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Gas Detection Equipment: Gas Detectors and Gas Monitors

Keep yourself and your employees safe from hazardous gas exposure with our full Line of gas detection instruments...

Exposure to hazardous gas create an immediate and long-term health risk to personnel. Our extensive line of the latest gas detection equipment offers customers quality products for a wide variety of gas leak detection applications.  Our Multi-Gas detectors are ideal for construction, tunnels, water & sewage treatment plants, chemical plants, mining and farming operations.

We offer a wide selection of portable gas detectors, fixed gas monitors and facility gas detection and monitoring equipment.  These instruments can be easily configured to detect harmful gases and vapors such as Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulphide, Chlorine, Ammonia, Sulpher Dioxide and methane gas.

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Need help selecting a gas detector to fit your needs and your budget?


Four Categories of Gas Detectors...

Personal gas detectors and portable gas monitors

 Portable Gas Detector

Small and lightweight, personal and portable gas detectors can be carried in hand, on a belt, in a pocket or set on the ground.  These personal gas monitors are rugged, reliable and reasonably priced. To see our complete selection of personal and portable gas monitors.


Fixed Gas Detectors

Fixed Gas Detectors

Fixed point gas detectors can monitor one or multiple gases to keep you safe in your specific application including combustible, toxic and oxygen gases.

To see our entire selection of fixed gas monitoring equipment.

Gas monitoring control sytems

Control Systems

Facility Monitoring systems (FMS), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Building Automation Systems and Facility Management Systems use these products in the control rooms or at the remote terminal or area control level.


Gas monitoring control systems and accessories

Gas Sampling Systems and Accessories

Sampling systems can operate remotely providing dedicated gas sensors for a single point, four point sampling, 8 point sampling or 32 point programmable sampling.  Monitor gas in ducts or the environment, even monitor hazardous environments.


See our entire line of Air Monitoring Equipment.

With so many gas detectors on the market, it may seem hard to find what you need.  The flow chart below can help you narrow down your gas detector selection based on your application.

Is the equipment for personal or plant protection?




Personal         Plant


Is there a single defined hazard, or do you need to monitor for several gases?

→    →



Single gas

Audible/visual alarms only Display, datalogging and alarms

Compact, lightweight w/Li-ion battery

Datalogging, flammable gas correction factors Infrared sensor for hydrocarbons or CO2 Transportable, long life batteries, 101 dBA siren

Eikon Gasman Tetra Triple Plus Triple Plus IR Detective


Is the area to be monitored hot, wet, high pressure or flow?

Yes No

More than 4 gas detectors 1 - 4 gas detectors Single gas detector

19" rack mounted, 4-20mA outputs per channel

Wall, DIN rail or 19" rack mounted Hazardous area location? Any other gas

Carbon dioxide gas

Solid state

Micro processor No Yes Display? Internal pump?

No Yes No Yes
Ditech Gasmonitor Vortex Gasmaster 4 Flameproof Gasmaster Gasflag Gasmaster 1 CellarSafe Guardian Plus

Do you need a full system or just a sampling sensor?

Full control system


Sampling sensor unit or accessory

  Pump driven Hazardous area


Duct monitoring

Open area monitoring

  Up to 8 sample points Up to 32 sample points

(air sampling unit)
(instrumental sampling unit)
  Single Point Sample System Four Point Sample System Vortex Sample System Programmable Sample System Air Aspirator Sample System

General Information...

The Importance of Multi-Gas Monitors

Hazardous gases can be found in confined spaces in such industries as agriculture, especially in manure storage facilities and silos. Gas detectors can detect and show the levels of methane, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, and ammonia that might be present. High concentrations of methane can be explosive and hydrogen sulfide can reach life threatening levels in seconds. High carbon dioxide levels reflect low air flow exchange rates which may further indicate a lack of oxygen, while ammonia irritates the eyes and respiratory tract.

Multi-Gas detectors are essential for protecting personnel in mining, underground tunnels, and chemical plants.  Give yourself and your employee's piece of mind by providing them with the most innovative, reliable and cost effective gas leak detection instruments on the market. If you are looking for an innovative method for natural gas leak discovery please visit our sister website to learn more about our methane gas detection.


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The ability to identify and measure toxic, combustible, and oxygen-deficient atmospheres is very important for the safety and health of workers, farmers and even livestock. Monitoring of such atmospheres with gas detectors will determine whether or not hazardous gases exist, what hazardous gases exist, at what levels they exist, and whether there is adequate oxygen.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help with any questions you may have on these products or their applications. Give us a call or send us an email with your questions.

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