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Lease Program

Is tying up your capital with a large investment easier said than done?

How Leasing Can Help Your Company:

  • Affordability
    Free up your capital for day-to-day investments

  • Customized Payment Options
    Make a payment plan that works best for your company

  • Tax Benefits
    Leasing is not a debt, but an operating cost. Deduct It!

  • Technology
    Use the most up-to-date technology and upgrades!

  • Easy
    Our quick documentation can have you approved for lease within hours!


For  a No Money Down Lease

  • Affordability

  • Customized Payment Options

  • Tax Benefits

  • Technology

  • Easy

Leasing allows you the benefits of the most up-to-date technology without the burden of tying up your company's funds in one large investment. Instead, leasing allows you to make smaller payments over time. This frees up your company's money for other day-to-day expenses and emergencies. Leasing also is not considered a long term debt or liability and does not show on your credit report as debt, which makes you more attractive to possible lenders. We include in your lease 100% of the purchase; taxes, maintenance and training.

Customized Payment Options
BPA - Air Quality Solutions can customize a payment plan that will specifically benefit your company. For example, some businesses request seasonal leases, which allow them to schedule their payments during their busiest months allowing them to better align their expenses and revenues on a monthly basis.

Tax Benefits
Write off up to $102,000 on your 2003-2005 taxes when you lease through BPA - Air Quality Solutions. Since, the IRS considers an operating lease an overhead expense, not a purchase, your lease payments can be tax deductible. Contact your accountant to find out for yourself!

When you lease from BPA - Air Quality Solutions you will always have the top of the line technology in air quality products. Leasing will ease worries about having obsolete technology, you can always update your equipment at any time.

Quick and Easy
With our quick application, approval for your lease comes through within hours! BPA can supply you with fixed lease payments, seasonal and skip payment options. NO DOWN PAYMENT NECESSARY!


Leasing is the best way to pay... Lease Bank Loan Credit Card Cash Purchase
Payments Fixed Vary with interest Vary with interest rate charges Single, at time of purchase
Availability Availability unaffected Decreased Decreased credit availability Decreased cash availablity
Tax Implications Can be deductible as operating expense Generally a depreciation schedule (longer than useful life of technology) Generally a depreciation schedule (longer than useful life of technology) Generally a depreciation schedule (longer than useful life of technology)
The Bottom Line Predictable cash flow: costs and usage compatible: potential tax benefits Large initial cash outlay:  less available credit: obsolescence is a concern Less available credit:  obsolescence is a concern Maximum initial capital outlay:  obsolescence is a concern

If you have any questions, call us, we'll be glad to help!


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