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Dust Collection Systems

"Our dust collection systems are built to order, so each one is designed just for you.  The end result? A satisfied consumer that has what he needs..."

We offer a variety of dust collection systems, most of which are tailored to fit each individual application.  Having a dust collection system customized to accommodate your particular needs ensures that you're getting exactly what your shop requires to effectively handle your dust issues.  We have a team of engineers that are available to provide answers to whatever questions that may arise during the evaluation of your shop.  These dust collection systems are rated to handle a broad range of applications, such as metal polishing and grinding, sanding, cutting, and buffing.

Dust Collection Systems Components Available...

Trion Air Boss Upflow Dust Collector
For workshop applications requiring low air volume, the DC Upflow is a perfect fit.  The Air Boss is a compact, self contained intermittent duty dust collector that can provide air flow up to 2,000 cfm.  A relatively small footprint allows this little gem to be installed near the source of the pollution, reducing the amount of ductwork needed.  With less ductwork, there is less static pressure, allowing the dust collector more capture velocity with less power.

Trion Air Boss Downflow Dust Collection System
The collection design of these downflow systems eliminates dust re-entrainment, allowing the dust to completely settle below the cartridges, in the system's "no-flow" area.  The structural integrity of the dust collector is maintained by vertical cartridge configuration, which also provides consistent air-to-media ratios for each filter.  Utilizing a patented vertical airflow assures that the cartridge filters are going to load in an even, uniform fashion to minimize dust abrasion.  Many different configurations available, from 1.5hp up to 50hp.

Trion CA3000-C & CA6000-C Dust Collection Systems
The Trion CA series promotes ultra high efficiency through the use of filter cartridges, which are much more durable than bag or media filters.  By supplying compressed air to the system, the filters can be reverse pulse cleaned 3 different ways - manually, on demand (pulses according to static pressure), or timed (initiated at predetermined intervals).

The AQE4000 dust collector is a self-contained overhead cartridge system for use in source capture, ducted or ambient applications. Pulse jet cleaning system increases filter life and service interval making it ideal for heavy dust loading applications.  Airflow volume tops out at 2500cfm.  This unit is perfect for manual operations, such as hand sanding, grinding, or buffing/polishing.

The AQE8000 external dust collector uses up to 6500* cfm of air flow and features a reverse pulse jet automatic cleaning system and 8 cellulose cartridges, each containing 275 square feet of filter media.  Available with 7.5hp or 15hp motor, depending on application requirements.

*with 15hp motor

Trion Air Boss Cyclone Dust Collectors
Air Boss Cyclones are available in many configurations, providing from 800cfm from a 2hp motor up to 13,000 cfm from a 50hp motor.  These cyclone dust collectors can be installed either indoors or outdoors, with afterfilters for the exhaust air (recommended if re-supplying shop with air)  Standard options include sprinkler heads for fire suppression, inlet plenums to reduce sound, and weatherproof enclosures for outside mounting.


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