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Particle Counters: Airborne Particle Counter Comparisons

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Barry Kitchener
Former President of IEST & Cleanroom Designer

Dan Milholland
Former National Director of IEST & Consultant

Jim Akey
IAQA Member, Author and Seminar Presenter

Rod Yarbrough
Cleanroom, IAQ Monitoring & Filter Tech Support
Our panel of experts have international experience giving particle counter technical seminars throughout the world, designing cleanrooms, writing for indoor environmental magazines, consulting filtration and contamination control professionals, training cleanroom certifiers, and even serving as the National Director and President of the IEST (Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology).

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airborne particle counters.

Handheld Particle Counters

A handheld laser particle counter offers a portable, economic and versatile solution for monitoring or testing environmental & indoor air quality, particle concentrations, and air filter efficiency.  Appropriate for any level of cleanroom particle counter or IAQ applications; browse through our selection of handheld laser particle counters from Lighthouse, Kanomax, Met One, Fluke, IQAir ParticleScan,: handheld laser particle counters and handheld particle counter accessories.

Portable Airborne Laser Particle Counter Comparisons.

Portable Laser Particle Counters

Nearly every portable laser particle counter can be integrated into your facility air monitoring system  or operate as a stand alone cleanroom particle counter.  Accessories add versatility to each portable particle counter.  BPA Air Quality Solutions offer you a full line of cleanroom portable laser particle counters from the world's leading manufacturers including;  Lighthouse, Climet, & Solair: portable laser particle counters and portable particle counter accessories.

Remote particle counters allow you to monitor air quality.

Remote Particle Counter Selections

A wide range of remote particle counters will integrate into a facility monitoring system or cleanroom system and allow you to monitor the air quality in multiple locations simultaneously.  4-20 mA or Modbus communication available: remote laser particle counters and remote particle counter accessories.

Cleanroom particle counter air quality monitoring.

Manifolds & Specialty Particle Monitoring

Manifolds allow monitoring multiple areas with a single airborne particle counter via multi-plex sequential sampling. Also available are touch screen displays, environmental probes and other particle counter accessories for aerospace, semiconductor production, pharmaceutical and others.  See our manifolds and specialty laser particle counters.

Monitoring Systems & Software

Expandable turn-key monitoring systems provide custom designed networks of sensors, pumps, displays, controllers, hubs, computers and software to install and implement a complete facility monitoring system (FMS).  Also, learn what you need to know to make an informed decision about different levels of software to achieve specific results from your remote, handheld or portable laser particle counters. 

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See our complete selection of air monitoring equipment if you are interested in other types of air testing equipment other than particle counters.