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 Tetra  Multigas Personal Gas Detector

Ruggedized Portable Gas Detector can Monitor Oxygen, Toxic and Flammable Gases Simultaneously with Simple One Button Operation...

Portable gas detectors are highly sophisticated instruments that are extremely effective, easy to maintain and calibrate.  Utilizing a distinctive design and cutting edge technology, Tetra is lightweight, durable and easy to use.  This versatile and intrinsically safe instrument is designed to meet challenging requirements in harsh environments.  Ease of operation, durability and state-of-the-art software assure the Tetra user of reliable gas detection.

Tetra's intelligent design makes it completely immune to radio frequency interference.  Tetra's versatility allows it to be configured with any 4 gas sensors and features intelligent sensors which come pre-calibrated, so they can be interchanged easily.

This advanced instrument has everything available for gas leak detection solutions.  Tetra can be purchased with an optional built-in sampling pump or used with a separate aspirator.  Pumped units are supplied with a sampling kit containing a flowplate and 6ft. of tubing.

The Crowcon claims Tetra is rugged, reliable and rea$onably priced.  We at BPA are extremely impressed by the Tetra Portable Gas Monitor.  Competitor's models break when dropped.  We threw ours at a wall and it was unaffected.  Crowcon really did their research when developing this product for use in the field.  Displaying four gases with the touch of one button is essential, like glancing at the speedometer while maneuvering amidst traffic.  These and other points really set the Tetra far above any competitive gas detectors we have seen.

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Crowcon Tetra Portable Multi Gas Monitor

Crowcon Tetra
Portable Multi-Gas Detector

Prices and Accessories

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* Readily absorbed gases (NO2, CL2,  PH3, O3, F2 and HF) WILL NOT be detected if an aspirator or hose is used and should not be used in pumped instruments with the pump operating.

Crowcon Tetra gas detector confined space entry

Tetra Portable Gas Monitor Features...

  • Tetra's unique internal software was designed to meet or exceed all government standards
  • Durable construction with over molded rubber resists vibration and shock
  • Dust and water resistant to IP65
  • Tetra operates with a single button and an easy to read graphic display
  • Rechargeable battery provides 12 hours of continuous operation
  • Alert countdown of calibration due date
  • Tetra gas detectors are available with rechargeable or alkaline batteries
  • Crowcon, producer of Tetra,  has provided quality gas detection equipment for over 35 years

Applications for Tetra Portable Gas Detector...

Crowcon Tetra used in confined space entry

  • Tetra personal gas monitor is intended for personal safety monitoring, confined space entry and hazardous work environments
  • Tetra offers solutions to a variety of customers including: fire and emergency service personnel, boiler rooms, utilities, wastewater treatment plants, mining and steel industries where accidental leakage of gas or vapor can become an explosive danger

Product Information...

  • Lightweight - just over 1lb. - quality construction makes Tetra durable and intrinsically safe
  • Easy to read red/blue visual alarm
  • Operating status can be easily viewed
  • Internal vibrating alarm - two levels of immediate alarm - audible alarm 94dBA (@30cm)
  • Dust and water resistant to IP65 - (IP) Ingress Protection is the standard system used for classifying the degree of protection provided by the enclosures of electrical equipment

Crowcon Tetra gas test kitGas Kit Test

The Gas Kit Test provides the customer a simple way to verify that Tetra is performing within its acceptable limits.  This kit allows the customer a method to evaluate the Tetra response and determine if it is functioning within its defined applications and if calibration is accurate.

Relevance of Personal Gas Detectors

Thousands of lives are lost and millions of dollars in property damage occur each year throughout the world due to gas explosions.  A gas explosion is defined as a process where combustion of a premixed gas-air cloud causes a rapid increase of pressure.  Typically, natural gas is flammable in 4 to 14 percent natural gas to air mixture.  In a confined space, that mixture can be not only flammable, but explosive.  There are over 60 million gas service lines in the United States alone.  Using the Tetra personal gas monitor and focusing on leak survey procedures, pinpointing and recognition of potential hazards, this potentially dangerous problem can be greatly reduced.  Crowcon's highly regarded reputation for providing solutions to fire and gas detection ensures customers of high quality and competitive prices.


Tetra Specifications
Weight 498 Grams (1.1 lbs), Including Batteries
Dimensions 4-3/4 x5x2-1/2 inches (122x128x57mm) rechargeable
5-1/4 x5x2-1/2 inches (134x128x57mm)
Typical Measuring Ranges and Alarm Settings Gas Range Alarm (UK-ROW) Alarm (US)
Other ranges and alarm levels are available on request. Each gas channel can have two instantaneous alarm levels set. Toxic channels also have Time Weighted Average alarms. Flammable gas calibration is available for methane, propane, butane, pentane, hydrogen and ethylene as standard. Flammable 0-100% LEL 20% LEL 10% LEL
Hydrogen Sulfide 0-50,0-100
0-250 PPM
5 PPM 10 PPM
Carbon Monoxide 0-500,0-999 PPM 30 PPM 35 PPM
Sulfer Dioxide 0-50 PPM 2 PPM 2 PPM
Chlorine 0-5 PPM 0.5 PPM 0.5 PPM
Nitrogen Dioxide 0-10 PPM 3 PPM 3 PPM
Phosphine 0-5 PPM 0.2 PPM 0.2 PPM
Ammonia 0-50 PPM 25 PPM 25 PPM
Hydrogen Cyanide 0-25 PPM 5 PPM 5 PPM
Hydrogen 0-999 PPM N/A N/A
Oxygen 0-25% 19% & 23% 19.5% & 23.5%
Typical Alarm Response Time Flammable 20 Seconds
Oxygen 10 Seconds
Typical Toxic Gas 20 Seconds
Audible Alarm 94dBA at 1 foot (30cm), Selectable tones,
Confidence Blip (selectable)
Triple Beep Every 10 seconds for discharged battery
Visible Alarm Dual color Red/Blue flashing LED pair in gas hazard
Vibrating Alarm Internal Vibrating Alarm
Display 128x64 graphic LCD with backlight, giving simultaneous display for all gas channels. Graphic symbols for battery (with proportional indication of remaining operation time), pump operation, healthy operation or fault warning. Start up indication when calibration is due within 30 days, calibration overdue, or service required.
Display Mode Normal display for real time gas concentration levels. Display recall for Peak readings and TWA
Datalogging Event logging, 8000 event capacity
Battery Type Rechargable Li-ion battery
Non rechargeable pack 3xAA Alkaline cells
Operating temp. range -20C to +55C (-4F to +131F)
Humidity 0-99% RH
Approval Codes USA & Canada Class I Division 1 Groups A, B, C, D.
  Europe ATEX II 2G EEx iad IIC T4 (Tamb -20oC to +55oC)
Standards USA & Canada UL913, CSA22.2, 152
  Europe EN50014, EN50020, EN50018, 94/9/EC
Ingress Protection IP65

Tetra Prices and Accessories

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