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Industrial Air Cleaners - Industrial Air Purifiers - Industrial Air Filtration

Air Pollution Control Equipment for a Myriad of Applications

We at BPA Air Quality Solutions have combed through the most effective industrial air cleaners, fume extraction equipment, mist eliminators, commercial dust collectors, kitchen emissions control systems, and ultraviolet light fixtures available. We have organized them into their respective categories (listed below). 

We are aware that choosing the proper air cleaner to fit your application can be difficult, and sometimes frustrating, so we are available to assist you in making the right decision. Call us toll free at 1-800-551-8544 to discuss your needs with one of our air quality specialists, and we will provide you with the necessary tools to solve any pollution issues you may have with your work area, whether it is woodworking dust, machine oil mist exposure, welding fumes, or just nuisance atmospheric contaminants.

We have a variety of leasing options available, such as: no money down, no payment for up to 3 months, and up to 60 months financing!

We are dedicated to fitting you with the proper industrial air purification equipment to match your application process.  We care about your air quality and believe that you should, too.  That is why we have helpful information available regarding air filtration technologies, tips for effective air cleaner placement, as well as resources on pollution research and control. 

Let us help you address any air quality issues that may be present in your indoor environment, so we can work together to make your working day a bit more breathable.

Click photos or category names below to see products and more information.

Ambient Air Cleaners

Dust Collectors

Mist Eliminators

Our versatile ambient air cleaners are mainly used to capture suspended atmospheric contaminants.  The benefit to this is that with the proper unit placement, you can decrease pollution levels in large, open areas.

Each application we approach is carefully analyzed to ensure that you're getting an effective solution tailored to fit your needs.

Industrial Ambient Air Cleaners & Air Purifiers

With multiple configurations available, our dust collector selection is comprised of a broad range of products, ranging from portable to self contained units. 

We calculate the proper airflow needed to meet your requirements so that your dust collection needs can be properly addressed.



Here you will find some of the  highest quality mist collectors  and mist elimination systems  available to the industrial market.  Our mist eliminators embrace the most effective technologies, and are designed to handle your mist exposure issues through the use of electrostatic precipitation and multiple forms of media filtration.


Welding Fume Extractors

Industrial UV Systems

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust

For your fume extraction needs, we offer a wide variety of equipment for welding, soldering, chemical fumes and vapors.  With so many options from which to choose, there is a solution for your air quality issue.  Some applications require source capture extraction, to ensure that the worker's breathing zone is not jeopardized, while other jobs may require portability or the ability to handle multiple workstations. 

Whatever the case may be, we've got you covered!



As the quality of breathable air becomes more and more of a concern, the need for viral and bacterial control becomes more of a necessity.  Ranging from portable and room sterilizers to induct ultraviolet systems, our UV lamps and fixtures feature some of the highest output ultraviolet intensity.  UV light offers superior air quality by inactivating bacteria, mold spores, and many other viral contaminants.  Filtration is still necessary for airborne particulate matter and odors, but rest assured that your air will be cleaner through the use of sterilization technology.


We have assembled a team of engineers from the top three air cleaning manufacturers: Air Quality Engineering, United Air Specialists and Trion Inc, who specialize in kitchen exhaust ventilation so that we can offer you unbiased recommendations for your kitchen ventilation needs.


Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Systems


If you unsure about which industrial air cleaning system you require to address your air quality issues, we have a variety of specialists available who are sure to be able to offer expert advice and multiple options to address you air quality needs.

We regularly evaluate new and emerging air cleaning technologies. We research and test industrial air cleaners to determine the capabilities of different systems. The products you will find on our website have been hand picked by Team BPA to meet our stringent quality and performance requirements. All products are covered by a comprehensive warranty and a general performance guarantee.

Additional Resources:
NIOSH - The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health - Offering national and international leadership to prevent work-related illnesses and injuries.

NIOSH - National Occupational Research Agenda - A specific program of research to decrease morbidity, injuries, and mortality among workers in highly significant areas and high-risk places.

If you have any questions, call us, we'll be glad to help!


BPA is for educational and research intentions only. Not intended as an alternative for medical treatment or advice.