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The MistBuster 500 Is The Leading Industrial High Efficiency Oil Smoke & Coolant Mist Collector and Eliminator Available Today.

Let Me Put My Money Where My Mouth Is...

"I Want To Send You The Most Effective Oil Smoke and Coolant Mist Removal System Ever Conceived... And I Want To Send It To You For A FREE 21 Day Trial!*"

"I am writing this letter to thank you for the MistBuster 500 that you manufacture. I called and your salesman told me he would bring (send) one in on a trial basis and if we didn't like it he would take it back. 

We connected the MistBuster 500 to one of our Citizens (machines).  It was NOT about to be returned. We had no mist or smoke coming from the Machine or the MistBuster.  We now have 5 MistBusters and I am planning to purchase more units in the future."

M. Kriegshauser
Alliance Tool Company     -  
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Do you really want to find the best and most efficient oil mist collector at the cheapest price?

Are you a little confused about which truthfully is the best oil mist eliminator available to you today?

Are you concerned that in order to have the best machine fluid  mist eliminator that you are going to have to shell out big bucks?

Well put your mind at ease.  I want to tell you about my 21- day FREE trial program* that allows you to test the MistBuster 500 without spending a dime to get it.

Before I get into the specifics of your free trial let me first tell you a little more about this little gem of an industrial  oil mist eliminator that you see to the right.

Introducing... The  MistBuster 500!
The newest generation of self-contained mist removal systems that is engineered for the highest efficiency elimination of your oil smoke and coolant mist problems.

Here's the concept.  Mount this microwave oven sized box to your machine tool enclosure (more installation options).  Plug it in & turn it on.  Start up your machine. Start MistBuster at the lowest setting and slowly turn it up until smoke and mist stops boiling out of your machine enclosure.  Clean air will come out of the top and coolant will drain back into your machine.  Running MistBuster at high speeds will just suck out all your coolant before it gets to the tool. So keep it on the lowest speed for quiet, efficient, effective air cleaning.

In fact this oil mist eliminator is so effective,  we have companies getting rid of their current mist eliminators before they are even ready to be replaced... just because the savings on operation, energy and maintenance costs alone is well worth the initial purchase.

"We were using a FilterMist 600 and the air quality was about 1/3 as good... and you have to replace the filter about every 3 months. The cost of the filters is $340 each so in a short period of time, we will pay for the cost of the MistBuster."

Randy Luther
Schwab's Screw Machine Products

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MistBuster 500
MistBuster 500 machine coolant mist collector and oil smoke eliminator.
Rating - Excellent
Availability: Usually ships in 4-7 days

MistBuster 500 - Call for Discount
120Vac or 220-240Vac - Ivory or Grey
custom color matching available

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MistBuster 500 oil mist and coolant mist eliminator and separator.
Enlarge Photo
its virtually all applications & is the 'one- size-fit-all' answer to your oil smoke & coolant mist problems.

The MistBuster 500 patented technology represents the most advanced filtration system for machinery coolant mists and oil smoke for today's industrial modern machine tools... just take a look at some of the benefits you will find that is unique to the MistBuster 500...

We Guarantee You That The MistBuster 500 Will Outperform Any Other System  For Your Oil Smoke & Coolant Mist Problems...

Clean Air - Eliminates the haze associated with most metal working operations.

Reduced Mist Exposure - Captures and cleans mist and smoke at the source.

Safety - Reduces the risk of accidents caused by slippery surfaces.

Machine Fluid Savings - The Mist Buster 500 collects and returns the machine fluid to your machine rather than venting it to the atmosphere.

Low Maintenance Costs - The Mist Buster 500 has no media filters to replace, ever!

High Efficiency! Mist and Smoke Removal - Independent laboratory tests confirm up to 99.9% efficiency.

Low Operating Costs - Requires less than 230 watts of power to operate.

Cleaning Cost Savings - Uncontrolled machine fluid mist will soil machinery, floors and ceilings.

Easy Installation - The Mist Buster 500 can be mounted directly to the machine tool, pedestal, wall or ceiling.

Superior Design - Eliminates maintenance and rebuilding costs associated with out-of-balance centrifugal drums. (Mist Buster 500 has one moving part.)

If you were given the job to find the most efficient oil smoke & coolant mist collector for your company...

What would happen if you made a mistake
and chose the wrong type of oil mist collector?

Do you think you would lose a little credibility with your boss if you recommended or,  even worse... bought the wrong mist collector(s)?

Now, what would happen if you saved your company $1000's... or even $10,000's while finding the BEST solution to your oil smoke or coolant mist problems the first time around?

Do you think you would look good in the eyes of your bosses and do you think they would think you did another job well done!?! 

Don't take a chance with your reputation by NOT
taking a very close look at the MistBuster 500.

We have heard story after story about how current MistBuster customers were duped into going with some of the "older" technology models of mist eliminators,  wasted thousands of dollars (and in some cases tens of thousands of dollars) because they just didn't do their homework and wound up buying a different technology type mist collector that just didn't get the job done.

Altogether we have customers who have used almost every conceivable brand of oil mist, coolant mist eliminator, separator, collector or whatever you prefer to call it... and they were all unsatisfied until they found the MistBuster 500.

Take a look at some more MistBuster 500 completely unique features, you will be impressed...

Okay! I want you to completely go through our MistBuster 500 section. I want you to click on every link on this page so that you will have a thorough understanding about how the MistBuster 500 will solve all your oil mist problems. 

After you go through this section, if you are NOT completely convinced that the MistBuster 500 is the answer to all of your oil mist and coolant mist problems and you're NOT ready to buy right away... I want to give you a risk-free guarantee that will take away all the doubt from your mind.

You won't find this risk-free guarantee any where .. you can search the internet for the next month straight and you won't come close to finding anybody who will "put their money where their mouth" is the way I will by offering you a guarantee like the one I am about to give you.

Here is your 100% Risk FREE Guarantee...

I am so convinced that you will NOT find a mist collector that...

  • is more efficient at cleaning industrial oil smoke and coolant mist

  • costs less to operate

  • costs less to maintain

  • takes less time to clean

  • takes you less time (or is easier) to install...

    ...than the MistBuster 500 that I am willing to send you a MistBuster 500 for free to try for 21 days just to prove to you that no other mist collector will compare.

    For your 21- day FREE trial program all you have to do is fill out my 21-Day FREE Trial Form  and I will send you a MistBuster 500 out right away.

    If you have any questions....

  Call Dave our oil & coolant mist collector specialist & he will match you up with exactly the right oil mist eliminator for your industrial needs - 1-800-551-8544

The bottom line is I want to solve your oil smoke and coolant mist problem using up the least amount of your time, least amount of your effort, least amount of risk to you and most importantly... the least amount of your money.  I know if I can offer all this to you that I will have just created another satisfied and happy customer - and that is what I want - for you to be 100% satisfied.  Now go ahead and either place an order,  fill out my 21-Day FREE Trial Form or pick up the phone and give us a call... you'll be happy you did - I GUARANTEE IT!


Dr. Craig Donnelly, DC and Team BPA

 See our entire line of mist collectors eliminators & separators & industrial air cleaners

If you have any questions, call us, we'll be glad to help!


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