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Mold Testing Kits

"Is your house, school or business contaminated with toxic mold spores?"

Some think mold is only a problem if you have been diagnosed with an allergy to it. This is not true! Mold is toxic to everyone. Toxic mold spores can cause, in the beginning, symptoms similar to hay fever resulting in the possibility of poisoning due to inhaling these mycotoxins. Order a mold test today to help prevent these tragedies from happening to your friends and family.

Mold Test Kit Features

Easy-to-use: A standard procedure using custom tape strips with a transparent "window" where surface samples are taken. The window area is stained and read under high power and oil immersion [1000x] magnification microscope in the lab.

Sample report for a mold test.

NO Loss of Sample Material: After taking each sample (3 per slide), tape strips are put directly under the microscope slide attached to the sample card; therefore, NO loss of sample material and NO exposure while sample is in transit or during lab procedures.

Laboratory Report:  Includes semi-quantitative amounts of spores observed (0-5+), identification of chief fungal types (to genus), and what the results suggest.

Testing Process

1.)  Take Samples for Mold
"Surface sampling is preferred over bulk sampling when a less destructive method of sample collection is desired." Bioaerosols: Assessment and Control ACGIH 1999

2.)  Mail Sample Card Back to Lab
Surface sampling may be used to:

"(a) confirm the nature of suspected microbial growth on environmental surfaces

(b) measure the relative degree of biological contamination, and

(c) identify the types of microorganisms and other biological agents present." Bioaerosols: Assessment and Control, ACGIH 1999

3.)  Receive Written Report by Mail or By Fax
[Surface tape sampling]
“may help investigators decide if further sampling is indicated and may help them formulate recommendations for remediation.” 
Bioaerosols: Assessment and Control, ACGIH 1999

About Mold

Molds are microscopic organisms that are usually seen outdoors growing in the soil, on plants, and on other organic materials. Their spores creep into the indoors through air currents or stick to things and settle in the dust. The spores can germinate into new fungal colonies, making substantial amounts of other spores that can become aerosolized or dispersed into the air of your home, school, or business If enough moisture is present.

When mold spores are breathed in, symptoms like sinus congestion or asthma are triggered. However, it is now known that even people without mold allergies can have adverse health effects from fungal exposures -- if the spores produce "mycotoxins" -- substances that are toxic to one or more organs of the body.


Many molds, usually called toxic mold or black mold, also produce poisonous substances, primarily associated with their spores, called mycotoxins. A mold test kit can warn you of harmful levels of toxic mold. These toxins are harmful to our cell structures and processes and have the potential to cause serious harm. Their effects on the human body have been documented using controlled, laboratory conditions. In our everyday indoor environment there is less certainty of symptom origination, however, it is important to know that it was proven that mycotoxins were present indoors with people suffering from:
· pulmonary hemorrhage or pulmonary hemosiderosis (primarily in infants)
· nose bleeds
· immune system suppression (resulting in increasing numbers of infections)
· hair loss
· dermatitis
· chronic fatigue
· psychological depression
· diarrhea
· sore throats
· headaches and other flu-like symptoms

Other toxic mold reactions include cognitive disorder, dry, itchy or burning eyes, blurred vision, respiratory problems, chest pains and tightness, shortness of breath, wheezing, dry cough, nasal congestion and aggravated asthma.

Examples of slides with mold spores.

Mold Test Kit Includes

3 Tests for $99

  • Easy to Follow Instructions
  • All Materials Needed To Test 1, 2 or 3 Surfaces Using A Custom Tape Lift System
  • Professional Mold Lab Analysis by an AIHA EMPAT Proficient Lab (American Industrial Hygiene Assn-Env. Microbiology Proficiency Analytical Test)
  • Easy to Understand Written Report Identifying Predominant Molds Present Get results back in days, not weeks!
  • Plus an "Information Booklet" explaining:
    1. Which molds cause allergies or may be potentially toxic
    2. Recommended procedures and tips to clean up mold
    3. How to prevent indoor mold growth
    4. Where to find additional resources
    5. FAQ's and more

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