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Manifolds and Specialty Air Testing Equipment

Manifolds allow multiple location particle counter monitoring. Portable surface particle counters leave the testing surface undisturbed.  In-process wafer pod particle counters show you contamination your product sees from tooling to transportation. We carry central location particle counter monitoring equipment.

Featured Product

Lighthouse MiniManifold
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The MIniManifold allows a single particle counter to monitor up to 6 locations.



Lighthouse MiniManifold
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The MIniManifold allows a single particle counter to monitor up to 6 locations.


Universal Manifold System
and Controller

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The Lighthouse UNIVERSAL MANIFOLD SYSTEM AND CONTROLLER is the most affordable solution in the market when you need to monitor large areas for particulate contamination (up to 32 locations).


In-Process Particle Counter
Wafer Pod 2014IP

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The 2014ip can be placed in a wafer and sent through your process to monitor your tools and product transport system. 


Particle Guard
Lighthouse Surface Particle Counter


ParticleGuard Surface Particle Counter is a portable particle counter that directly measures and counts particles on surfaces while leaving the surface undisturbed.


LS-60 Liquid Sampler
Syringe Particle Counter

0.1 Ám to 20 Ám

Ideal for multiple batch sampling applications.

Integrated Particle Counter

8 Channel Sizes

60 mL/min sample flow rate

Syringe pump flow control system

High volume sensor

Windows compatible software



Handheld Condensation Particle Counter 3800
Sub Micron Particle Counter

0.015 Ám to >1 Ám

Portable Handheld Nano Particle Counter uses isopropyl alcohol vapor to magnify and count airborne submicron particulate matter.


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Handheld Laser Particle Counters
handheld airborne laser particle counters

Portable Air Particle Counters
portable laser particle counters

Remote Airborne Particle Counters
remote airborne particle counters

Manifolds/Specialty Particle Monitoring
particle counter specialty instruments

Facility Monitoring Systems & Software
FMS sensors and custom systems

See our complete selection of air monitoring equipment if you are interested in other types of air testing equipment other than particle counters.

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