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AMCOR ALW12000-E & EH Portable Air Conditioner

"AMCOR will keep you cool with 12,0000btu power and the convenience of a Portable Air Conditioner!"

The Amcor ALW 12000E and EH portable air conditioner is designed to fit most average-size rooms up to 400sq.ft. This model also functions as a 65 pint dehumidifier.  The EH version includes an area heater. 12,000Btu heat that will keep your room warmer in the winter.

Note: If your room has a heat source such as direct sunlight or computer servers, the AC coverage area may be reduced.

Self Evaporating Technology
Water is taken from the room and into the Amcor alw-12000e or 12000eh and then condensed then evaporated ou t with the exhaust air. This lowers the amount of water going into the non removable tank by 65 to 70%. Less water means more time to enjoy your cool room and less time changing water. Full tank feature stops the unit when the water needs to be changed. The Power light will flash and indicates the tank should be empty. The included exhaust hose and window / wall kit make it easy to use your amcor alw-12000e or 12000eh in any room.

Solid Design
The Amcor ALW1200E and ALW1200EH have been designed with a heavy duty plastic construction and is mobile with large wheels on the bottom. The makes it very easy to move the portable air conditioner between rooms. The air conditioner size will allow storage in a Medium size closet.

The Amcor ALW1200E and ALW1200EH Air conditioners can remove up to 4 gallons of water a day. This keeps you cool and dry. Humidity has a tendency to make your area feel hotter. That is why meteorologists tell you how hot it is outside and how it really feels due to the humidity. lowering the amount of water in the air plus air conditioning is a very efficient way of lowering the overall temperature of a room.

Main Features:

  • 12,000 BTU cooling power and 12000 BTU heating on the EH model

  • Self evaporating system

  • Digital temperature display

  • Designed to provide quiet and efficient cooling to any room, with no permanent installation

  • 2 fan speeds for fast or normal cooling

  • Activated carbon filter helps remove odor

  • Washable air filter collects large dust particles and prevent bacteria build-up

  • Built-in castors for easy moving

  • Full thermostat control

  • Choice of programmable timer (1 to 12 hours) or continuous operation

  • Adjustable louvers to control air flow

  • Extendable exhaust hose (up to 5 ft.)

  • Electronic Controls with Remote control

Air Conditioner With Electronic Control

AMCOR ALW12000 Portable Air Conditioner formerly Sunpentown
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Specifications Of Amcor ALW-12000E and ALW-1200EH Air Conditioners



Cooling Capacity 12,000btu/hour 12,000btu/hour
Heating Capacity None 12,000Btu/Hour
Power Consumption

Cooling: 950W/9A

Cooling: 950W/9A

Moisture Removal 65 pints per day 65 pints per day
Thermostat 62