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Commercial Air Purifiers & Commercial Air Cleaners

The Best Solution For Your Commercial Air Quality Problem Is To Find The Best Commercial Air Purifier In Its Category Specific To Your Needs...

We offer you unbiased recommendations from many lines of commercial air purifiers... we are not married to just one manufacturer.

BPA Air Quality Solutions offers you a complete line of commercial smoke eaters, background commercial air purifiers, ambient commercial air cleaners, commercial kitchen ventilation exhaust systems (cleaner, hoods and fans) that are simply the best that money can buy! BPA has researched, investigated and/or tested many of the Smoke Eaters, Ambient Air Cleaners and Commercial Kitchen Air Cleaners from a variety of manufacturers. Unlike most distributorships and manufacturers that by default offer a biased recommendation due to the fact that they carry only one line of products, BPA seeks out the best manufacturers of commercial air purification solutions in their class of commercial products and then offers them to you.  If you need help selecting a model that's right for you, or have questions, contact us, and we'll be glad to help!

Smoke Eaters

Medical & Hospital Purifiers

Commercial Smoke Eaters

Various sizes and cleaning technologies of commercial smoke eaters can be installed on the ceiling or flush mounted within the ceiling of your bar, restaurant, meeting hall, meeting room, night club  


Our medical air purifiers are designed specifically for hospitals, cleanrooms and special healthcare settings that require the cleanest and most pure air quality.

Cleanroom Equipment

Background & Ambient Air Cleaners

Cleanroom Equipment.

Our Cleanroom Air Purifiers are used in cleanrooms up to class 100 and can purify air to within 100 airborne particles (mean particle size of 0.3 microns) per cubic foot and can prevent over 99.99% of the same sized particles from entering the cleanroom.

Commercial Air Cleaners

Commercial ambient air cleaners or ducted commercial air cleaners improves indoor air quality in public buildings and hospitality settings by filtering airborne dust, pollen, dander and other allergens


Ultraviolet (UV) Air Purification Systems

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems

Coomercial (UV) Air Purification Systems

Commercial UV In-duct and commercial UV HVAC sterilizers and air purifiers are designed to kill airborne mold, viruses and bacteria in public buildings, hospitals, laboratories, food processing plants, industrial plants and hvac duct systems

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems

Here is your ultimate solution to commercial kitchen grease, smoke and odor exhaust fumes. A commercial kitchen exhaust elimination system keeps the air you and your customers breathe free of annoying smoke and greasy odors


Commercial Air Purifiers remove potentially harmful contaminants from the circulating air. Commercial Air Purifiers, air cleaners and commercial smoke eaters are used around the world for tough jobs such as improving hygienic environments, removing smoke, gases and odors, for cleaning and restoration work, and a vast array of other commercial, industrial and agricultural applications. Great for eliminating smoke, odors and other indoor air pollution.  All commercial air cleaners and commercial smoke eaters have a 1-3 year warrantee, and a money back satisfaction guarantee.

You will find our commercial line of air purification technologies in offices, schools and hospitals, restaurants, bars, food processing plants, in farms and factories. If your commercial building has duct work throughout, consider one of our induct commercial UV air purifiers, they easily install into existing HVAC duct work and can provide air purification for the entire building. These advanced air purifiers also work to keep your duct work clean and eliminate mold buildup.

If you have any questions, call us, we'll be glad to help!


BPA is for educational and research intentions only. Not intended as an alternative for medical treatment or advice.