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AQE FumeFighter 500 - Soldering Fume Extractor

"The new FumeFighter 500 high efficiency fume extractor removes harmful particulates, fumes and gases before they reach your worker's breathing zone."

The Fume Fighter 500 can help you reduce employee absenteeism, employee turnover, worker's compensation claims and lost productivity. Compact, portable and versatile, the FumeFighter 500 can be used in a wide variety of applications including electronics soldering, jewelry repair brazing, cleanrooms and more.

The FumeFighter® fume extraction system is a compact, portable and versatile bench-sized air cleaner designed for electronics soldering, wave soldering enclosures, stained glass work and small jobs where ordinary industrial sized air cleaners won't fit.

The FumeFighter® offers 3 stage filtration featuring true HEPA filtration, stopping 99.97% of all particles as small as 0.3 microns, and granulated carbon media to adsorb toxic gasses and fumes. This is the most protective filter available and is specified by OSHA for use with lead or cadmium.  Overexposure to lead, cadmium and fluorides can lead to employee health problems, lawsuits, increased medical costs and decreased productivity.


Fume Fighter 500
AQE Fume Fighter 500 with optional capture arms.
Rating - Very Good
International Orders Welcome
3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Fume Fighter 120v
Unit w/ no arms - $1,967.00
Single Arm Model - $2,166.20
Dual Arm Model - $2,365.40

Fume Fighter 240v
Unit w/ no arms - $1,967.00
Single Arm Model - $2,166.20.00
Dual Arm Model - $2,365.40


Parts, Accessories & Upgrades 

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Fume Fighter Features:

  • High Efficiency: FumeFighter® offers true HEPA filtration.
  • Triple Filtration: FumeFighter® uses two stages of mechanical filtration followed by activated charcoal (Carbon) for control of gaseous contaminants.
  • Long Lasting Filters: High capacity, individual filter cartridges offer 5 times the life of most competitive fume collectors.
  • Airflow matched to your needs: Infinitely adjustable speed up to 225 cfm.
  • Quiet: Bottom discharge, dynamically balanced backward curved impeller and optional silencer means quiet fume control.
  • Compact: Only 1.5’ square and less than 2’ high.
  • Economical: Long lasting filters, energy efficient impeller (less than two amps ) and quality construction means the FumeFighter® will save you money now and in the future.
  • Infinitely variable speed control: Allows you to dial in the perfect balance of performance and sound.
  • Individual carbon and HEPA filters: Allows for individual replacements. Only change the specific filter that needs changing and save money over expensive combination filters.

Fume Fighter shown with two option capture arm assemblies.The FumeFighter® triple filtration fume extraction system includes two stages of mechanical filtration followed by a third stage of activated charcoal (carbon) for control of gaseous contaminants. All three filtration stages are independent allowing for maximum use of each filter. In addition to providing the benefits of Triple Filtration, the FumeFighter® offers maximum filtration capacity for fume extraction.

While other manufacturers offer only 15 to 20 square feet of filter area, the FumeFighter® provides a generous 82 square feet of filter area; the maximum available in its class. This translates into maximum filter life and value. The FumeFighter® also comes with a full 15 pounds of carbon compared to 5 pounds for competitive units. This translates into maximum performance, minimum maintenance and maximum cost effectiveness.

The FumeFighter® is designed for use with one or two arms, but if you desire a central system for your multiple soldering stations, see our complete line of fume extractors. These systems also feature true HEPA filtration and may be used with up to 20 soldering stations and are available with up to a 5 hp motor. For assistance in configuring a central system and for pricing, contact our sales engineers for an obligation free quotation and consultation.

Order FumeFighter® 500 Parts, Upgrades, Filters & Accessories

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*Minimum order $100

 Accessories & Upgrades for the Fume Fighter 500

Product Name & Description Part#
Silencer (mounts to base, adds 4" to overall height) 07184
Complete 48" X 3" Stainless Steel Flex Arm with extractor hood and hose clamp. 70082
Bench Mount Kit (bench mount bracket and 9" of flexible hose, arm sold separately) 70081

 Replacement Filters for the Fume Fighter 500

Product Name & Description Part#
Carbon Prefilter 41174
HEPA Filter 41164
Carbon Filter, 15 Lbs. 41163

Replacement Parts for the Fume Fighter 500

Product Name & Description Part#
120V Motor & Impeller Replacement Kit 07184
Set of 4 Casters for Fume Fighter 30503X4
3" diameter hose clamp 30695
3" Diameter Collar for Ducting 30724
Fume Extractor Hood 30725
Rubber Band (connects hood 30725 to arm 70082) 30726
Stainless Steel Flex Duct 48" X 3" 67146

Standard 3" Plastic Flex Hose for the Fume Fighter 500

Product Name & Description Part#
5 foot X 3" Flex Hose 67141-5
10 foot X 3" Flex Hose 67141-10
15 foot X 3" Flex Hose 67141-15
20 foot X 3" Flex Hose 67141-20

See our entire line of fume extractors and industrial air cleaners.

If you have any questions, call us, we'll be glad to help!


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