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Oxygen Concentrators - Oxygen Cylinders - Concentrator Accessories

Oxygen Therapy Support for Home and Travel Concentrators & Equipment

Vital to a healthy body, yet expensive and dangerous to keep in a stockpile at your home.  We understand your love hate relationship with oxygen therapy.  So we offer you home and travel solutions that bring you freedom and safety first.  These oxygen concentrator systems give you the tools to be self sufficient.

  • No more planning and waiting for your oxygen supplier.
  • No more trucks hauling tanks in and out of your home.
  • No more people intruding your space with oxygen refills.

You are an intelligent, capable person, and we provide more than oxygen concentrators... we help you find the best system to give your life freedom and safety.

Your doctor may have prescribed the basic necessities to keep you breathing. But here you can...  Find what your doctor didn't tell you that can make your life feel like you're really living! Read about iFill Oxygen Therapy...

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Home Oxygen Concentrators

Are you afraid of making your home an explosive oxygen storage facility?  Take a look at home oxygen concentrators, the safe and easy alternative.  A home oxygen concentrator gives you safety and freedom from oxygen supply delivery and big tanks.  Even fill your own shoulder bag tank.

3 Liter Home Oxygen Concentrator

5 Liter Home Oxygen Concentrator

DeVilbiss NEW
5 Liter Home Oxygen Concentrator

Home Oxygen Filling Station


Travel and Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Go where you want, when you feel like it.  Portable oxygen concentrator solutions give you everything you need to be self sufficient with your own oxygen.  Don't worry about coordinating trips with your provider.  Portable oxygen concentrators, home filling stations, various oxygen tanks and inconspicuous travel packs give you the tools to take off on your own accord.

DeVilbiss Travel
Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen Tank Filling Station
Oxygen Tank Travel Bags Portable Oxygen Cylinders

Oxygen Concentrator Accessories

A little preventative maintenance saves tons of money in repair costs down the line.  You'll find all the parts and accessories here that keep your oxygen concentrator running.  There is service equipment like the oxygen analyzer, various testing tools and gauges.  Things like nose cannula, concentrator humidifier bottles, oxygen tubing, and filters often need replacing.  You can even find the hard to find upgrade items like the handles, backpack straps, oxygen regulators, and cylinder carts.


Refurbished and Used Oxygen Concentrators

Find out what to know before you buy a refurbished or used oxygen concentrator. Buying pre-owned medical equipment can be a risky way to save a few bucks.  What you don't know can't hurt you?... Oh no, you're smarter than that.  Oxygen concentrators need specific maintenance over time.  Receiving faulty dosage or using an improperly maintained machine can be problematic or fatal.  Beware used concentrator salesmen, we give you the tools to be an informed buyer.



Oxygen Tanks and Oxygen Cylinders

Oxygen cylinders are not the big heavy Sherman tanks that they used to be.  Review our variety of lightweight oxygen tanks.  Thrifty oxygen conserver devices and fashionable cylinder bags make carrying your oxygen easier than ever.  Plus, change your lifestyle to independent with the power to fill your own oxygen cylinders!  Safe and durable as an oxygen concentrator, the new iFill Home Filling Station gives you oxygen on tap!



Oxygen Therapy Resource Center

Are you looking for help?  Start with the basics.  We give you links to general oxygen therapy information.  Or, learn about oxygen concentrator technology.  It's not magic, merely a form of air filtration.  Also, conquer your fears.  There are thousands of people all around you with the same problems.  Find out from them how you can get through your situation.  You'll make valuable friends at these support group websites.  At the bottom of the page we feature a library of helpful oxygen therapy product literature.


The Importance of Oxygen Concentrators...

Oxygen is one of the most basic elements we have. In many illnesses; such as, acute respiratory infections, asthma, fetal asphyxia, and shock, the availability of an oxygen supply can save a patient's life. Many small or remote hospitals have difficulty obtaining a reliable oxygen supply because of storage and cost factors. Oxygen supplies in cylinder form require a reliable system for supply and transportation. In many countries these cylinders have to be purchased rather than rented, and losses in transit may be considerable. The cost of oxygen itself is considerable - it is pretty expensive to manufacture because of the high energy costs of the processes used to make it. An additional cost premium is usually levied on "Medical" oxygen, although it is generally indistinguishable from the industrial grade. Further still, many medical offices do not have the storage for these large, bulky containers.  This creates another problem.

The physical separation of gases from a mixture at room temperature is the underlying principle of an oxygen concentrator. This low energy method has been developed in recent years to allow separation of oxygen from air, and has been applied to all scales of size from an incubator to a complete steelworks. The largest application of oxygen concentrators in medicine has been in the provision of portable machines for the provision of long term home oxygen therapy to patients with chronic lung disease. The main reason for this development was the huge amount of cost savings oxygen concentrators led to. The purchase price of a concentrator is about half the cost of a year's supply of oxygen from cylinders. Servicing is not complicated and can if necessary be carried out by the user.

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