commercial dehumidifiers and indoor pool dehumidifier for humidity control system with advice on choosing dehumidification equipment available by calling 1-800-551-8544
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Commercial Dehumidifiers

Swimming Pool, Large Building, Large Home, Mold Remediation and Water Damage Restoration Dehumidifiers...

Commercial dehumidifiers, unlike industrial or home, are used to maintain relative humidity levels for healthy indoor air quality of public areas where people live or work.  A humidity control system uses large capacity dehumidification equipment to regulate moderate indoor humidity for museums, libraries, warehouses, office buildings and large homes.  Hi-E Dry dehumidifiers in the second row handle heavy or severe humidity found in indoor swimming pools and water damage dehumidification.

Various Commercial Humidifiers

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Industrial Grade
106 Pint @ 80F-60%RH
Indoor Swimming Pool Dehumidifier
185 Pint @ 80/60%

commercial dehumidifiers from Hi-E Dry
Hi-E Dry 100
High Efficiency Dehumidifier

Reliable & efficient in temperatures as low as 50.  Removes up to 7 pints/KWH.

  Hi-E Dry 100

swimming pool dehumidifier
Hi-E Dry Vehere Pool & Spa Dehumidifier

Removes chemical odors and humidity for an indoor pool up to 450 square feet.  Most efficient swimming pool dehumidifier on market.

  Hi-E Dry Vehere

Large Building Dehumidifier
183 Pint @ 80F-60%RH

large building dehumidifiers
Hi-E Dry 195
High Efficiency Dehumidifier

Durable efficiency for wide range of temperatures and huge capacity.  Efficient up to 5.9 pints/KWH. 540 CFM blower.

  Hi-E Dry 195

Light Commercial Dehumidifiers provide moderate humidity control

Light commercial dehumidifiers on this 3rd row can handle moderate environments where there is no unusually large source of moisture such as:

  • storage rooms for records, film and tape
  • coffee shops
  • retail stores
  • computer rooms
  • switching stations
  • bars
  • health clinics
  • therapy rooms
  • locker rooms
  • offices
  • art galleries
  • large homes

Please visit our dehumidifiers page to see a listing of all the various models that we carry. OscarAir, Inc's crawlspace dehumidifier selection is also a good resource for a commercial grade dehum.


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