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Woodworking Dust Collectors

"...We Can Offer You a Complete and Affordable Solution to Woodshop Dust..."

If not effectively managed, dust made from woodworking projects can be a hassle to employees, project time, and productivity.  Using a Woodshop dust collector can help eliminate those nuisances from your workshop!

For healthy breathing air and cleanliness, a woodworking shop primarily needs source capture at at any machine while in use.  Secondarily, a woodshop needs an ambient air cleaner to run after everyone has left the area.  The ambient air cleaner should be a media or cartridge based machine capable of removing the smallest particles.


Available Woodworking Dust Collectors...

Portable Source Capture  |  Ducted Source Capture  |  Ambient

Portable Source Capture

AQE portable light dust collection.

This portable reverse jet cartridge dust collector filters cutting smoke & dust, grinding dust, plastic dust & other fine dust particles at the source with 1100 cfm of air flow power. Features a reverse pulse cleaning system, an 11 foot arm that rotates a full 360, whisper quiet operation, 1.5 horse power motor and 382 sq. ft. of filter media.

Portable media dust collector.

The M32V portable dust collector contains the NEW micro-glass filter (98% at .5 microns) that last 3 1/2x over standard industrial dust collector filters. Features; washable filter media, industry low annual operating costs, removes smoke, mist, dust and other airborne contaminants at a rate of up to 1300 cfm.

Trion M26
The M26 portable dust collector with 1100 CFM, is a versatile dust collector with optional filters for the pre, primary and secondary filters ranging from impingers to 99.97% HEPA.  This unit has great adsorber options for cutting smoke and fumes.  You can also get the optional downdraft table which provides an area to work where slots in the surface suck dust away as it is produced.


AQE M66 media dust collector.

The M66V is our most flexible dust collector has many different filters & blower options available. Filters can range from 50% - 99% efficiency at .3 microns. Features; high 3200 CFM fan. Single or double arms option. One HP maintenance-free motor. 35% 4" pleated pre-filter. Optional multiple pocket bags for wet grinding dust.

Ducted Source Capture

Trion Air Boss Cyclone Dust Collectors
Air Boss Cyclones are offered in capacities from 800 CFM to 13,000 CFM and efficiently remove moderate to large-sized particles from the airstream. Fans are self-cleaning, material handling, radial blades designed to deliver peak airflow, and the low horsepower conserves energy.

Standard dust storage capacities vary from 7.5 cu. ft. to 110 cu. ft., with special hopper configurations available. All models can be housed indoors or outdoors.

The AQE4000 jet dust collector is a self-contained overhead cartridge system for use in source capture or ambient applications. Pulse jet cleaning system increases filter life and service interval making it ideal for heavy dust loading applications. Available options for this jet dust collector include 11' and 14' arms, hood mounted halogen light, source capture plenums, dust hopper, drum mounting kit, silencer and many more.

The AQE8000 external dust collector uses 5700 cfm of air flow power and features; a reverse pulse jet automatic cleaning system, solid state control timer, 1100 square feet of filter media, 99.8% filter efficiency at .5 micron, disconnect and overload protection. You won't find a better industrial dust collector no matter what the price!


M33 Media Ambient Air Cleaner.

M33 Media Ambient Air Cleaner.
The AQE M33 is a self-contained media industrial ambient air cleaner designed with a 1300 cfm blower that filters particles up to 98% efficiency & is used for light background industrial air cleaning applications and can be fitted with a variety of filters to capture many types of contaminants. Additional features include 1 HP maintenance free motor, a dirty filter gauge, 100 sq. ft. of filter media.

M33 Media Ambient Air Cleaner.

M66 Media Ambient Air Cleaner.
 A high 3200 CFM fan makes this ambient media air cleaner ideal for background air cleaning of dust, smoke, soot, vapors and mist.  NEW extended life media polypropelene filter last 3x as long as most competitive units. Features include 1 HP motor, easy side access filter door, dirty filter indicator gage, comes prewired and complete.

M73 Media Filter Ambient Air Purification System.

