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Restaurant and Commercial Kitchen Emission Cleaning Systems

commercial kitchen ventilation exhaust systems

"We carry three of the most reputable manufacturers of commercial restaurant kitchen ventilation equipment..."

BPA Air Quality Solutions is the leader in providing you with a solution for your commercial kitchen exhaust & emissions problems... we have assembled a team of engineers from 3 of the best commercial kitchen ventilation exhaust system manufacturers: Air Quality Engineering, United Air Specialists and Trion Inc, all specialize in kitchen exhaust air cleaning and ventilation. We understand t can offer you unbiased recommendations for your kitchen ventilation needs.

Our integrated kitchen emissions cleaning systems are engineered for maximum performance, safety, and energy.

AQE restaurant kitchen exhaust equipmentAir Quality Engineering Kitchen Emission Systems
AQE are constantly developing the next latest-and-greatest industrial and commercial air cleaning solutions.  Air Quality Engineering's most recent achievement is the self washing, fully programmable F61 AutoClean commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning system.  AQE has a knack for combining technologies into products that cut out maintenance and really do what they are supposed to do... and that is to clean your kitchen emissions.

Trion: commercial kitchen emissions ventilationTrion Inc Kitchen Emission Systems
Since 1947, Trion has provided quality products for the commercial, industrial, residential, and military markets; air cleaners engineered specifically to provide a clean, safe and comfortable indoor air environment.  BPA offers a full line of Trion kitchen emission products.  Various kinds of electronic and media filtration configurations give you options needed to satisfy local codes.

UAS: Smog Hog commercial kitchenUnited Air Specialists Kitchen Emission Systems
This is a good solid company that has been designing and manufacturing air purification equipment since 1966.  The Smog-Hog industrial electrostatic precipitator (ESP) line was introduced in 1970 and then this air cleaning technology was improved upon and incorporated in UAS's commercial kitchen line of ventilation air cleaners. Several standard models are available, as are a variety of models built to customer specifications.

Emissions Cleaning or Exhaust Ventilation System?

What is the difference between commercial kitchen exhaust ventilation and commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning and then ventilation?

Commercial kitchen exhaust ventilation system:
A typical kitchen ventilation system includes an exhaust hood or canopy, ductwork, fan system, and a means of providing adequate make-up air (air that is lost through the ventilation process). The entire system must constitute a fire-safe assembly within the building.  Kitchen fumes are sucked into the hood, travel through  vents, and are blown out of the building through the fan system itself.  An equal amount of replacement air (or make-up air) from outside is drawn into the kitchen through make-up air vents.

Commercial kitchen emissions air cleaning system:
A comprehensive commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning system provides fire safety and reduces cleaning maintenance while keeping the air you and your customers breathe free of annoying smoke and greasy odors.  Without a an air cleaning component, cooking grease, smoke and  residue build up in the ducts, blower, roof and outside walls of the building.  This residue is highly flammable and frequently causes fires.  By filtering your kitchen exhaust, a properly used kitchen emissions cleaning system gives you clean air flowing from your ducts, blower and out of your building.

How Kitchen Emissions Systems Work...

Below illustrates two configurations of restaurant or commercial kitchen emissions cleaning systems, inside the building or outside the building.  Either can integrate into existing HVAC.

Inside the Building

Outside the Building

restaurant kitchen air cleaner

Indoor Configuration
The air cleaning unit goes between ducting from the kitchen hood to the exhaust fan. A unit can be install in a crawl space or bolted between ceiling rafters.

  1. Kitchen smoke and grease vapor are pulled up into the hood.
  2. Smoke and grease vapors are pulled up fireproof ducts that lead to the filtration unit inside the building.
  3. Smoke and grease are extracted from the air as it passes through the filters.
  4. Clean air flows out of the filtration unit through ducts leading to the blower and out of the building.

Outdoor Configuration
Weather protective enclosures allow the air cleaning unit to sit outside the building. It installs inline with ducts leading to the blower.

  1. Kitchen smoke and grease vapor are pulled up into the hood.
  2. Smoke and grease vapors are pulled up fireproof ducts that lead to the filtration unit outside the building.
  3. Smoke and grease are extracted from the air as it passes through the filters.
  4. Clean air flows out of the filtration unit and out through the exhaust fan.


All Kitchen Exhaust Hoods

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BPA Air Quality Solutions is the leader in providing you with the best choice of kitchen exhaust hoods or a complete commercial kitchen exhaust ventilation system that will solve your problems caused by smoke, grease and odors generated by either your commercial restaurant cooking.

Our kitchen exhaust hoods emissions elimination systems installed in your restaurant or home...

1. Eliminates cooking odors
There are different odor control technologies used in the various kitchen exhaust hood systems. Let BPA Air quality Solution's 100+ years of combined air purification experience match you up with the perfect kitchen emission system for your specific needs.

2. Saves you money
Without an effective kitchen exhaust hood cleaning system, cooking grease and smoke causes grit and grime build-up on almost every structure these emissions come into contact with... that can cost you a lot of money in cleaning, maintenance and damage.

3. Keeps you in compliance (for restaurant and commercial applications)
A restaurant and commercial kitchen exhaust hood cleaning system will keep you within compliance with even the most strict federal, state or local environmental standards. Installing the correct commercial kitchen emission system for your needs the first time around eliminates the need for costly retrofits later on down the road.

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Kitchen Emissions Cleaning Systems


See our entire line of commercial kitchen emissions systems.

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