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Austin Air HealthMate: Review

Austin Air HealthMate Plus Reviewed

by Dr. Donnelly:  
Air Purifier rating star.Air Purifier rating star.Air Purifier rating star. - Good Plus

Positive Qualities:

Three filters in one creates a superior filtration system:  Austin air's filter is one of the best in the industry, probably second only to IQAir's products' (but then again you are paying more for IQAir product). The Permafilt pre-filter filters out the larger particles, while the 60 sq. ft. of true medical grade HEPA paper filters out 99.97% of all particulates larger than 0.3 microns. Finally the carbon based HEGA cloth is designed for trapping smoke, odors and gasses.

Austin Air Healthmate Plus + (HM-400) HEPA Air Purifier
Austin Air Products

Inexpensive to operate:  Austin Air air cleaners have a PSC motor that saves you money on your energy bill.  It costs the same amount to run an 80 watt light bulb as it does to operate the air purifier.

Long lasting HEPA, carbon and zeolite filter: Austin Air has one of the longest lasting filters in the industry.  This will save you money by not having to replace expensive filters every year.  Under normal conditions the filter is supposed to last a good five-years and Austin Air stands behind this claim by offering you a five-year pro-rated filter guarantee.

Solidly constructed and made in U.S.A.:  We like to support American made products, so it makes us especially happy when we come across a superiorly designed and manufactured air purifier that is made in the states.  Austin Air air purifiers have a solid steel design with a powdered paint coat that produces no off gas effect.

Long lasting product warranty:  Austin Air products are extremely well made.  You do not have to worry about a poorly designed or constructed air purifier that is going to fall apart on you.  There is a solid five-year product warranty that covers any mechanical or electrical defect.

No risk purchase:  Austin Air has made it easy for you to purchase - there really is no risk.  If you don't notice a difference in 30 days, return the product for a full refund. BreathePureAir has tested this product. We are so confident that you will be ecstatic with your purchase that we have extended this guarantee out to 90-days.

Fast cleaning action: Cleans most bedrooms in about 15 minutes.

Portability: The larger Austin Air products have casters so that can be easily moved around from area to area.

 Negative Qualities:

There have been no formal medical research studies:  Although extremely positive, all feedback about Austin Air air purifiers are from healthcare professionals and people who own these air purifiers.

Air flow can be strong: The Austin Air units all output the air from one small vent near the top of the air purifier. This method causes the clean air to be blown with force back into the room. There are benefits to moving the clean air farther away from the unit, it brings in and filters new air, however, this method is not good for people who do not want an air purifier that makes drafts or wind. The Austin Air purifier can be positioned to direct the output air in one direction.

4-6 air changes per hour in an average size room: If you come across any catalog advertisement that states these units have the capacity to produce 20 air changes per hour don't believe it because it is not true. There is misinformation being promoted by some marketers of these Austin Air air purifiers.  A more accurate statement is that when your Austin Air cleaner is set on high (or 400 CFM) you will get 4-6 full air changes per hour.


Austin Air Purifiers are probably one of the best air purifiers you can get for the amount of money you are required to spend.  They are extremely affordable and very effective HEPA air cleaners.  This air purifier is one of the top three room air purifiers that we have experienced and tested - you won't go wrong in purchasing this unit.



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