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In-duct Home UV Air Purifier Installation Guide

Installing Your  American-Lights™ High Output In-duct UV Air Cleaner Is A Simple Process That Can Be Performed By Most People.

Click Here to print a full pdf version of our installation instructions

Please observe all warnings. Disconnect the power source before removal or lamp replacement. The correct installation procedures should have the UV lamp at a right angle to the air flow with the UV lamp centered in the duct or plenum. Your American-Lights In-duct UV Air Cleaner may be installed in either the supply or return sides (coil or return as needed) or your HVAC system.  The benefits from your UV air purifier will be equally effective no matter which side the installation occurs.  Note, however, if UV lamp is installed close to register or grill, the ultraviolet light may cause night glow effect which may be objectionable to homeowner.


Installation Procedure Of The American-Lights In-duct UV Air Cleaner:

  1. Having established a convenient location for the UV Air Cleaner, drill one 1.3/8” hole for the UV lamp and lock nut on coupling after placing unit in desired location. Using cotton gloves to avoid oils on UV lamp, slide it through coupling and secure by tightening adjustable coupling to base. Avoid over tightening to prevent damage.

  2. Plug socket to lamp. Snap air cleaner's cover in place and power air cleaner to grounded 110V socket.

  3. Select adjacent location within 6” of unit, drill a ¼" hole and insert the glow indicator.

  4. UV lamp replacement: requires one HO-14 or HO-22 germicidal UV lamp, obtained from your dealer.

Important Tips

American-Lights™ High Output UV Air Cleaner is the strongest, fully certified UV air cleaner available on the air-quality market. It requires a minimum of rules for a productive installation:

  • Avoid direct exposure (within 24-30”) of non-UV inhibited plastics. (Including drip pans, plastic filter frames, etc.)

  • Avoid ANY location that would permit the homeowner access to the lamp. (Example: closet door with louvers and the unit exposed when door is open or light is seen through the louvers.) The night light issue should be considered if this is being placed in less than optimum locations.

  • Best location: across top of coil @ right angles to “A”; also Return plenum if not within visible range of filters etc. (You do not want this where a homeowner can remove the filter and see or touch the lamp).

  • While not commonly advertised this High Output lamp will provide strong germicidal protection for 3 years the reason - it does not cycle on/off thereby maximizing its life and efficiency. However, to keep the UV air cleaner in top performance range, it is recommended the UV lamp to be replaced every year.

  • Review of the specification sheet and installation instructions will provide answers to most situations and questions.


Replace the UV lamp once per year.

We only carry one brand of UV in-duct air purification systems - American-Lights™ - because we know that we're offering you the very best with these top-quality units. American-Lights™ Air Purifiers feature:

  • Full 2 year manufacturer's warranty

  • Money back guarantee

  • No filters to clean or replace - American-Lights™ In-duct Home UV Air Cleaner technology oxidizes particulates rather than just filtering them

  • Custom models available for home and commercial use

  • Unlimited free customer support

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If you have any questions, call us, we'll be glad to help!


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