M73 Media Filter Ambient Air Cleaner.
Our largest ambient media air cleaner with disposable filters with a capacity of up to 6,000 cfm. Includes the new E.S.F. MicroGlass filters for long filter life and high efficiencies to effectively remove smoke, mist, dust and other airborne contaminants. Best values on the market; CFM per $ & sq. ft. of filter media per $. Ideal for large ambient applications. Additional features; 95% DOP efficiency.

M68 True HEPA Industrial Ambient Air Purifier.

M68 True HEPA Ambient Air Cleaner.
True HEPA filtration; 99.97% efficient @ 0.3 microns.  Used for background air cleaning. The ultimate in high efficiency for those OSHA regulated heavy metals (Cadmium, Beryllium, Zinc, Lead).  Up to 2000 CFM. Features; side load mechanical filter system for easy access, 1.5 HP maintenance free motor, 35% protective pre-filter.

AQE400 Jet Cartridge Ambient Air Cleaner.

AQE4000 Jet Cartridge Ambient Air Cleaner.
The AQE4000 jet dust collector is a self-contained overhead ambient cartridge air cleaning system. Features; 5 HP motor, 2500 cfm air flow, 4 cartridge filters at 99.8% at .5 microns, unique automatic pulse cleaning system. Price:


General Information...

The Importance of Woodshop Dust Collectors...

A wood shop dust collector uses suction to effectively capture chips, wood dust and debris that piles up around your work area as well as eliminate irritating and harmful airborne contaminants that collect in your lungs. The most harmful sawdust is the fine layer of dust that gradually builds up on walls, floors and every surface you see.  This dust is invisible while floating around in the air.  We breathe it in without even knowing.  As we inhale, are bodies naturally filter the bigger particles in our nose hair, mucus and cilia before they get into the lungs.  The small invisible particles are too small for the body to filter and become permanently lodged in the lungs.    The best way to keep dust out of your shop and your lungs is to capture it at the source with a wood dust collector, along with a background ambient air cleaning to filter any additional fine dust in the air. This keeps dust away from whichever project you are working on, minimizes cleanup and filters the air so your lungs won't have to.

Whether you build cabinets and furniture or do small woodworking; such as, detail and trim work or dollhouse building, a woodshop dust collection system will keep the air you are breathing free of dust that can give you breathing problems.  It also keeps dust away from the project itself, making it cleaner and more productive. Dust suppression in woodworking is vital to your health.

Which Dust Collector is Right for You?

You don't want to waste money on a woodshop dust collector that doesn't help you.  Many of us, after realizing the long term health hazard of breathing fine wood dust, have gone out to a local store and bought what looks like a decent air cleaner... only to find it didn't do any good.  At BreathePureAir.com, we have the full selection of every available dust collector and the knowledge of when to use each one.  Woodshop dust collection systems can either have wheeled bases and easily roll from workstation to workstation, are stationary and can be set up at each station, or centrally located with or without ducts going to each station.  The technologies involved generally include some sort of media filter (cloth or paper) and cyclone filters.  The correctly used combination will solve your dust problems.

Every woodshop dust problem is really two problems.  To get results, both must be solved:

  1. Collect the chips and dust you can see coming out and piling up around your area.

  2. Eliminate fine airborne dust particles too small to see but eventually collect in your lung tissue.

The first problem can be addressed with a cyclone or media filter with a duct or source capture arm sucking up all the large dust particles the moment they are produced.  If using a cyclone, large particles are filtered into a collection container while small particles are collected via a cartridge media filter.

The second problem is addressed using a media type ambient air cleaner.  This should have the capability of collecting fine particles, such as a HEPA filter.  Depending on the size of your shop and contamination level, you will want to choose an air cleaner that will provide an adequate number of air exchanges every hour (7 to 12).  The ambient air cleaner alone will not be able to keep up with dust created without something pulling out the big particles at the source.


See our entire line of dust collectors and industrial air cleaners.

If you have any questions, call us, we'll be glad to help!


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