BPA Home Air Purifiers
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Home Air Purifiers & Electronic Air Cleaners

Home Air Purifiers &
Electronic Air Cleaners...

We at BPA have assembled what we consider to be a list of the most effective home air purifiers and electronic air cleaners that improve indoor air quality by removing...

  • Allergens, pet dander & dust
  • Asthma triggering irritants
  • Cigarette and cigar smoke
  • Germs, viruses and bacteria
  • Mold, mildew & fungi
  • Odors, VOC's and chemical fumes

Each of the different HEPA home air purifiers and electronic air cleaners below have been chosen for their unique qualities that make them best for a given application. 

We have performed a variety of indoor air quality testing using special instruments, such as our laser particle counter, and only offer home air purifiers that are the most effective and reliable.

If you have any questions, please call our trained staff at 1-800-551-8544 and we will be happy to help you find the right air quality solution for your needs.

Featured Home Air Purifiers...

Airpura home air purifiers.

  The Airpura line of home air purifiers includes several different models and filter configurations to handle any air quality issue. The Airpura offers high-end performance at a mid-range price!

Medical grade HEPA, high quality carbon blends and UV sterilizers top the list of options. Variable speed control and a Swiss built centrifugal blower provide the right amount of airflow while running smooth and quiet.

Save up to $100


Our Selection of Home Air Purifiers...

Best Value and Performance in a Home Air Purifier!

Good Quality Home Air Purifiers Featurig True Medical Grade Hepa!

Medical Grade Home Air Purifiers from the Swiss!

Airpura home air purifiers.

Airpura is lead by an engineer with idealistic standards for craftsmanship and design.  Airpura home air purifiers are built to industrial grade standards with high quality materials and parts such as...

Latest industrial cartridge filter design

Powder coated steel instead of plastic housing

Sealed electronics

Powerful impellor located away from the airflow

More effective UV design

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Austin home air purifiers.

Austin Air home air purifiers are made in the U.S.A. and feature true HEPA filtration and include pounds of granulated carbon and zeolite odor adsorbing media.  An Austin air cleaner is ideal for bedrooms, living rooms and offices with mild to moderate air contamination. 

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IQAir home air purifiers.

IQAir provides top quality HEPA and granulated media air purifiers. IQAir home air purifiers have been among the highest rated home air purifiers by experts world-wide! IQAir home air purifiers feature...

True medical grade HEPA and economical modular filters.

Highest rated system efficiency

Large coverage area

6 fan speeds for precise  noise level control.

See All IQAir products
from $

Economical Home Air Purifiers
w/ Washable Electronic Filters!

Home Air Cleaners Featuring

Whole House Electrostatic & Ultraviolet Air Purification!

Trion IAQ home electronic air cleaners.

Trion mainly makes custom designed industrial equipment and commercial air cleaners for the U.S. Submarine fleet, hospitals, factories, hotels and more.  Trion is no longer producing this line of home air purifiers.

• Forever Filter - never needs replacing

• Odor removal

• True HEPA filtration

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Hamilton Beach TrueAir room air purifiers.

Trueair home air purifiers are no longer available, but we still carry the complete line of replacement f filters. Don't let the low price fool you, these work great in bedrooms and offices. Features UV, HEPA and carbon pad!  That's all the major technologies, making it capable of...

• Killing viruses & bacteria

• Destroying mold spores

• Filtering 99.97% dust, dander, pollen down to 0.3 microns

...plus, construction is solid.  Tight assembly is important so that dirty air does not leak through.

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Whole house air purifiers.
ElectroFilter electronic furnace filter transforms your central heating/air system into a whole house air cleaner. Receive 1 Year Supply of Filters for FREE! and FREE shipping in U.S.  Also kill germs, bacteria and viruses with American Air & Water Ultraviolet.  For a healthier environment, install this in-duct UV Air Cleaner into a central heating or air conditioning duct.  It's easy to install and is virtually maintenance free.

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If you have any questions, call us, we'll be glad to help!


Additional Home Air Purifier Resources...

American Lung Association - Types of Air Cleaning Processes
Air cleaners are generally classified according to the technology employed to remove various sized particles and/or gases from the air. The general types of technologies available for use in air cleaners include mechanical filters, electronic air cleaners, and hybrid filters for the capture of particles, and gas phase filters to control odors.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
"Fact Sheet: Flood Cleanup - Avoiding Indoor Air Quality Problems"

This fact sheet discusses problems caused by microbial growth, as well as other potential effects of flooding, on long-term indoor air quality and the steps you can take to lessen these effects. Although the information contained here emphasizes residential flood cleanup, it is also applicable to other types of buildings.

Ozone "Air Purifiers" - Are They Really Cleaning The Air or Acting Asthmatic Triggers? This is government sponsored research that covers various topics of environmental factors causing asthma.

How to keep your home air Clean
The department of Homeland Security explains that many potential terrorist attacks could send tiny microscopic "contaminants" into the air. For example, an explosion may release very fine particles that may damage your lungs. A biological attack may release viruses or bacteria that can make you sick if inhaled or absorbed through open cuts. Many of these germ particles can only hurt you if they get into your body, read about various ways to protect yourself.

BPA is for educational and research intentions only. Not intended as an alternative for medical treatment or advice.