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Lighthouse Solair 1100 Plus+ Portable Particle Counter

"...with all the standard upgrades from the 1100, the Lighthouse SOLAIR 1100 Plus Portable Particle Counter is loaded and ready to be a standalone system or integrated into facility monitoring (FMS) for environments with the highest level of particulate sensitivity..."

0.1 -1.0m, 1.0 CFM

The Lighthouse SOLAIR 1100 portable laser particle counters offers the newest and most advanced patented laser design in a portable unit. With a sensitivity of 0.10 micron and a flow rate of 1.0 CFM (28.3 LPM), the SOLAIR 1100 line features the long-life Enhanced Active Cavity Laser technology that provides higher power, purged optics, a better signal to noise ratio, and requires less maintenance than conventional laser-based particle counters.

There are two common ways to seal in the HeNe gas inside of a laser tube, soft seal and hard seal. The soft seal process uses epoxy to seal the point at which the HeNe gas is inserted into the laser tube. Over time, this type of seal will begin to leak, thus shortening the life of the laser tube. The second, preferred, method is to hard seal the tube. After the HeNe gas is injected into the tube, the opening is welded shut. The weld stops any type of leakage, thus extending the life of the laser tube. The SOLAIR 1100+ uses a hard seal laser tube. The methods for hard sealing Lighthouse laser tubes have been perfected through years of constant improvement. These ongoing efforts, over a twenty year timeframe, have resulted in a significant increase in the lifetime of tubes manufactured with this process.

1100 Laser Life...

Two sets of data have been collected to demonstrate the lifetime of the Lighthouse products. The first data set is from Lighthouse in-house life testing performed on multiple SOLAIR 1100 PLUSs over a 2 year period. The second set of data was collected directly from units that have been running in the field for no less than 2 years. The results of both of these tests were then combined to produce the chart that appears below. Because multiple units were tested over a two year time frame, we can use the collected data to extrapolate the estimated lifetime with greater than 95% confidence. Please note that laser life can and will vary from unit to unit. This variation depends on several factors such as frequency of use, environmental conditions, and proper maintenance.

The above information details the Lighthouse design and testing of the laser tube used in the SOLAIR 1100+. The combined testing results show the laser life to be between 30 and 60 months, with the highest probability being between 48 to 54 months, or 4 to 4.5 years. To date, Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions has seen zero laser tube failures within the 2 year warranted product life of the SOLAIR 1100+ series.

Utilizing an easy to read, large 5.7 (14.47 cm) touchscreen interface, the SOLAIR 1100 is simple to configure and operate. The SOLAIR 1100 can store a large amount of particle count data from up to 8 channels and data from up to 4 environmental sensors. All data can be quickly and reliably downloaded to a computer or printed to its optional thermal printer.

Demonstrating its versatility, the SOLAIR can be used as a portable instrument or integrated with a larger facility monitoring/management system.


  • 0.10 m Sensitivity
  • 1.0 CFM Flow Rate
  • View up to 8 Particle Sizes Simultaneously
  • Internal Thermal Printer
  • Long Life, Hard Sealed HeNe 633nm Laser
  • Up to 4 Environmental Sensors
  • User Removable Rechargeable Battery

Features & Benefits of Lighthouse Portable SOLAIR 1100 Plus Airborne laser particle counter

Rating: - Excellent
 Warranty: 2 year

U.S. Pricing

1100+ w/ Battery Bay & Battery $21,436.50

1100+ (NO Battery Bay)

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Lighthouse SOLAIR 1100 PLUS laser particle counter applications

Advantages of PLUS Units...

  • Internal printer
  • Color screen
  • 2 more size channels
  • Removable rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Store 3000 samples instead of 2000

See the particle size chart

Product Review...
by James Gause, Industrial Designer

In my opinion, the Lighthouse Solair 1100 Plus is the ultimate airborne particle counter.  Capable of accurately monitoring and certifying ISO class 1 through 6 clean rooms.  You can collect data from all the necessary environmental sensors from almost any manufacturer.  Demonstrate continuing compliance with a differential pressure & air velocity probe.  The 1100 Plus collects data from your environmental sensors as well as other accessories like filter scanning probe, T/R H wand, high pressure diffusers, isokinetic & sample probe.  You can even connect to an actual portable sequencing manifold called the MiniManifold, to make a cart based system capable of sampling up to 6 locations simultaneously.  Any Solair Plus will give you the options to create a hub for portable or permanent facility monitoring. The Solair 1100 Plus does it with an exceptionally reliable and sensitive laser technology capable of accurately detecting 0.1 micron particles.



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