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Draeger Miniwarn VS Crowcon's Tetra

When you compare Draeger's Miniwarn to the Tetra, the many advantages of Crowcon Tetra are easy to see...

Although there is a wide variety of portable multi-gas detectors on the market today, the major differences in operation and features boil down to ease of use, reliability and smart features that really help the user.  An example would be Draeger Miniwarn, requiring 3 button operation and a complex menu structure while Crowcon's Tetra portable gas detector offers 1 button operation and easy to see readings.

Draiger Miniwarn Portable Gas Detector


Benefits of Draeger Miniwarn vs. Crowcon Tetra...

The Miniwarn's audible alarm is 85dBA @ 1 foot while Tetra's extremely loud alarm is 95dBA @ 1 foot, providing greater protection.  Miniwarn offers a vibrating alarm as an option in alkaline or non standard NiMH battery pack while this is a standard feature of Tetra, allowing for additional warning of gas hazards.

The Miniwarn visual alarm consists of red LED's (light emitting diodes) only while Tetra comes equipped with an eye catching red-blue flashing alarm.  Blue light photons have been proven to have higher energy than red, thereby increasing visibility and safety.

Draeger'sMiniwarn boasts of an easy to hold ergonomic shape, but that is not necessarily good when attached to the body.  Miniwarn's design allows it to tip forward, risking catching on objects.  Tetra offers a more contoured, body hugging shape making it convenient for climbing ladders and gas detection in confined spaces.  Also notice how the display on the Draeger Miniwarn is on the front of the unit.  Crowcon Tetra's display is on top so the user can glance down at it while wearing it.  With the Miniwarn display on the front, the user must remove it from his or her body and hold it in their hand to look at it.  The less you have to "fiddle" with an instrument while climbing around in a confined space, the better.


Tetra contains a flexible internal assembly, allowing the shock to be absorbed by the casing instead of the boards and sensors when dropped.  Tetra can also float if accidentally dropped in water, saving on repairs and replacement costs.  Tetra is an ultra rugged, reliable, portable multi-gas detector available with a built-in internal pump.  Even though Tetra is compact and lightweight (about 1 lb.) it is one of the most durable gas detection instruments on the market.  Tetra is certified valid for use in temperatures up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit, making it suitable for use in foundries, steel mills and hot outdoor climates.

Tetra comes with internal software that conforms to IEC 61508 standards, guaranteeing functional safety.

Choose the Most Features for Your Money...

Both Draeger's Miniwarn and Crowcon's Tetra are quality products for gas detection applications.  When spending your or your company's money, don't you want the most value for your dollar?  Tetra's simple one button operation and rugged construction will save you on operating costs, repairs and replacements.  If you prefer innovative features and a reasonable price, tetra is the portable gas detector for you.

Compare Features of Tetra with Draeger Miniwarn...
  Crowcon Tetra Draeger Miniwarn
Number of Sensors 1-4 1-4
Sensor Types Fl, OX, Toxics FL, Ox and Toxics
Max number toxic gases 4 from total of 12 3 from a choice of 12
Intelligent Sensors Yes, fully pre-calibrated Yes
Size 124x128x57 mm 143x78x58 mm
Weight 500g 585g
Ingress Protection IP65 IP54
Instantaneous Alarms 2 2
TWA Alarms 8hr and 15min 8hr and 15 min
Alarm Tones Selectable from 5 Single Tone
Sounder Output 85dBA @ 1ft 85dBA @ 30cm
Visual Alarm Red and Blue LEDs on top Four LEds illuminate the top
Vibrating Alarm Yes No
Confidence Flash Flashing Icon Every 8 Seconds
Confidence Sound Every 10 seconds Every 8 Seconds
Low Battery Alarm Yes Pre-10 mins, alarm 2 min
Display Simultaneous Simultaneous
Display Type Graphic LCD LCD
Peak Display Capability On Demand Yes
TWA Toxic Display On Demand Only as alarm message
Auto zero on Start Up Configurable No
Computer Interface IR IRDA Interface
Data Logging Event Logging Optional
Flammable Gas Factors Yes Multiple Configurations
Rechargeable Battery Li-ion NiMH (T4) or Nicad (T4/T6)
Operating Time 12hrs 8-12hrs
Recharge Time 5 hours 4.5 hrs
Dry Cell Batteries AA cells Yes, T4 or T6
Operating Time 15 hours 12 hours
Sampling Diffusion/Aspirator/Pumped Diffusion/Aspirator
Electric Pump Internal, optional Yes, External
Certification Code Rechargeable (Europe) EEx iad IIC T4 (Tamb +55degC) EEx iad IIC T4/T6, ATEX
Certification Code Dry Cell (Europe) EEX iad IIC T3 (Tamb +55degC) EEx iad IIC T4/T6, ATEX
Temperature Rating -20 to +55 degC -20 to +50 C
Certification Code Rechargeable (US) Class I Division 1 Groups A,B,C,D Class I Division 1 Groups A,B,C,D
Certification Code Dry Cell (US) Class I Division 1 Groups A,B,C,D Class I Division 1 Groups A,B,C,D
Rubber Boot Over molded No
Carry case Yes Option
Chest Harness Yes No
Shoulder Strap Yes No


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