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Crowcon Autocalibrator II

Autocalibrator II offers a reliable and easy way to automatically calibrate portable gas detectors...

A portable gas detector usually requires routine instrument calibration every 6 months to ensure accurate and effective operation.  Simple and easy to use, Crowcon Autocalibrator II reduces labor time and costs, eliminates operator errors and standardizes portable gas monitor calibration procedures.  This instrument calibrates in about 70 seconds per channel and provides documentation that monitors are properly functioning. Autocalibrator II calibrates up to 5 gases, resets calibration due dates and stores and prints the calibration reports for safe and reliable documentation.

Autocalibrator II Features...

  • Easy to operate - just plug and start
  • Suitable for use with all Crowcon Multigas portables
  • Saves on labor time compared with manual calibration
  • In-built PC Interface - Windows(TM) compatible
  • Safe and Reliable
  • Generates a permanent record of an instruments calibration history
  • On-screen monitoring of the calibration process
  • Eliminates user errors

Crowcon Autocalibrator II - portable gas detector calibrator

Crowcon Autocalibrator II
Portable Gas Detector Calibrator

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Easy to Read Control Panel

  • Green on/off LED
  • Yellow LED indicates purge cycle
  • Red LED indicates gas channel being tested


PC Interface...

Autocalibrator II has an in-built computer interface which, using the RS232 lead, is connected to the serial port of a PC. Dedicated software developed by Crowcon allows the instrument calibration to be operated and monitored.  Software runs in background mode to keep PC free for other uses.  The PC display shows the serial number of the instrument, type of gas and alarm levels for each gas channel.  Each procedure of the calibration process is indicated by a text display showing the current mode and action required.  Each instruments calibration history is recorded in a dedicated file providing calibration history database.

Test Gases...

Crowcon offers a range of bottled test gases suitable for use with Autocalibrator II. 57 and 103 liter bottles are available with gas concentrations suitable for most customers needs.

autocalibrator II control system

Crowcon is a BPA Choice Manufacturer...

The Autocalibrator II is manufactured by Crowcon, a world leader in reliable, high quality gas detection equipment.  Crowcon USA's parent company, Crowcon Detection Instruments, Ltd., is part of the Halma Group, one of the most successful companies on the London Stock Exchange.  With over 35 years of gas leak detection market experience, Crowcon provides innovative and cost effective solutions to gas and fire detection issues.


Technical Specifications for AutoCalibrator II...
Dimensions 120 h x 240 w x 250 d mm ( 4.5 x 9.5 x 10 inches )
Typical Gases and Concentrations:
Methane 50% LEL (2.5% v/v)
Pentane 50% LEL (0.7% v/v)
Hydrogen Sulphide 25 ppm
Carbon monoxide 200 ppm
Sulpur Dioxide 10 ppm
Compatible Crowcon Instruments and Calibration Times (per channel):
Custodian 70 seconds
Triple Plus 180 seconds
Detective 180 seconds
Control Panel Green On/Off LED
Yellow LED indicates Purging Cycle
Red LED indicates gas channel being tested
PC Interface Minimum Requirements:
PC compatible, 386 processor running windows
Version 3.1 requires 4 Mb RAM
Version 95 requires 8 Mb RAM
RS232 Serial Port
PC Display Serial Number of instrument
Gas Type
Alarm type for each channel
Status of calibration - current mode, action and elapsed time pass or fail rating
Power Supply 110-230 V ac
Operation Safe area only
Operating Temp range 10c to 40c (50F to 104F)
Humidity 0-95% RH non-condensing
Operating temp. range -20C to +50C (-4F to 122F).
Humidity 0 95% RH non condensing.

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