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Crowcon Checkbox IMH (Instrument Management Hub)

Facilities with portable gas monitors save maintenance time spent on paid technicians and personnel with a Crowcon CheckBox Instrument Management Hub...

Crowcon CheckBox IMH (Instrument Management Hub) automates calibration and bump testing of portable gas detectors, facilitates instrument traceability and routine maintenance through software and data uploads and downloads. CheckBox IMH calibrates and bump tests up to 10 portable gas detection instruments simultaneously.  CheckBox IMH supports up to 8 gas inlets - one providing air for zeroing; the remaining inlets allow up to 7 different gases to be tested.  Data is permanently recorded, ensuring traceable records.  Gas lots or batch numbers and expiration dates can be entered into CheckBox IMH records and printed on certificates.

CheckBox IMH simplifies the entire instrument management process by allowing both pumped and non-pumped gas detectors to be tested and calibrated using the same procedure.  This innovative technology reduces the time of operation, thereby reducing costs.

When testing standard four-gas monitors (flammable, oxygen, hydrogen sulphide and carbon monoxide), the device supports the use of quad-mixed calibration gas, thereby minimizing gas usage and calibration time.  The CheckBox IMH reduces costs by optimizing gas bottle usage between single and mixed gases.  The instrument automatically determines the best gas bottle or combination of bottles to calibrate each detector by comparing the sensor combination to the gas bottle attached to the system.

CheckBox IMH is manufactured by Crowcon, a worldwide leader with over 35 years of experience providing high quality, reliable and competitively priced gas detection equipment.

Crowcon Checkbox IMH for portable gas monitor calibration, testing and managing

Crowcon CheckBox IMH
Calibration and Bump Testing Instrument Management Hub

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CheckBox IMH Features...

  • Automatic gas (bump) testing - automatic calibration
  • Interfaces with Crowcon's Tetra, Triple Plus + and Gasman gas detectors
  • Can use single gases or quad mixtures
  • Up to eight gas inlets
  • Can test up to 10 Crowcon detectors at once
  • Can be used with both pumped or non pumped instruments
  • Data and event file uploading
  • Stores and controls configurations
  • Records all activities
  • Provides reports and certificates


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