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Mist Collection for Machine Shops

Ducted MistBusterIn this thread, we will be discussing mist eliminators for various types of machine shop applications. I’d like to begin by pointing out the importance of keeping fugitive mist under control. NIOSH has made recommendations regarding exposure levels for metalworking fluids, and has identified that numerous health risks can result from the absence of preventative measures.

AQE F62B with canopy hood for localized mist collectionUsing a high efficiency mist eliminator is a more than ideal solution for properly dealing with machine mist overspray, whether at the source, such as within the machine tool enclosure itself, or localized to ensure that the errant mist doesn’t permeate the workspace. Naturally, the most effective method would be to duct directly to the machine enclosure, so as to capture the overspray as it’s applied to the workpiece, but not all machines are enclosed. For machines that aren’t enclosed at all, or only partially enclosed with fixed openings, a more localized or ambient solution is required. It’s a good idea to enclose the operation as much as possible; this will cut down on the amount of airflow needed and help to isolate the problem. If enclosure is not possible, usually the mist collector can be installed near the process, with a capture hood to hover over the process.

There are different ways to handle the machine oil mist, depending on the requirements for capturing the contaminants. Numerous factors, such as materials being machined, coolant used, coolant pressure, coolant type, operating hours, and many others, will determine mist collection requirements. For example, machining die cast materials can be extremely messy, and there have been cases where electrostatic mist collectors have failed in their attempt to effectively control the mist; therefore, a different solution had to be sought, such as media filtration. There are certain strengths and weaknesses associated with each type of filtration, so choosing the proper type of collection is of utmost importance.

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