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Your Favorite Neighborhood Restaurant Could Pollute the Air

Restaurants exhaust pollutes the air and your neighborhood.

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Your Favorite Neighborhood Restaurant Could Pollute the Air!

Charleston, SC  3/30/05 -
Everyone has heard of air pollution coming from smokestacks and automobiles; however, most do not know that the smoke and fumes exhausted from your local neighborhood restaurant can be detrimental to your health as well. According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) as early as 1991, exhaust from nearby buildings, such as restaurants, can enter your home and create a higher level of indoor air pollution. The effects of indoor air pollution can be more detrimental than that of outdoor pollution. Why? Americans, as a whole, spend more time indoors than outdoors, the indoor air is recirculated and can therefore become more concentrated with pollutants than outdoor air.

Many restaurants use grills and char broilers to cook their food, which release high levels of carbon monoxide into the air. Most of this carbon monoxide is inhaled by the cooks in front of these grills. The carbon monoxide that is exhausted to the air outside is released into the atmosphere and can drift into your home. Carbon monoxide is poisonous and can cause brain damage or even death with prolonged exposure.

Another pollutant released by restaurant ventilation systems is smoke. These particles contain an unknown amount of pollutants that can cause respiratory illness and aggravated asthmatic symptoms with prolonged exposure. The smoke released from restaurant ventilation systems can have similar effects to that of secondhand cigarette smoke. The smoke will also settle on the rooftop of the restaurant and the roofs of the surrounding buildings, which can cause a dirty and unsightly buildup. This buildup is a tremendous fire hazard.

The most fast acting pollutant released by restaurant ventilation systems is grease. Grease comes from using a fryer, cooking fatty meats, and using oil to cook with. This grease (in addition to the smoke) settles on the restaurant itself and the surrounding buildings. Over time, this buildup of grease and smut can create a fire hazard that can be detrimental if not kept up with and cleaned on a regular basis.

Many states put a ventilation system requirement code on restaurants, especially those in residential or more populated areas. BPA Air Quality Solutions carries the largest supply of kitchen exhaust systems in the world which all adhere to even the strictest local and state codes for kitchen emission systems. This budding internet company carries products from Trion, Air Quality Engineering, and United Air Specialists, the largest and most popular air purification manufacturers in the world!

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Dr. Craig Donnelly is the founder of BPA Air Quality Solutions / www.BreathePureAir.com.
Dr. Donnelly and his staff test, rate, and review more manufacturers of Commercial Kitchen Equipment and are able to give an unbiased expert opinion. BPA Air Quality Solutions has available to them the best engineering minds in the commercial kitchen air purification world to help meet anyone's specific needs.

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