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Oil Mist Collectors & Oil Mist Eliminators Comparisons

"We Test, Rate & Review Industrial
Mist Collectors & Oil Mist Eliminators!"

OSHA & NIOSH declares worker exposure to industrial machining mist as a potential cause for...

a Respiratory conditions like asthma & lung irritation;
Skin disorders such as acne;
a Several types of cancers.


Choose the best oil mist collector & oil mist eliminator by researching...

a 4 different technologies of oil mist collectors and which is the best;
Health & Safety in Metalworking Industries: The # 1 Emerging Concern;
Resource of information articles on metalworking, machines, fluids & mist.

 Call Rod, our oil & coolant mist collectors specialist & he will match you up with the right mist collector for your application - 1-800-551-8544  xt. 103

Mist Collectors.The Machine Mount MistBuster Series
Is Our Best Machine-Producing Mist Collectors Solutions!

The most effective oil mist eliminator units available today are the MistBuster mist collectors. No ducted or centrifugal system oil mist collectors can equal the MistBuster's combined filtering efficiency, effectiveness and long-term cost savings for the collection of machining oil mist, coolant mist and smoke.

The Solution for 95% of most machining applications - The MistBuster Series of Mist Collectors! See Project Photos and examples of dozens of different machining applications.

Just look at the industry leading benefits all in one small but powerful package:    Compact design ● Direct machine mount ● Low energy consumption ● No vibration ● Low maintenance ● High filtering efficiency ● Low initial cost. 

MistBuster 500
MistBuster 500

The MistBuster 500 is our most popular electrostatic mist collector for small and medium machine coolant mist collection.

No filters to change, uses washable electrostatic collector plates!

MistBuster 2000
MistBuster Quad 2000

Electrostatic mist eliminator for large, or multiple machines. Twice the CFM and four times the electrostatic filter plate surface area as the Mistbuster 500. Custom configurations and several mounting options available.

Trion Mini M.E.

Small sized Mini Mist Eliminator with double pass electrostatic filters mounts directly to tool, can be wired to tool, and offers multiple media options for OSHA requirements.

MistBuster Infinity
MistBuster Infinity

Media based version of the MistBuster 2000 for mist collection on machining of cast iron, cast aluminum or other high density metals. Longer filter life and lower filter cost than other media based mist collectors.

M330 mist collectorAQE M660

A Vertical, self-contained media based mist collector designed for source capturing coolant mist applications in industry. The M66O will effectively remove a broad range of contaminants including mist, oil smoke, soot, vapors, VOC's and more all at a rate of up to 4400 CFM.

Trion Air Boss VOMP 600Trion AirBoss VOMP 600

A Vertical, electrostatic based coolant mist collector designed for OSHA and EPA compliance. The VOMP 600 can be ducted directly to the machine tool for source capture of contaminants such as water-soluble, synthetic and petroleum-based coolants and smoke.  ESP based coolant mist collectors are most effective at a low CFM.

Air Boss MP600M
Trion Air Boss MP600M

The Trion Air Boss MP600M is a media based mist collector with available filter combinations for EPA and OSHA requirements.  Standard and High Static Pressure each available with up to 600 CFM.

Trion AirBoss MP1200M

With 1150 CFM, one AirBoss MP1200M is a media based mist eliminator that can be ducted to multiple machines to treat oil and coolant mist.

Trion AirBoss MP2400M

AirBoss MP2400M Standard and High Static media based mist collectors provide 2400 CFM for treating one or multiple machines.

Trion Air Boss M26 PortableTrion AirBoss M26
M26, with 1100 CFM, is a versatile mist collector capable of handling wet or dry contaminants.  Its standard spark baffle and optional carbon adsorber make it a good choice for source capturing fumes.  Speaking of the adsorber, you can order it with up to 80 lbs of carbon!  That's about the most we've seen on any air cleaner.  The M26 also has an optional downdraft table.  Other optional filters for the pre, primary and secondary filters range from impingers to 99.97% HEPA.

BPA Air Quality Solutions has 100 plus years combined air purification experience - Let us share our expertise with you.


AQE  M330M330 oil smoke and coolant mist collector.

Vertical, self-contained media based mist eliminators designed for source capturing coolant mist applications in industry. The M33O will effectively remove a broad range of contaminants including mist, oil smoke, soot, vapors, VOC's and more all at a  rate of up to 1300 CFM.


M66 mist eliminator

Extremely adaptable mist collectors with a powerful 3200 CFM rating. Media filter options allow you to control mist, ESF, cube with carbon.  Wrap-around pre-filter protects regular  filter to ensure a long filter life. Designed to be ducted and mounted over-head, up & out of the way.


M73 coolant mist collector

Best value on the market: CFM per dollar & sq. ft. of filter media  per dollar. 5000 CFM capacity. Filter options include mist, ESF, cube and carbon. This is our overhead work-horse oil mist eliminator.

