BPA Introduces The Exclusive “Black Series” Handheld Laser Particle Counter

Lighthouse 3016 Black SeriesBPA is proud to introduce the Black Series 3016 Handheld Laser Particle Counter manufactured exclusively for BPA by Lighthouse.  The remarkable Black Series was modeled after the BPA Sales Manager’s personal road kit.  During his travels to customer locations, he discovered that there wasn’t a handheld laser particle counter kit that included everything he needed on the road.  You had to buy a particle counter and then purchase all the needed accessories separately, which can be very expensive.  The particle counter itself is exactly the same as the Lighthouse 3016, except that it comes as a sharp looking black instrument instead of the standard white color.

He then worked with the development team at Lighthouse to design a kit that was sturdy for travel and included everything you could need for particle monitoring and creating reports on the road.  This comprehensive package can save you hundreds of dollars compared to purchasing components separately.

The Black Series has all the same features of the standard 3016, such as:

  • Can view 6 particle sizes simultaneously
  • 3.8" touch screen interface
  • Meets JIS Standards
  • Internal audible alarm
  • Large memory for storing data
  • 0.1 CFM flow rate
  • Removable/rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Temperature/relative humidity probe

Additional features included in the Black Series Kit include:Black Series Handheld Laser Particle Counter

  • Exclusive Black Series 3016 handheld laser particle counter
  • Pelican flight case
  • Isokinetic sampling probe
  • Purge filter assembly
  • RS-232 interface cable
  • LMS Exchange software
  • LMS Express software
  • USB to serial port converter
  • 2 rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries
  • External battery charger with car adapter
  • Quick start guide

The Black Series is the perfect kit for IAQ professionals traveling to multiple locations with a laptop.  No more having to go back to your hotel or office to create reports; this comprehensive kit is designed for creating reports on the fly.  The LMS Exchange software allows for downloading to Excel while the LMS Express software lets you download data for reports, charts and graphics.  The Black Series 3016 has a wide range of available size channel configurations, from 0.3 microns to 25.0 +.

This innovative travel kit is secured in a lockable pelican flight case that conveniently holds all accessories.  It even comes with an extra battery for emergency backup.  The Black Series is perfect for a variety of applications, including:

  • Cleanrooms
  • Aerospace
  • Filter testing
  • Hard drive disk manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Hospital surgical rooms

If you need to monitor particles and create reports on the fly, check out the all-encompassing Black Series Handheld Laser Particle Counter, available exclusively through BPA Air Quality Solutions.


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