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Crowcon Detective Transportable Gas Monitor

Crowcon's Detective is the perfect choice for a transportable multiple gas detection temporary network...

Crowcon Detective is the unique solution to temporary gas detection installation, ideally suited to shut downs or other short-term operations.  Detective's innovative design allows a multi-gas detection system to be in place on potentially hazardous sites within minutes.  This gas leak detection instrument is highly effective for confined spaces, sewers and tunnel applications. Based on the highly acclaimed Triple Plus, Detective operates from internal rechargeable batteries and can be placed in operation immediately without the need for power or other infrastructure. A single Detective can detect up to four different gases.  A great feature of this versatile gas detector is that it can be linked together with other units to protect larger areas.

Detective Features...

  • Easy to set up and use, put into place and switch on
  • Audible and visible confidence blip assure user of correct functioning
  • Up to 4 gas measurement channels displayed simultaneously provide easy tracking of multiple hazards
  • Fully flexible with interchangeable sensors
  • Extremely loud 101dBA @1m audible alarm
  • Bright visual alarm with flashing cluster LEDs
  • Tripod frame allows safe operation on uneven ground
  • Lightweight and stackable with detachable legs
  • Under body sensors protected from dirt and moisture
  • Sealed lead acid battery pack provides 24 hours of continuous use 
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Protected against water and dust ingress to IP65 standard
  • Allows for easy tracking of multiple hazards

Crowcon Detective is specially designed to provide a standalone temporary gas monitoring system. Connect wire from one unit to the next.  An alarm signal from any one unit travels to the others through the wire to trigger an alarm on all connected Detectives.  A unit where the alarm originates shows a faster LED flash, allowing personnel to readily identify where the hazard is detected.  Data is internally logged and saved for later PC download.  Fully charged batteries enable each Detective to operate an entire 24 hour shift before recharging.  When in use, sturdy water and shock resistant construction keeps Detective fully protected even if the unit is overturned.  And when its time to go, the lightweight stackable configuration makes the Detective easy to transport.

crowcon detective portable muti-gas monitor

Crowcon Detective
Transportable Multi-Gas Monitor

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Crowcon Detective Portable Gas Detectors temporary facility monitoring system

Link multiple Detectives together.

Crowcon Detective Gas Monitors link together to makestand alone facility monitoring system

Detective Specifications...
Weight 8.5 kg (19lb)
Dimensions 660 h x 380 w x 380 d mm
(26 x 15 x 15 inches)
Typical Measuring Ranges and Alarm Settings  

Standard Range

Typical Alarm

(up to four gas measurement

0-100% LEL





Hydrogen Sulphide



Carbon Monoxide



Sulphur dioxide






Nitrogen dioxide












Hydrogen cyanide



Hydrogen chloride






Other sensors available
Other ranges and alarm levels available
Typical Alarm Response Time Methane 20 s, Oxygen 10 s, Typical Toxic Gas 20 s.
Expected sensor life Flammable 5 years, Toxic 3 years, Oxygen 2 years.
Audible Alarm Wailing, omni-directional siren, 101 dBA @ 1 meter.
Confidence blip (selectable).
Continuous tone for low battery.
Visible Alarm Four large, top-mounted red LED clusters and single red LED on control panel.
In alarm mode LED clusters flash in pairs in quick succession and control panel LED lights on those Detectives sensing the hazard.
LED clusters of linked Detectives repeating the alarm, flash more slowly.
Slow flashing green LED indicates normal working.
Rapid flashing green LED indicates low battery.
Display 2 lines of 24 characters, dot matrix high contrast LCD with back light operating for 30 minutes.
Values and units for up to 4 gases displayed simultaneously at current, TWA or peak levels.
Low battery, real time and elapsed time, calibration and configuration data also displayed.
Datalogging Adjustable sample rate, 100 hours @ 1 minute sample rate (maximum 6000 data points per channel), logging of events, user and site.
Battery 6 V, 4.8 Ah Sealed lead acid battery pack
Battery Life Standard instrument 12 hours.
Pumped instrument 8-10 hours.
Battery Charging Built-in battery charging circuit, dual rate
Input 100 - 250 V ac (Safe Area operation only)
Typical charge time: 5 - 6 hours
Operating temp. range -20C to +50C (-4F to 122F).
Humidity 0 95% RH non condensing.
Approval Codes  
Europe ATEX II 2G EEx ibd IIC T4
USA Class 1 Division 1, Groups A, B, C, D
Safety Standards  
Europe EN50014, EN50020, SFA3009
USA & Canada CSA 22.2
Ingress protection IP65
RF radiation tested to EN55022 class B and meets EN50081-2
RF immunity tested to IEC801-3 and meets EN50082-
PC Interface Detective has an in-built PC interface, which can be connected to the serial port of a computer using the RS232 lead. The PC software Crowcon's 2000 can be used to set alarms, clock, datalogging interval and password. Crowcon's 2000 also controls datalogging, giving the user a datafile compatible with all leading spreadsheets.
Auto Calibrator Detective can be routinely calibrated quickly and simply using Autocalibrator. The internal pump of Autocalibrator handles up to five gases. A PC interface provides easy access with optional datalogging for proof of calibration.
Accessories Baffle plate (to protect sensors)
Interconnecting lead - 10 m standard
Computer lead - RS232 serial link
Manual bulb and 2 m hose, both
non-absorbent and hydrocarbon
resistant, 1 m probe, water trap and
extra hose available
Power Adapters Plug in charging power supplies are available in UK, European or US style. In line versions for 110V or 230V AC have flying lead for fitment of suitable mains plug. A vehicle lighter socket charger is available.
Optional Accessories universal harness plate, shoulder strap, chest harness, carry case, aspirator assembly (flow plate bulb and 2m/6ft tubing), fixed and telescopic sample probes, and an in-line water trap.


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