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Lighthouse Handheld  Laser Particle Counter Accessories

Bundled Accessory Kits...
Kits save you money on basic airborne particle counter accessories.

Standard Accessory Kit

Handheld Carrying Case
External Battery Charger
Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

U.S. Pricing - $460

Advanced Accessory Kit

Handheld Carrying Case
External Battery Charger
Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
LMS Express Software
USB to Serial Port Converter

U.S. Pricing - $850

Optional Accessories...
Handheld Carrying Case
This is a hard shell, water-tight case intended to protect the unit from damage and contamination.  It also consists of an anti-static foam insert with custom cutouts to allow for storage and protection.
5"L x 7"W x 12"H - 5 lbs

Part # 402-965242_1
U.S. Pricing - $198.00
Direct Mount TRH Probe 6ft Coiled Extension Cable
For use when sample point is not easily accessible or is away from the particle counter (probe sold seperately).
.25 lbs

Part # 403-031260_1
U.S. Pricing - $173.25
Direct Mount Temperature/Relative Humidity Probe
F (0-50C) +/-1F (.5C), 0-100% +/-2%
To provide temperature and relative humidity readings on the display and in the memory buffer.
3"H x Diameter 1.75" - 0.2 lbs

Part # 403-025200_1
U.S. Pricing - $375.00
Isokinetic Sampling Probe 0.1 CFM Direct Mount
For use at the inlet for the sensor to ensure isokinetic flow of the sample air into the sensor.
2.36"H - .020 lbs  (Nickel Plated Aluminum)  Part #APA-ISO_01
2.36"H - .058 lbs  (Stainless Steel)  Part #APA-ISO_06

Part# 211-315201_1 (Nickel Plated Al)
U.S. Pricing - $

Part # 211-315201_2 (Stainless Steel)
U.S. Pricing - $54.60
Isokinetic Sampling Probe 0.1 CFM Barbed
Allows for remote sampling point up to 6 feet away from the handheld particle counter. *Requires 1/8" Barbed Inlet Fitting and 1/8" ID Sample Tubing

1/8" Inlet Barb Fitting (Stainless Steel) - $24.00
Sample Tubing per foot - 1/4" OD 1/8" ID - $2.00/ft.

Part # 211-315200_1 (Nickel Plated Al)
U.S. Pricing - $24.15
Part # 211-315200_2 (Stainless Steel)

U.S. Pricing - $48.30
Removable / Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
The spare Lithium Ion batter is easy to install and is available with an External Battery Charger.  This option makes uninterrupted cordless sampling possible by always having a fully charged spare battery on hand for those instances where AC power is not available.
2.2"L x 1.5"W x .80"H - 0.2 lbs

Part # 403-027230_1
U.S. Pricing - $102.90
External Battery Charger w/ AC & Car Adapter
When used with the optional spare battery, this accessory gives the end user the ability to sample for long periods without AC available.  It even includes a car adapter in the event you need to charge your battery while traveling.
With box: 6.5"L x 4"W x 2.5"H - 1 lb

Part # 402-965241_1
U.S. Pricing - $162.75
Thermal Printer and Cable
For instant printouts as you sample, this AC or battery operated thermal printer is perfect for on the go printouts that need to be attached to reports or filed as a hard copy.  This method of printing (up to 3000 records), requires no computer or special programs.  Includes 2 rolls of standard printer paper.
6"L x 4"W x 3.25"H - 1.25 lbs

Part # 402-965220_1
U.S. Pricing - $593.50
LMS Express Software
Data Retrieval Software for use with USB port.

USB Key: Part # 403-027227_1

Part # 403-027227_1
U.S. Pricing - $351.75
Network Adapters and Interface Cables

USB to Serial Converter - $37.80

Wireless 232 Adapter - $656.25

Ethernet Adapter (Modbus) - $297.15

(010-418807 shown)


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