Trion AirBoss T1300

Free hanging or source capture electronic air cleaner with one heavy duty ionizer/ collection cell, T1300 offers up to 1600 CFM.  Highest quality construction and design we've seen.   Options: adsorber section, bag filters, motor upgrades, source capture plenums, drain fittings, mesh or carbon post filter.

Trion AirBoss T2600

T2600 with two heavy duty spiked ionizer/collection cells with large ceramic insulators & brass plungers offers up to 3200 CFM.  For better efficiency upgrade to double or triple pass electrostatic filter modules.  T-Series is modular and can easily upgrade. Similar options as T1300.

Trion AirBoss T5200

T5200 units are the most powerful mist eliminators offered.  Four ionizer collector cells with up to 6000 CFM, double or triple pass options, one T5200 can be ducted to a large number of machines.


F66 oil mist separator

The F66 oil mist eliminator is an overhead Electrostatic precipitator unit that can be used ambiently or ducted.   Has a 2500 cfm capacity.



F62 industrial oil smoke and collant mist eliminator.

The F62 electronic air cleaner is an overhead ambient unit that features the unique Coanda 360 airflow pattern. A canopy hood is available for localized capture of machinery oil smoke and coolant mist.


f73 electronic precipitator mist collector.

The F73 provides industrial electronic control of welding and metalworking fumes and oil mist in the largest of work areas. Either source capture techniques or free-hanging air cleaning can be used to provide healthier working conditions.

 The Occupational Safety and Health Act requires employers to comply with hazard-specific safety and health standards as issued and enforced by either the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), or an OSHA-approved State Plan. In addition, employers must provide their employees with a workplace free from recognized hazards likely to cause death or serious physical harm under Section 5(a)(1), the General Duty Clause of the Act. Employers can be cited for violating the General Duty Clause if there is a recognized hazard and they do not take steps to prevent or abate the hazard.

Oil Mist  Collectors - Oil Mist Eliminators - Oil Mist Separators

Metalworking fluids (MWFs) have been clearly documented as causing severe health problems due to workers coming in contact with these metalworking fluids as contaminated toxic solvents, oil mists, coolant mists and oil containing smoke.  These industrial solutions and airborne mists and aerosols enter the body through direct skin contact or through inhalation from breathing. Millions of workers who are employed in the manufacture of automobiles, farm equipment, aircraft, heavy machinery, and other hardware are exposed to machining fluid mists and smoke on a constant basis.

Skin and airborne exposures to metalworking fluid oil smoke and coolant mist have been found to be responsible for many health conditions including skin eruptions, lung irritation, eyes, nose and throat disorders.   Health problems such as dermatitis, acne, asthma, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, irritation of the upper respiratory tract, and a number of different cancers have been linked to exposure to indoor industrial producing mists, aerosols and fluid droplets of specific kinds of metalworking fluids (NIOSH 1998a).

There is a high correlation of the category and severity of health problems that are related to a variety of factors such as the kind of metalworking  fluid, the severity and type of contamination, and the level and time of the exposure to these machine producing oil mist and coolant mist aerosols.

The MistBuster 500 oil mist collector is the industry leading machinery fluid mist eliminator.  Polluted air is drawn through the first stage mechanical mist impingers from these industry leading mist collectors. The impingers are designed to remove the larger oil mist and coolant mist droplets / particles from going into the air.

The remaining sub-micron oil mist droplets and particles are removed in the second stage through the process of electrostatic precipitation (ESP). The ESP provides an intense electrical charge on the remaining contaminants through the ionizing field.

The collection cell, which works much like a magnet, attracts and removes the charged oil mist droplets and particles and separates them from the air stream. Clean air is then returned to the room.

What Is the Function of a Mist Collector and How Should It Be Maintained?

(Summarized from METALWORKING FLUIDS:  Safety and Health Best Practices Manual.)

A mist collector is an air cleaning device used for removing smoky oil  and coolant mist produced by metalworking fluid aerosols from an exhaust air-stream before discharge into the ambient, free - flowing air. Mist collectors have been called many different names over the past decade and have been referred to as mist collectors, oil mist collectors, coolant mist collectors, oil mist eliminators, mist separators, machine tool oil coolers, coolant mist eliminators to name a few. When people use these terms in industry they are all usually referring to the same thing.

Factors which should be considered in the design and selection of a mist collector are collector efficiency, filter life , collector maintenance, and pressure drop.

Source:   METALWORKING FLUIDS:  Safety and Health Best Practices Manual.
This document on best practices was developed using the recommendations set forth in the OSHA Metalworking Fluids Standards Advisory Committee Final Report (1999); the NIOSH Criteria Document on Occupational Exposure to Metalworking Fluids (1998); and the Organization Resources Counselors, "Management of the Metal Removal Fluid Environment: A Guide to the Safe and Efficient Use of Metal Removal Fluids" (1999).


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