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Met One Aerocet 531 Mass/ Laser Particle Counter

"...Met One 531 Aerosol Particulate Profiler doesn't just count particles, but also tells you their mass and other things of interest..."

The Aerocet 531 aerosol particulate monitor has increased functionality, a particulate mass monitor and particle counting all in a single unit! The 531 incorporates the portability of a hand held unit with markedly precise measurements.

Sessions are recorded in the units internal memory and can be transferred to your PC with the supplied software or printed with the optional portable printer.

2 in 1 Operation
The 531 operates uniquely from any other instrument, and functions in one of two modes.

As a mass particulate monitor, particles are detected, sized, and counted in multiple size ranges. Mass conversion is made using standard conversion factors, or by using your own programmable factors based on unique conditions. The particle mass can be displayed as PM1, PM2.5, PM 7, PM10 or TSP.

When configured as a particle counter, size based particle counts are displayed as cumulative (counts above threshold) above 0.5 and 5.0 microns, the two most popular size ranges.

How it Works
Using a laser-diode-base optical sensor, the Aerocet 531 uses light scatter technology to distinguish, measure, and count particles - larger than 0.5 microns. This detected information can be altered into particle mass using mass-density conversion factors, or may be displayed as particles per size range, depending on how the 531 is configured.

Advanced Data Reporting and Options
On-line printing service is available using the serial communication port. The user may print stored data or print records as they happen.

Software creates data files for viewing or export to EXCEL and other spread sheets.

The optional Relative Humidity / Temperature Sensor may be added at anytime, the 531 will automatically enable the measurements to the display screen and to the data logger.

Met One Aerosol Particle Counter Features

  • Operates as either a particle counter, or mass monitor.
  • PC Interface
  • Battery-operated handheld
  • Two channel particle counter
  • PM1, PM2.5, PM 7, PM10 and TSP Mass Ranges


  • Filter Testing
  • Air Quality Surverys
  • IAQ Source
  • Troubleshooting
  • Emissions Sampling
  • Work Place Monitoring

Met one aerocet 531 particle counter

Met One Aerocet 531 Airborne Particle Counter

U.S. Pricing - $3090
Free U.S. Shipping

Metone particle counter

Met One handheld particle counter is perfect for tracking down contamination sources.

See the particle size chart

- Optional Accessories -

More Available at 1-800-551-8544

Relative Humidity Temperature Sensor
The optional Relative Humidity/Temperature Sensor may be added at any time.  The 531 will automatically enable the measurements to the display screen and to the data logger.

Free U.S. Shipping

Photo may not accurately represent product.  Generic photo used.
Part # G3120
U.S. Pricing - $385

Thermal Printer and Cable
For instant printouts as you sample, this printer is perfect for on the go printouts that need to be attached to reports or filed as a hard copy.  This method of printing requires no computer or special programs.

Free U.S. Shipping

Photo may not accurately represent product.  Generic photo used.
Part # G3115

U.S. Pricing - $445


Technical Specifications for Met One Aerocet 531 Mass/Particle Counter

Measurement Principle Optical, Light-Scatter using Laser Diode
Display 16 character x 4 line LCD
Keyboard 7 key membrane type
Detectable Particle "Size" Range 0.5 m to 10 m
Flow Rate 0.1 cfm (2.83 lpm)
Operating Modes Mass Monitor or Particle Counter
Mass-Mode Operation Mass Range(s) PM1, PM2.5, PM7, PM10, TSP
Concentration Range Up to 1 mg/m3
Sample Interval 2 minutes
Particle Counter-Mode Operation Range(s) 0.5m and 5.0m, cumulative
Concentration Range 0-3,000,000 particles/cubic foot
Sample Interval 1 minute
Communication RS-232, 9600 Baud
Software Supplied software can create data files for review or export to EXCEL and other spread sheets
Operating Temperature 0 to +50C
Power Self-contained battery, 6V NiCd
Size 6.5 in (l) x 4.0 in (w) x 2.1 in (d)
16.5cm(l) x 10.2cm(w) x 5.3cm(d)
Weight 26 oz (0.737 kg)
Supplied Accessories Battery Charger/ PowerSupply, Isokinetic Probe, CarryingCase, Serial Cable, Software
Optional Accessories G3120 Relative Humidity/Temperature Sensor,
G3115 Portable Printer


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