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"Attack Smoke and Dirty Air Problems with the High Efficiency SMOKEMASTER C12 Smoke Eater!"

  • Provides a clean air environment for customer/employee health and comfort
  • Lowers heating and cooling costs
  • Washable electronic filter cells save money over expensive replacement filters
  • Covers 500-900sq. ft. depending on level of smoke.
  • Costs an average of only 25 cents per day to operate
  • Easily mounted on ceiling or wall - requires no duct work

Properly sizing a smoke removal system is the most important part of making sure you get the job done right. Need help sizing? Call one of our experience application engineers, we size thousands of applications every year and we'll be glad to help!



The SmokeMaster™ C-12 is extremely efficient at capturing cigarette smoke. The SmokeMaster C12 smoke eater can be mounted to solid ceilings and has been designed by AQE's engineers to capture odors, tobacco smoke, pollen, dust, vapors and many other pollutants and allergens.

Smoke, Dust and Dirty Air Choke Profits!
There is no need to exhaust indoor air that has been heated or cooled, that is a waste of money. Just use a C12 to clean and recirculate the air.

Filters are not needed for this smoke eater. All pollutants are removed by high efficiency electrostatic cells.  These electrostatic filters can be washed and reused. This will save you money in the long run from regularly having to purchase new filters.


SmokeMaster C12 Smoke Eater
Smoke Master C12 commercial smoke eater.

Rating: Air purifier rating star.Air purifier rating star.Air purifier rating star.Air purifier rating star.- Very Good
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  Electrostatic Precipitation and How It Works...

Two stage electrostatic precipitators are composed of two sections, a charging section and a collection section. The charging section uses ionizer wires to impart a positive charge to the incoming smoke, fume, and dust particles. The charged particles are then drawn into a secondary electric field where they are collected on a series of metal plates. Clean air is then re--circulated back into the general air stream.

Electrostatic collector plates diagram.

Electronic air cleaners maintain a relatively high efficiency on particles in a range of .01 micron to 1 micron. Compared to other types of air cleaning systems the SmokeMaster C12 will save on energy because of its inherently open cell design, the electronic air cleaners create a low pressure drop which greatly minimizes fan horse power. Lower fan horse power also means quieter operation. The primary filters are cleanable, an important factor in considering the on-going operational cost and disposal issues. The quality built electronic cells from Air Quality Engineering are designed to be dishwasher-safe. Superior craftsmanship is prevalent in the all ceramic insulators and rugged aluminum cell construction.


  Who can benefit from a SmokeMaster C12 smoke eater?  

  • Bars & Lounges

  • Beauty shops

  • Billiard Rooms

  • Bingo Halls

  • Bowling Centers

  • Conference Rooms

  • Customer Rooms

  • Employee Lounges

  • Hospitals

  • Offices

  • Photo/Litho Processors

  • Restaurants


The Multidirectional Air Pattern is What Separates the SmokeMaster C12 Smoke Eater from all the Other Smoke Eaters! 

SmokeMaster C12's effectiveness is due to the "Coanda Aerodynamic Principle." Most commercial smoke eaters recirculate the air in only one direction which limits the amount of polluted air that can reach the air cleaner. SmokeMaster C12 smoke eater's unique four-way method of air re-circulation is multi-directional (360°).  It gets the most contaminated air to the machine successfully.  More air reaches the SmokeMaster C12 while eliminating annoying drafts.  This creates comfort as well as better air cleaning results.

The SmokeMaster C12 smoke eater utilizes the coanda airflow pattern.

COANDA vs. PASS-THRU: Air patterns for the ceiling mounted COANDA smoke eater

Diagram comparing coanda airflow versus pass thru airflow paterns as used in smoke eaters.

The SmokeMaster C12 smoke eater takes advantage of and works with a natural upward movement of air vs. the old-fashioned horizontal approach.

  • It is installed directly overhead in problem areas to isolate and capture smoke BEFORE it disperses.

  • It eliminates "Dead Spots"; hence it is more efficient in overall cleaning.

  • Ceiling-to-floor air circulation saves on heating and cooling. There are NO HEAVY DRAFTS as with the "pass-thru" units.

  • In many applications, one of our COANDA units will do a better job than two "pass-thru" units.


