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Crowcon Xgard Gas Detector and Xsafe Gas Monitor

Crowcon Xgard fixed point gas detectors offer a comprehensive selection of gas leak detection instruments to meet diverse requirements of many industries and environments...

Crowcon's Xgard gas detectors lower operating costs and simplify maintenance of fixed gas detection.  Xgard's user friendly operations feature a universal junction box and replacement sensors that simply plug in. Xgard is available in Intrinsically Safe and Flammable versions.  This instruments wide range of sensors embrace 4 technologies: poison-resistant catalytic beads detect combustible gases; electrochemical sensors detect toxic gases and oxygen; thermal conductivity sensors monitor high-volume concentrations of certain gases mixed with air or other gases; and unique Sulphistors detect hydrogen sulphide at high temperatures and high background gas levels.

Xgard Features...

  • Wide range of accessories for harsh or wet environments
  • Rugged construction from A356 marine grade aluminum with a durable polyester coating
  • 2 year sensor available for oxygen monitoring, cutting replacement costs in half
  • UL approved and meets IP(Ingress Protection)standards to IP65 and IP66 with accessory
  • Duct mounting and sampling application accessories are available
  • Improved PCB accessibility for simple calibration
  • Many Xgard parts are interchangeable, reducing the cost of spares inventory
  • High temperature models available
  • Xgard can accommodate M20, M25, 1/2" NPT or 3/4" NPT cable glands to suit all sire requirements

crowcon xgard gas detector

Crowcon Xgard
Fixed Gas Detector

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crowcon xsafe gas detector
XSafe Gas Detector
Fixed Gas Detector

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Xgard Types...

Based on your applicaton, you can choose the correct Crowcon Xgard type fixed gas monitor using the chart below.  Start in the center and work your way outward.

.crowcon gas detector chart

See the table below to determine the Xgard or Xsafe product number.  Take the correct descriptive code from each column to put together the product model number.

Xgard Type 1:  Intrinsically safe electrochemical type detector with 2-wire 4-20mA output.  Wide range of sensor options.  A zener barrier or galvanic isolator is required for I.S. operation.

Xgard Type 2:  Flameproof electrochemical gas detector with 2-wire 4-20mA output.

Xgard Type 3:  Flameproof catalytic bead type gas detector with 3-wire mV bridge output.

Xgard Type 4:  Flameproof high temperature (up to 150C) catalytic bead type detector with mV bridge output.

Xgard Type 5:  Flameproof catalytic bead gas detector with 3-wire 4-20mA output

Xgard Type 6:  Flameproof thermal conductivity type gas detector with 3-wire 4-20mA output.

Xgard Type 7:  Flameproof hydrogen sulphide gas detector for high temperature applications (up to 65C) 3-wire 4-20mA or mV bridge versions available.

Xsafe:  Safe area non-certified low cost catalytic bead combustible gas detector with 3-wire 4-20mA or mV bridge output.

Detector Type Code Output Code Junction Box Code Cable Entry Code Certification Code Gas Type Range
Type 1 1   Aluminum


Stainless Steel


















Abbreviate up to 8 characters From selection shown on table
Type 2 2  
Type 3 3  
Type 4 4  
Type 5 5  
Type 6 6  
Type 7 7 mV or mA
Xsafe XS mV or mA

BPA Choice Manufacturer...

Xgard gas detection equipment is manufactured by Crowcon, an industry leader in gas leak detection instruments for over 35 years.  Crowcon, part of the Halma Group, has built a highly regarded reputation for providing cost effective and innovative solutions to fire and gas detection requirements.  Crowcon's commitment to quality provides customers with rugged, reliable and rea$onably priced gas detection equipment.

Xgard Exploded View...

A - Label

B - Grub Screw

C - Screw on Lid

D - PCB Cover

E - Ceiling Mount Lugs

F - Amplifier PCB

G - Universal Aluminum Junction Box

H - M20 - M25 1/2" or 3/4" Cable Entry

I - Sensor Retainer with sinter on flame proof models

J - Wall Mounting Lugs

K - Plug in Sensor PCB

L - O Ring

exploded view Crocon Xgard gas detector

Xgard Accessories...

Accessories made by Crowcon for the Xgard gas detectors allow Xgard and Xsafe to adapt to specific application issues.

crowcon xgard accessories

Xgard Technical Specifications...


See our entire line of Fixed Gas Monitors or read about all Gas Monitors.

If you have any questions, call us toll free, we'll be glad to help!


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