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Cool Zone WZWH012 Wall Mounted Misting Fan

"Inexpensive indoor or outdoor cooling  drops the air temperature up to 30..."

The Cool Zone WZWH012 Wall Mounted Misting Fan is part of a flexible cooling system that allows you the flexibility to cool environments from 1 man work stations to a large livestock operation.  First, you size up the area you want cooled.  Then, using several high pressure pumps, you can determine the number of fans needed to provide efficient cooling to meet your requirements.

This wall mounted misting fan is very easy to install and is extremely quiet.  These fans require high pressure pumps, fittings and hoses.  To control each fan individually requires a stainless steel ball valve or a solenoid valve and switch.

Features of the WZWH012...

  • Large 12" wall fan with 3 nozzles

  • Provides a high pressure (1,000) PSI water mist

  • Powerful 1,900 cfm air movement

  • Easy installation and cooling area flexibility

  • Lowers temperatures by up to 30 degrees

Cool Zone Means Quality...

Cool Zone cooling systems are designed and engineered to meet your specific applications.  Cool Zone has been a leader and innovator in the fog fan industry for several years.  You may have noticed Cool Zone fans on the sidelines at National Football League games.


Cool Zone's success is directly related to its dedication to customer service.  Cool Zone assembles and fully tests all of their equipment prior to shipping.  Cool Zone offers a full one year warranty against manufacturing defects.


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