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AQE Smokemaster X-400 Smoke Eater

"The self contained SmokeMaster AQE X-400 Smoke Eater Is Ideal For The Small Break Room or Office Setting"

The AQE X-400 Smokemaster is a commercial air purifier that has been specifically designed to remove airborne contaminants - including tobacco smoke, dust, pollen and mold spores - in rooms and areas where people work or relax such as restaurants, bars, office spaces, computer rooms, designated smoking areas, and more.

The  AQE X-400 Smokemaster works in conjunction with your existing heating and air conditioning systems, fits in a 2' x 2' ceiling panel, or surface mounts.  It is designed to be recessed into a suspended ceiling.

Features / Benefits

  • High Efficiency:  Removes dust, smoke, pollen and other particles using high efficiency electronic collector cells.

  • Inconspicuous:  The attractive grill fits flush with the ceiling and is completely inconspicuous!  The cabinet is hidden in the unused space above the ceiling.

  • Quiet:  Three speed controller is standard and allows for quiet operation without sacrificing effectiveness.  It's ideal for private offices, conference rooms or other areas where noise levels may be a factor.

  • Easy Installation:  Special mounting brackets simplify the installation and do not require any additional space above cabinet height of 13 5/8".

  • COANDA Airflow:   Effective 360 COANDA airflow gently and evenly distributes clean air and returns dirty air to the unit.  COANDA airflow de-stratifies air and eliminates "stuffy" air pockets.

  • Economical:  Permanent electronic collector cells assure low operating cost by eliminating costly filter replacements.  Moreover, because collector cells offer no airflow restriction, only limited horsepower is necessary, thus reducing noise and electrical draw.

  • Comprehensive:  Two activated carbon filters for odor control included.

AQE X-400 Smoke Eater & Air Cleaner

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Coanda Air Pattern

The AQE X-400 has a 360 Coanda effect airflow pattern dirty air intake in the center and side discharges return clean air in four directions.

A totally self-contained air cleaner, the AQE X-400 Smokemaster is the ultimate flush-with-ceiling mounted workhorse that features an industrial-rated electronic filtration cell.

How the X-400 Smokemaster Works
Contaminant particles, such as those in tobacco smoke, receive an electrical charge as they pass through ionizers and are then attracted to oppositely charged collector plates, where they are held, similar to the way metal fillings collect to a magnet.  The air vent provides dilution control of gaseous contaminants.  Standard activated carbon filters absorb odors and gases to further freshen the air.

dirty air ionizer collectors carbon filter clean air

There Are Three Filters In Your AQE X-400 Smokemaster Air Cleaner:
SORBENT MEDIA:  2 carbon post filters

Technical Specifications:

Accessories and Upgrades for AQE X-400 Smokemaster Air Cleaner

07060 3 speed wall switch kit $79.95
Complete Wash Kit - wash container, 1 gal. detergent concentrate, 1 pint cell coat $179.95
30182 Wash container w/lid, fiberglass, 20 3/4" x 12 3/4" x 10" $99.95
45008 Detergent Concentrate, 1 gal $59.95
45011 Detergent Concentrate, 55 gal. drum $1,549.00
45023 Cell Coat, 1 pint $25.95
45024 Cell Coat Refill, 1 gal $49.95

Replacement Parts

05110 Contact Board Assembly (cabinet) $39.95
05298 Grill Assembly $229.95
05308 Test Button Assembly $9.95
07061 Motor Replacement Kit (120v) $329.95
07099 Power Supply Replacement Kit (120v) $239.95
07102 Motor Replacement Kit (220v) $249.95
10097 Indicator Light $19.95
10106 Interlock Switch $29.95
10110 3-Speed Control Switch $39.95
21118X2 Pair of Hanger Brackets (X-400) $49.95
37023 Fan Blade $69.95
38001 Electronic Cell, 20" x 4 1/2" x 1" $249.95
38004X10 Set of 10 Ionizing Wires $99.95
41050 Aluminum Mesh filter, 20" x 12 1/2" x 1" $39.95
41051X4 Set of four(4) Activated Carbon Filters, 4 3/4" x 21 3/4" x 1/8" $39.95

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