air pushing through them without any leaks.  The filter chamber is sealed with felt gaskets, instead of commonly used rubber, which cause off-gassing.  Furthermore, the all metal housing totally eliminates any emissions of plastic vapors.  Another typical mistake is positioning the motor in the clean air stream where impurities are pulled off the motor.  Airpura positions their motor out of the air flow.  The last impurity problem Airpura has fixed is off-gassing from electrical components like capacitors, condensers or switches by providing a separate electrical parts chamber.

As far as aesthetics, construction, and usability, Airpura has kept things subtle, solid, and simple.  The cylindrical design comes in three colors that blend into most home's
Airpura air cleaners aesthetically blend into home interior

interiors: white, black or sandstone.  The perforated steel exterior gives a soft appearance while providing distributed air intake and distribution.  The motor uses a backward curved impeller design common to modern industrial blowers, which eliminates noise and vibration of a typical motor & shaft configuration.  Airflow inside the purifier is simple and direct.  Unimpeded airflow reduces turbulence, inefficiency, and noise of convoluted systems.  A variable speed motor, controlled like a volume knob, gives you infinite adjustments to set it just high enough to do the job without wasting electricity.  Separately changeable filters for HEPA and carbon allow you to only replace what is needed, saving operating cost.

Technical Specifications...

All Airpura home air cleaners have four standard filters: pre-filter, 2 micro-suppress filters, carbon filter, and true HEPA filter.  The pre-filter can be vacuumed from the outside of the unit, extending its useful life; typically the pre-filter should be replaced once a year.  The micro-suppress filters reduce bacteria and viruses around the carbon bed.  The carbon filter absorbs airborne chemicals, gases and orders.  The true HEPA filter catches 99.97% of all airborne particles 0.3 microns and bigger.

Air Flow 560 CFM
More powerful than any other home air cleaner available
Fan/Motor Permanent split capacitor, backward curved motorized impeller
Power Consumption 120 watts on high
40 watts on low
Voltage Options 115 volts or 220 volts
Size 23" high
15" diameter
Weight 45 lbs
Sound Level at 6 feet 28.1 dB on low
62.3 dB on high
Housing Finish Powder coated steel with 4 easy rolling castors
Certification Conforms to ANSI & UL 507, CSA C22.2 #113
Fume/Odor/Chemical Control 18-30 lbs carbon regular or special blend giving surface area of 570 sq ft
Refillable Option Carbon can be refilled or replaced.  You have the choice
HEPA True HEPA 40 sq ft:
Warm rolled to prevent cracking.
10 pleats per square inch maximized filtration (other systems only use 6-8 folds).
Spacers to make sure every fold filters.
Pre-Filter 570 sq in x 1" deep

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