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Eikon Intrinsically Safe Personal Gas Alarm

Eikon Portable Gas Detectors Feature a Lightweight, Rugged Design, 2 years of Guaranteed Life, Free of Maintenance...

Eikon is a fixed-life portable gas monitor providing two years of maintenance free continuous monitoring. Eikon portable gas detectors are available in versions for 5 different gases.  For oxygen deficiency monitoring, Eikon has outstanding audible and visual alarms providing a truly effective warning for hazardous gas detection. Simple "rip-strip" activation and confidence 'Tap Tap test' assures easy operation and accurate readings.  Lightweight design and unique cam grip clip prevent accidental removal or loss once secured.

  • Two year guaranteed life - maintenance free operation
  • Internal battery with 2 year life
  • Intrinsically safe - IP65 compliant
  • Available for oxygen, carbon monoxide or hydrogen sulphide, chlorine, and ammonia
  • Loud 94dBA(@ 1 foot) audible alarm,  max. LED visibility
  • Compact and lightweight - 4oz.
  • Tough, durable case with rubber over-molding

Eikon's Features...

  • Four multi-angled LEDs give maximum visibility
  • Highly audible alarm, 94dBA at 30cm(1 foot)
  • 5 second typical response time
  • Unit will operate maintenance free for 2 years
  • Easy "rip-strip" activation
  • Unobtrusive Cam Grip pocket clip
  • Cannot be turned off accidentally
  • Simple ‘Tap Tap test’ assures the user of correct operation
  • End of life indication
  • Dust and water tight to IP65 - high chemical resistance
  • Tamper proof - no external controls
eikon personal gas detector
Crowcon Eikon
Personal Gas Monitor
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Choose one of five different versions of the Crowcon Eikon Personal Gas Detector:

• CL2,Chlorine - $400
• CO, Carbon Monoxide - $250
• H2S, Hydrogen Sulphide - $250
• NH3, Ammonia - $475
• O2, Oxygen - $250

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Intrinsically Safe Gas Leak Detection...

Compact and versatile, Eikon is innovative, cost effective and guaranteed for 2 full years. Eikon has the loudest audible and brightest visual alarms available, rapidly and effectively warning the user of the presence of dangerous working conditions.  This intrinsically safe gas monitor instruments highly intelligent, sophisticated protection that is ideal for high-moisture environments such as oil refineries.  A protection concept employed in potentially explosive atmospheres is intrinsic safety.

An intrinsically safe device is one designed to be unable to release energy (electrical or thermal) that can cause an ignition of combustible gas. Eikon's Ingress Protection Code of IP65 assures the user that Eikon is dust-tight and protected from water projected from a nozzle.  Eikon's combustible gas detectors have many applications, including confined space entry, chemical plants, utilities, and fire and emergency services.

Eikon is manufactured by Crowcon, a leading supplier of gas leak detection equipment, offering a wide variety of high quality, fair priced instruments for over 35 years. Using innovative technology and intelligent design,  Eikon portable gas detector is one of the most durable and reliable instruments in the gas leak detection market.

Applications for Eikon Gas Detector...
Hydrogen Sulphide Offshore Oil & Gas
Refining and Petro Chemical
Waste water
Carbon Monoxide Steel manufacture and processing
Power generation Chemical
Ammonia Refrigeration
Water Purification
Oxygen Marine
Laboratories Using
Liquid Nitrogen
Breweries/Soft Drinks
Chlorine Water Purification

Eikon Gas Detector Accessories...

  • eikon gas monitor modular storageEikon Accessory - the bump test console provides the simple, “one touch” testing in the presence of gas.
  • Eikon Commander - calibration, zeroing and status report commands are transmitted with swipe cards, for ease of use without a PC.
  • Eikon Mini-Printer - can be interfaced directly to the bump test facility, which automatically
    generates a status report.
  • Eikon Modular Storage Units - which clip together for simple storage and organization
    of large numbers of units.
Eikon Technical Specifications...
Weight 125G
Dimensions 69 h x 63w x 38d mm
Measuring Ranges Gas Range Alarm
  Hydrogen Sulphide 0-50ppm 5ppm
Carbon Monoxide 0-500ppm 30ppm
Oxygen 0-25% W 19.5% W
Ammonia 0-50ppm 25ppm
Chlorine 0-5ppm 0.5ppm
Typical Alarm Response Time 5 seconds
Unit Life 2 Years Unit may be returned for Recycling
Audible Alarm 94dBA at 30cm (85dBA at 1m)
Visible Alarm 4 multi-angled red LEDs
Display None
On indication Green LED flashes every fifteen seconds
Self Test A double tap on a hard surface initiates a self test routine. An LED sequence and multi tone bleep is performed upon successful completion.
End of Life Alarm on Test Triple flash of the number of red LEDs that correspond to the number of weeks left.
Temperature Range -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to +122°F)
Humidity 5-95% RH non-condensing
Approval Codes Europe ATEX II 1G EEx ia IIC T4
  USA & Canada Class 1 Division 1 Groups A,B,C,D
  Europe EN50014, EN50020, prEN50271
  North America UL 913 & CSA 22.2
Ingress Protection IP65
EMC Compliance EN50270
Accessories Accessory bump test apparatus, to provide gas test. Scanner to transmit commands via a swipe card. Thermal printer to provide traceability of operation.
Instructions Pull rip strip to activate. Unit operates constantly for two years.

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