  Installation and Maintenance of The SmokeMaster C12 Smoke Eater

The SmokeMaster C12 smoke eaters have washable electronic cells.Installation:
The SmokeMaster C12 smoke eater can be easily mounted on the ceiling or wall and plugs into a regular 120 volt outlet.  The best location for the unit is in a position nearest the concentration of smoke and dirt producing activities.  Call us today at 1-800-551-8544 and one of our air specialists can best advise you as to the capacity and sizing requirements for your specific needs.

Lightweight all aluminum pre-filters and cells are quickly and easily cleaned by being soaked in any conventional wash container.  Cleaning intervals must be determined by pollution density in the area being cleaned. We carry the full line of cleaning supplies and cleaning kits.


Technical Specifications: (click here) 

Optional Accessories

Wash Kit (# 30182)

Cell washing container with lid

Special Cell Cleaning Detergent (# 45008)

The key to maintaining maximum performance is this special liquid detergent.

Wall Mounting Kit (# 07006)

Two wall mounting brackets with air cleaner mounting bolts attached. One blank plate to cover louvers on the wall side of air cleaner.

Lag Screw Kit ((# 05053)

Four eight-inch screws and washers for mounting air cleaner on joist ceiling

Remote Control Kit (#05007)

Three speed switch assembly mounts on wall.


  SmokeMaster C12 Reviewed by Dr. Donnelly  Air purifier rating star.Air purifier rating star.Air purifier rating star.Air purifier rating star. - Very Good  

Positive Qualities:

  • Air Quality Engineering is one of the oldest smoke eater manufacturers around and draws on their past 30-years of experience to manufacture their Smokemaster C12 smoke eater; an electronic based filtration system that provides the best filtration performance, efficiency and capacity for the money.
  • You will save money on the cost of throw-away filters traditionally used by HEPA based smoke eaters.  Because the Smokemaster C12 smoke eater is an electronic smoke eater, you will only have to periodically clean the lightweight all aluminum pre-filters and cells.
  • The Smokemaster C12 electronic smoke eater will filter out smaller airborne particles compared to their HEPA based smoke eater counterpart.  This smoke eater efficiently filters particles as small as .01 microns where as the best HEPA filter type smoke eater will filter particles as small as .3 microns.
  • The Smokemaster C12 electronic smoke eater is extremely energy efficient and uses 35% less electricity compared to it's HEPA based smoke eaters.
  • Okay we've all heard the negatives about commercial smoke eaters being a little on the loud side - well all our commercial smoke eaters (except for the Biozone ATC's) have relatively the same noise intensity that range from 51 dBA - 69 dBA. With "normal" conversation measuring at 60 dBA the Everclear's loudest setting at 69 dBA is one of the quietest commercial smoke eaters on the market.

Negative Qualities:

  • Although you will save money on having to buy HEPA based filters and adsorbant carbon media you have to remember to periodically clean the aluminum pre-filters and cells.
  • The Smokemaster C12 electronic smoke eater's strength is filtering airborne particles and is not as efficient at removing smoke and odors due to the lack of a carbon media filter. If you would like more smoke and odor filtration you can always choose to buy an optional carbon filter that fits into the Smokemaster C12 electronic smoke eater or you can go with one of the HEPA based smoke eaters.
  • Unlike the inconspicuous flush-mounted Everclear smoke eater, the Smokemaster C12 electronic smoke eater is a little on the bulky side that drops down from the ceiling and shouts, "look at me". So if you don't mind your commercial smoke eater NOT blending in with your ceiling environment, then the Smokemaster C12 electronic smoke eater is still an excellent choice.


We are very happy to be carrying our line of smoke eaters manufactured by Air Quality Engineering (AQE), a company that has put in over 30 years of research and development into their smoke eaters. The Smokemaster C12 electronic smoke eater is the best smoke eater at eliminating airborne particles of the smallest size such as pollen, dust, smoke particles and other airborne irritants.  With the optional carbon filter, the Smokemaster C12 electronic smoke eater will also control smoke odors.  When you buy a product manufactured by AQE you know you are buying a dependable product made in the USA!


 Dr. Donnelly's air purifier star rating system. All air purifiers, air cleaners and air purification technology is closely researched by Dr. Donnelly before products are offered or recommended on BreathePureAir.com

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