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Portable and Travel Oxygen Concentrators

Finally! Easy to Carry Travel and Portable Oxygen Therapy Solutions

Most oxygen concentrators have a few restrictions, they can not generate high flow or portable oxygen. Light weight cylinders carrying compressed oxygen equipped with oxygen conservation devices make excellent portable supply systems.

A few portable oxygen concentrators are small, lightweight and able to plug into a cigarette lighter.  These can be used in a boat, RV or car (placed on the floor, behind the seat).  A few battery operated portable oxygen concentrator products are being developed and tested. 

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Use in your Car, Boat or RV! Fill Your Own Oxygen Tanks!
Portable Oxygen Concentrator

3 Liter Travel Oxygen Concentrator
303 DS/DZ
Price U.S. Dollars
1,900.00 & up

Tired of lugging around a heavy oxygen concentrator?

A portable oxygen concentrator made by DeVilbiss provides ideal quality, safety and value for a powerful, yet lightweight concentrator fit for travel.  Smaller than the full sized units, yet the same quality components, this unit is small enough to fit in a car behind the driver seat and can run off the car battery.  Also works great in boats and RVs.

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Portable Oxygen Therapy Filling Station

iFill Oxygen Refill Station
Price U.S. Dollars

Cancel your home oxygen deliveries and do it yourself with a safe, reliable DeVilbiss iFill Personal Oxygen Station. It is the only stand alone oxygen filling station on the market. Uniquely designed for convenient use and storage in the home, iFill can be used in conjunction with any concentrator.  Extremely easy to use, pop on a tank and let it do the rest.  You can even fill cylinders at night while you sleep.

Learn more about this Oxygen Tank Filling Station

Wear it on your back! Carries one D cylinder Hands Free!
Portable oxygen therapy system

Walkabout 1 Portable Oxygen System
Price U.S. Dollars

Portable compressed oxygen system with PulseDose oxygen conserving technology and a handsome carrying bag than hides away a 240 Liter C cylinder.

Walkabout 1 with PD4000 Conserver provides true 4:1 oxygen savings.

At 2LPM, pulse dose will last approximately 7.1 hours.

portable oxygen cylinder system

Walkabout 2
Portable Oxygen System
Price U.S. Dollars

The DeVilbiss Walkabout 2 with PD4000 gives 4:1 oxygen savings and conceals a 415 Liter D Cylinder.  With Pulse Dose conserving, the cylinder can last 12.5 hours at 2LPM.

Walkabout 2 Portable Oxygen Tank Bag System Also Available with PD1000 Conserver for $688.00.

PD1000 offers 3:1 savings and can extend the us of a D cylinder to 10.5 hours at 2LPM.

Smallest Portable Compressed System! Impact Resistant Case!

Hideaway Portable
Oxygen Therapy

The DeVilbiss Hideaway 1 with PD1000 or PD4000 creates a lightweight and low-profile way to carry a 170 Liter ML-6 oxygen tank.  Some patients carry it over their shoulder while others wear Hideaway on their waste, like a "fanny-pack". With PD4000 in conserver mode, the tank can last 5 hours at 2LPM.  Using the PD1000, your ML-6 tank can last 4.3 hours.  11 common prescription settings plus continuous flow.

Price U.S. Dollars
With PD4000
$707.00 - 0 tanks
$767.00 - 1 tank
$887.00 - 3 tanks
$1,067.00 - 6 tanks
Price U.S. Dollars
With PD1000
$682.00 - 0 tanks
$742.00 - 1 tank
$862.00 - 3 tanks
$1,042.00 - 6 tanks


Walkabout Mini
Portable Oxygen System
Price U.S. Dollars
$710.00 - 0 tanks
$761.00 - 1 tank
$863.00 - 3 tanks

The Walkabout Mini with PD4000 is the smallest portable compressed system in the DeVilbiss line.  Inconspicuous blue bag hides a 164 Liter M-6 cylinder and PulseDose conserving device that can extend ambulatory usage to 5.0 hours while producing 2 LPM.  Pulse dose automatically senses and regulates oxygen so there is no need to adjust flow during exertion.

Walkabout Mini Portable Oxygen Cylinder Bag System Also Available with PD1000 Conserver at slightly lower costs.

Safe, Lightweight, Easy to Transport

Convenient Size and Weight lets you go anywhere with
NO fuss.

Handi-Air Tote
Price U.S. Dollars

The Handi-Air Tote mobile oxygen carrier case offers a safer, lighter, compact and attractive alternative to shoulder bags or awkward metal tank carts. It looks and works exactly like a regular carry-on travel bag, yet lets you pull oxygen tanks on wheels.  Just like carry-on travel luggage, the handle extends up to waste level, eliminating the need for bending and lifting.  Specially designed with straps and multiple access for hoses and different cylinder configurations.
Coming Soon!

Inogen One Portable Oxygen Concentrator

We are currently testing and reviewing the Inogen One portable Oxygen Concentrator.  It is not yet for sale on this website.  Approximate cost for this item has been estimated.


Battery operated oxygen concentrators like the Inogen One Portable Oxygen Concentrator are currently being developed.  As this is new technology, we are currently testing safety issues and performance.  Like any new technology, these units will not be affordable for most people until they have been on the market for a period of time.  Current average price is an astronomical $5,500!  We will have an eye out for affordable and practical solutions.  Call us toll free and we will help you find the most affordable portable oxygen therapy tanks, concentrators and total lifestyle solutions for your situation.

If you have any questions, call us, we'll be glad to help!


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