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Dust Collectors and Dust Collection Systems

Dust Collectors

Industrial Dust Collection Systems and Standalone Dust Collectors for your Air Pollution Control Needs, Whatever They May Be...

Welcome to our section on dust collection, where you will find a multitude of solutions for your collection needs, whether required by OSHA or NIOSH, or if you're concerned with the air quality in your shop.  We have a board of highly trained air purification specialists that are prepared to assist you in choosing the right dust collection equipment for your application, whether it involves paper dust, metalworking fines, diatomaceous earth, plastic, silica, or just standard woodworking dust.  We offer only the highest quality dust collection systems, cyclone dust collectors, portable and ambient dust collectors, bag house, and cartridge dust collectors available to the industrial market.  Give us a call toll free at 1-800-551-8544, and let one of our air quality specialists help design a system to meet your dust collection requirements.



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Dust Collection Systems

Our dust collection systems are designed per application, so you know that you are being provided with a custom solution based on your individual needs.  These project-specific air cleaners are the highest quality in the industry, manufactured with the accuracy and dependability that one would expect from worldwide leading manufacturers of dust collection equipment.

Cyclone Dust Collectors

Some of the higher intensity industrial processes, such as fiberglass/plastic cutting, machining, and grinding can produce large, irregularly shaped waste material. Because these large constituents can easily clog media filters, cyclone dust collectors are often used as pre-filters for cartridge collectors to remove large particles and/or to prevent sparks from entering and damaging a cartridge collector.


Wood Shop and Wood Working Dust Collectors

These smaller dust collectors are geared more towards low production and fine applications, such as cabinetry, hobby projects, birdhouse building, and and other small projects.  Most home or garage projects don't require a great deal of airflow, and these dust collectors are perfectly suited for those endeavors.




Cartridge Dust Collectors

Cartridge dust collectors are most often used in applications that deal with finer particles and can be hydro-oleophopically treated to handle abrasive particles that would normally destroy the average media filter.  Many cartridge systems support reverse pulse cleaning, an ingenious technology that enables the user to supply a compressed air line to the collector, and blow the dust back out of the cartridges to be collected in a dust drawer, or other collection vessel such as a barrel or drum.

Portable Dust Collectors

These portable air cleaners share many of the same features with their ambient and overhead-mounted counterparts, but are designed for the worker on the go, providing the benefit of source capture and portability to handle multiple workstations.  By capturing the contaminants at their source, the worker is not plagued by pollution in their immediate breathing zone.  With most models supporting up to two source capture arms, these easily manageable air cleaners offer superior dust collection to handle more than one application at a time.

Industrial Dust Collectors

In this section, you will read about the technologies and concepts that make dust collection so effective in today's industrial settings.  With various filtering methods available, we offer numerous possibilities for efficiently capturing the offending particulate matter in your work environment.



Baghouse Dust Collectors

Also referred to as fabric collectors, baghouse dust collectors are used to collect small and large dust particles and contain them within bags comprised of differently woven fibers, based on the intended efficiency.  The filter bags are rated to carry a certain capacity based upon the job application.  Although these bag filters can be emptied from time to time, they eventually need to be replaced due to the collection of microscopic particles, as there is no way to completely shake out 100% of the agglomerated dust.


Jet Dust Collectors

Designed for lighter applications, usually intermittent collection that does not require much airflow, Jet dust collectors are a good choice for the hobbyist, small production woodworker, or the average do-it-yourself home improvement craftsman.  These collectors are widely known amongst woodworkers as efficient, easily affordable solutions where heavy-duty dust collection is not necessary.



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