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MistBuster Quad Mist and Smoke Collector

"Patented MistBuster technology in a new double pass design for large machining centers.  This is far superior to conventional centrifugal and media-type systems!"

This is the big-boy in the MistBuster product line. The MistBuster Quad provides double the filtration of the original MistBuster.  It's like two MistBusters in one super efficient, highly versatile, easy to install box.

The MistBuster Quad is a self contained mist removal system ideal for capturing mist and smoke from petroleum, synthetic and water soluble industrial metalworking machining fluids.

Principles of Operation
Polluted air is drawn through the first stage mechanical mist impingers.  These impingers are designed to remove larger mist droplets and particles.  The remaining sub-micron mist droplets and particles are removed in the second stage through a process of electrostatic precipitation (ESP).  The ESP provides an intense electrical charge on the remaining contaminants through the ionizing field.  Two primary collection cells, placed side-by-side, work much like magnets attracting and removing charged mist droplets from the air stream.  A third stage, also comprised of electrostatic cells, collects any fine mist particles that may have migrated through, increasing the overall efficiency up to 99.9%!  Aluminum post-filters entrap particles, which may have been agglomerated on the cell plates. Clean air is returned to the environment.

Benefits of the MistBuster Quad

  • Optimally Sized:  For large or semi-enclosed machine centers

  • Handles Multiple: Conventionally sized machining centers.

  • Clean Air:  Eliminates the haze associated with most metal working operations.

  • Reduced Mist Exposure:  Captures and cleans mist and smoke at the source.

  • Safety:  Reduces the risk of accidents caused by slippery surfaces.

  • Machine Fluid Savings:  The MistBuster Quad collects and returns the machine fluid to your machine rather than venting it to the atmosphere.

  • Cleaning Cost Savings:  Uncontrolled machine fluid mist will soil machinery, floors and ceilings.

  • High Efficiency Mist and Smoke Removal:  Independent laboratory tests confirm up to 99.9% efficiency.

  • Low Operating Costs:  The MistBuster Quad requires less than 430 watts of power to operate.

  • Low Maintenance Costs:  The MistBuster Quad has no media filters to replace, ever!

  • Easy Installation:  MistBuster Quad can be mounted directly to the machine tool, pedestal, wall or ceiling.

  • Superior Design:  Eliminates maintenance and rebuilding costs associated with out-of-balance centrifugal drums. (MistBuster Quad has only one moving part.)

Additional Features of the MistBuster Infinity

  • Double pass provides increased filter efficiency for tough applications

  • Vibration free operation

  • Manufacturer's warranty

  • Infinitely variable motor speed controller

  • Control circuitry included (no need for motor starter)

  • Selector switches for synthetic, water or oil based coolant

  • 2 power supplies, one for each ESP stage, assures highest efficiency

MistBuster Quad
MistBuster Quad electrostatic mist collector.

Rating - Excellent
Availability: Ships in 5-10 days


Accessories and Upgrades

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MistBuster Quad shown below with optional plenum and machine mount stand.

.MistBuster Quad mist collector on machine mount stand with optional plenum.

Technical Specifications

 Accessories and Upgrades for the MistBuster Quad Smoke & Mist Collector

07208 MistBuster Quad Plenum
07196 MistBuster Quad Machine Mount Stand
07197 MistBuster Quad Ceiling Mount Kit
07202 Pedestal Stand MistBuster Quad
05537 6" Flange and Collar
05538 8" Flange and Collar
30684 6" diameter hose clamp
30033 8" diameter hose clamp
30709 1/2" NPT Male Elbow (fits bottom of plenum)
07228 6" Dia 5 Ft Flex Hose T7
07229 8" Dia 5 Ft Flex Hose T7
45017 Tube, GE Silicone RTV, 3oz
67139 1/2" Clear polyvinyl tubing (fits 30709, price per foot)
07209 HEPA Post Filter Option MB QUAD

 Replacement Parts for the MistBuster Quad Smoke & Mist Collector

05308 Test Button Assembly
05574 Selector Switch assy MB Quad
07190 Power Supply Replacement (120V)
07191 Power Supply Replacement (240V)
07192 Cell, MistBuster Replacement
10097 Indicator Light
10106 Interlock Switch
10251 Speed Control Switch (120V)
10253 Speed Control Switch (220V Replacement)
30728 Isolation Mount, MistBuster Quad
40048 Replacement Motor/Impeller Assembly (120V)
40069 Replacement Motor/Impeller Assembly (240V)
41120 HEPA Filter, (99.97% eff./MERV 17 2000cfm), optional (184 ft2)
41227 Impinger 20" x 25" x 2"
41230 Media Prefilter Dacron Quad
46113 Contact Board Assembly (Cabinet)


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