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Kanomax 3887 Handheld Airborne Laser Particle Counters

"Kanomax, one of the biggest particle counter names in Japan gains popularity in the U.S.A. with the Handheld 3887 Particle Counter"

Handheld Laser Particle Counter 3887
0.3, 0.5, 5.0 microns, 3 Channels, 0.1 CFM

Why is the 3887 soon to be the most popular selling particle counter on the market?

In one word: Value!  Look at the price and look at the features.  No other handheld particle counter near this price gives you the ability to walk around for hours, get such an accurate idea of air contamination (simultaneously displaying and recording 3 particle sizes) and download your stored data to Microsoft Excel on your computer.

  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Easy to Read Display
  • Records Data Records
  • Records 3 particle size channels
  • Includes Software and Cables
  • Includes Purge or Zero Filter
  • Includes AC adaptor
  • Includes 4 AA NiMH rechargeable batteries
  • Offers about 3 hours of battery life
  • Transfer data to Excel with included software

Kanomax 3887 Technical Specifications
Particle Size Channels 0.3, 0.5 & 5.0 micron @ 0.1 CFM
Light Source Laser Diode
Counting Efficiency Meets JIS B9921
Zero Count Meets JIS B9921
Coincidence Loss <5% @ 2,000,000 particles /CF
Flow Rate 0.1 CFM (2.83 lpm)
Sampling Time 1 sec to 99 minutes 59 sec (1 sec increments)
Sampling Frequency 1 to 99 times or continuous
Count Alarm 1 - 70,000,000 counts
Mode of Measurements Single / Repeat / Continuous / Calculation / Remote / ISO<C4
Display 20 letters, 4 lines
Error Max concentration, laser power, flow rate and battery
Interface RS232 or RS485
Baud Rate 9600 bps
Buffer Memory 8000 data (In CALC mode, 1 measurement is 4 data)
Power Supply 4 x AA NiMH battery or Alkaline
AC adapter (100 - 240V)
Operating Hours Approximately 3 hours (NiMH)
Dimensions 4.3"w x 7.7"h x 2.7"d (108 x 198 x 68 mm)
Weight 1.5 lbs (680g)
Operating Conditions 50 - 95F (10 - 35C)
Accessories AC Adaptor
Zero Filter
Communication Cable
4 x AA NiMH batteries
Battery Charger
Operating Manual
Options Printer
Printer Cable
Carrying Case


Kanomax Hanheld Airborne Laser Particle Counters Model 3887 for particulate monitoring

Price: $1,875
Free U.S. Shipping


Additional Accessories:

Carrying Case - $200
Thermal Printer - $490
Printer Cable - $110
Tripod - $



  • Cleanrooms
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Food Industry
  • Filter Testing
  • Aerospace
  • Surgical Rooms
  • Paint Spray Booths

See the particle size chart
Kanomax 3887 Particle Counters reference guide to particulate size

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Or call 1-800-551-8544 and speak to Rod Yarbrough.

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air monitoring blend for Kanomax 3887 particle counter