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Fans: Commercial Kitchen Fans, Misting Fans, Industrial Fans and Blowers

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Help keep the air in your environment moving with a fan!

We carry a huge selection of misting fans, misting tents and high pressure misting systems as well as blowers and commercial kitchen exhaust fans.  Click on one of the categories below to see information and products available for a variety of applications!

Misting Fans | Industrial Fans | Commercial Kitchen fans  | Blowers

kitchen fans

Kitchen Fans

Smoke and odors are a problem in any kitchen, the proper ventilation fan can take care of these issues quickly. The type of restaurant kitchen exhaust fan you may need in your exhaust hood will depend on the cooking equipment that is being used under it, the size of the cooking surface, the size of the kitchen and the amount of make-up air. Call us today toll free to find out which kitchen exhaust fan configuration is right for you!


industrial fans

Industrial Fans

Industrial fans have many applications, exhaust being among the most popular. We are in the process of evaluating several different brands to determine which are the most efficient and dependable. In the coming months we plan to add several new industrial fans to fit a variety of applications.




misting fans

Misting Fans

Our misting fans can typically provide a 20-35 degree temperature drop. We have a complete selection of misting fans, misting tents, inflatable cooling pavilions and custom engineered fog and misting systems.

Our misting fans can be found at professional football and baseball games to provide heat relief to athletes, in greenhouses to provide optimum humidity, in foundries to provide cooling mist for workers and restaurants for outdoor patio misting systems. Misting fans are also used for dust and odor suppression and speeding up the cool-down times in injection molding shops.

fans, blowers


Blowers are the fans in your central duct unit that keeps the air flowing through the duct system. Blowers re-circulate air and help keep cooling as well as heating costs under control. We are in the process of evaluating several models, looking for the most efficient and dependable models.




We carry commercial and industrial fans. If you are interested in residential fans for your home please visit Emerson's website.

If you have any questions, call us, we'll be glad to help!


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