Industrial dehumidifier advice for indoor swimming pools, storage facilities, production and large building dehumidifiers
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Industrial Dehumidifiers

Are you looking for industrial dehumidifiers to control excessive relative humidity?

Check out our efficient, high capacity industrial dehumidification equipment.  Even with huge water collection capacity, these industrial dehumidifiers are the highest efficiency in their class.  Excellent for mold remediation, indoor swimming pools & spas, food & drug, industrial manufacturing, meat packing, skating rinks, warehouses, water damage dehumidification or any environment with high levels of indoor humidity.

industrial dehumidifiers and dehumidification equipment

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Ultra-Efficient Dehumidifier Efficient Industrial Dehumidifiers
106 Pint @ 80F-60%RH
Oscar Air DB105
Oscar Air DB105
The quietest dehumidifier in its class, offering high capacity more airflow and unmatched energy efficiency.
Price: $1,235.00 - FREE SHIPPING
industrial dehumidifier
Hi-E Dry 100
High Efficiency Dehumidifier
Reliable & efficient in temperatures as low as 50.  Removes up to 7 pints/KWH.
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High Capacity Industrial Dehumidifier
183 Pint @ 80F-60%RH
Indoor Swimming Pool Dehumidifier 185 Pint @ 80/60%
industrial dehumidifiers
Hi-E Dry 195
High Efficiency Dehumidifier
Durable efficiency for wide range of temperatures and huge capacity.  Efficient up to 5.9 pints/KWH. 540 CFM blower.
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indoor swimming pool dehumidifiers
Hi-E Dry Vehere Spa, Whirlpool & Indoor Swimming Pool Dehumidifier
High Efficiency, high capacity dehumidification systems control chemical odors, window condensation, mold, mildew and bacteria.
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Try looking in the commercial dehumidifiers section. 
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Typical Uses for Commercial and / or Industrial Dehumidifiers.

Commercial and industrial dehumidifiers can be used in many applications, such as computer rooms, libraries and archive storage, health and fitness facilities, food processing plants (including powder/ spice blending and mixing), grinding and machine shops, and printing or print shop areas, to name a few.  Large amounts of moisture in a machine shop can ruin machine tools and equipment by causing the equipment to rust, requiring the company to purchase replacement machinery.  This is not only very expensive, but production prohibitive, as the damaged machines must be disposed of due to lack of usability.  Industrial dehumidifiers are designed to cover much larger areas than their residential brethren, and many feature multiple options for dealing with the collected moisture, such as direct drain or a built-in reservoir.  There are also industrial dehumidifiers that can work in zero temperature conditions, such as medical storage.


Before choosing a dehumidifier, ask yourself the following...

  • What area do you wish to dehumidify (gym, machining area, etc.)?
  • What are the dimensions of the area to be dehumidified (width, length and ceiling height?
  • How many people will be in the room most of the time?
  • Do you have mold in this area?
  • Do you use air conditioning in this area?
  • Is the area carpeted?
  • Do you usually open the windows in this area?
  • What is the area mainly used for (storage, machining, factory work, etc.)?
  • If for storage, what types of items are stored there? (machinery, paperwork, furniture, etc.)
  • Were you looking for a dehumidifier with a container to drain or a dehumidifier that could drain the water via PVC tubing to another area?

If you have any questions, call us, we'll be glad to help!


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