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BreathePureAir Air Cleaners - 11 Great Reasons Terms & Conditions

"Nobody gives you more value, more savings or more
incentives to buy from BreathePureAir.com!"

"This is our way of thanking you for your business"

1.  FREE SHIPPING Anywhere In Continental U.S.!
Your air purifier order will be shipped FREE of charge to any destination within the continental United States except for New York City and Manhattan (there are some exceptions, including products that are clearly marked on their individual product pages where we are required to charge shipping by request of our manufacturer). We offer shipping for most residential air purifiers to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada, choose the correct option in the shopping cart at checkout and the shipping price will be displayed. All international orders will incur standard shipping charges.

2.  Free Get-away Vacation Certificate! - 3 days/2 Nights For Two.

This relaxing getaway vacation valued at $197 includes deluxe hotel accommodations for 3 days and 2 nights. You get to choose from 18 popular destinations in the U.S. when you make a qualified purchase of $399 or more... only offered by BreathePureAir.

Don't worry this is not a time share scam, there are no meetings to attend or any required additional purchases. Just 3 fun filled days and 2 restful nights at Holiday Inn or Sheraton quality hotels.

3.  90-Day BreathePureAir Money-Back- Satisfaction Guarantee!
We extend your no-risk-money-back-satisfaction guarantee to a full 90 days. All other websites or store fronts have only a 30 day money back guarantee. We believe you will have more time to accurately evaluate the benefits of your product if we give you the extra 60 days.  We don't want you to feel the pressure of a short guarantee. So to take some of the pressure off... only BreathePureAir has extended your no-questions-asked money-back-guarantee period to 90 days. If for any reason you are not absolutely thrilled with your purchase you can return your air purifier or related product within 90 days - and we will happily refund your money (there are only a few select products where the money-back-satisfaction guarantee is limited to 30 days per instructions of our manufacturer - these selections are clearly marked on their individual product pages).  Please read our full return policy for terms and conditions.

4.  Lowest Priced Air Purifiers And Related Products Guarantee!
BreathePureAir.com guarantees that at the time of your purchase that you will not find your product at a lower price anywhere on the internet or we will either beat your price of match that price. We are the largest retailers of advanced air purification systems and related products in the world - and there is a reason for that! We give better service, give more added value and keep our prices the lowest - plain and simple! We guarantee you that at the time of your purchase you will not get a better deal anywhere else! If you do call us and we will either match the advertised price or beat it.
Hamilton Beach products do not apply to this guarantee.
When matching or beating a competitive price, additional special offers, such as free shipping, do not apply unless they are part of the price matching comparison.

5.  Money-Back-Difference Guarantee!

Okay, I know how fast things can change on the internet. I know we sell the lowest priced air purifiers and related products on the internet, bar none!
We are constantly checking our competition and there is no one who offers lower priced air purifiers! No one!  But if for some reason, you find your air purifier advertised lower than what you purchased yours for... we will refund you the difference within 30 days from the time you purchased your product.

For example, let's say you purchase an Austin Air HealthMate for $399.99 from us, and then you find the same product advertised 2 weeks later for $349.99. We will give you back $50... the difference between the two prices. All you have to do is send a quote for the same product on a competitor's letterhead or point us to the published lower price and we will send you the difference. We want you to feel confident that you're getting the best deal possible when you purchase from us. Guaranteed!

Holiday specials or promotions do not count for this guarantee.  Select products do not offer this guarantee per request of the specific manufacturer - This guarantee is clearly marked as "Money-Back-Difference" on each individual product page when it applies. Hamilton Beach products do not apply to this guarantee.

6.  EZ Air Filter and/or UV Bulb Replacement Program!
We have people rushing to our website to buy from us just for this incentive alone!  When you purchase from us, not only do you get the guaranteed lowest prices, free shipping and the best service possible but, you will automatically be enrolled in our EZ air filter and/or UV bulb replacement program. Our EZ UV air purifier replacement program will automatically notify you via email when your air filter or UV air purifier bulb should be replaced. Our email will include a direct link to our replacement order page where you can place your order for the proper replacement filter and/or bulb! Once again, our way of thanking you for your business.

7.  Toll Free Qualified Customer Service Support!
Our customer service representatives are personally trained by Dr. Donnelly. BreathePureAir is the only website that has their staff trained by a primary care physician who actively treats people who have allergies, breathing conditions and environmental sensitivities. As a result of Dr. Donnelly's experience in this area of healthcare, he is able to pass his knowledge and experience on to his customer service staff so that they may be in a better position to match you up with the best air purification product for your needs. If you ever have any questions about the correct air purifier for your individual needs, just give us a call on our nickel at 1-800-551-8544 and we will be happy to answer any question you may have.

8.  No Money Down, No Interest 12 Month Optional Payment Plan!
BreathePureAir is the only air purifier store or website that offers you the CareCredit card with the popular No Interest Payment Plans where there are no interest charges if you pay your balance in full within the specified time period. We know how hard you work for your money and we understand that you may want to let your money work for you in different ways than to tie it up by spending a larger sum up front. So why not take your time in paying off your air purifier up to 12 months with no interest? Monthly payments can be as low as 3% of your balance. Look and see what else you get;

bullet 3, 6, & 12 month No Interest Payment Plan options
bullet No interest if the balance is paid within the specified time period
bullet Low minimum monthly payments
bullet No down payment
bullet No annual fees, and
bullet No pre-payment penalties

Your CareCredit card can also be used to purchase other health related products and supplies at a later date ONLY at our BreathePureAir store. Your CareCredit card can also be used at over 30,000 doctors' and dentists' offices throughout the country for healthcare services and/or supplies. By using CareCredit for your Healthcare services and supplies, you can save your other credit cards for other household or unplanned expenses. (The CareCredit card No Interest Payment Plan is only available for certain products that are clearly marked on their respective product page.)

9.  FREE Report - "How To Get Your Health Insurance Or The Government To Reimburse You For Your Air Purifier"!
Did you know that some of our customers are getting their air purifiers completely paid for by their health insurance plan? Now it's not as easy as calling the $8.00 an hour insurance customer service representative and asking, "hey, do you guys cover air purifiers?". What do you think their answer is going to be? 99 times out of 100 it's going to be "NO!". Insurance companies train their CSR's to say "NO" all the time... even when the answer should be "yes". How many times have you called up an insurance company of any type and have had to fight for them to pay you what is rightfully yours?

Well listen up, this free report gives you a step by step action plan that tells you exactly what you need to know, do and say so that you will have the highest probability of having your air purifier reimbursed by your health insurance plan or the government. This report will even give you the correct forms and letters you can easily photo-copy to send into your doctor and health insurance company so that it will only take you a matter of minutes to complete the whole process.

Don't have health insurance? Do you have bare-bones, catastrophic health insurance whose deductible is so high which you'll never meet for there ever to be a chance that your air purifier will be covered? That's ok! This FREE report will also spell out another step-by-step process on how you can get the government to reimburse you part of your cost (All reports will be delivered to you 3-4 weeks after you've received your order).

10.  $25 Replacement Air Filter or UV bulb Coupon!
When you purchase your air purifier from BreathePureAir we will email you an electronic $25 coupon that you can apply to your next purchase for a replacement air filter or UV bulb that can only be redeemed through BreathePureAir. This is just one more way you will save money when you purchase from BreathePureAir.com (This coupon applies only when the replacement order equals to or is over $150).

11.  Receive One Entry To Win A FREE AustinAir Healthmate Jr. Air Purifier!
Once a month BreathePureAir holds a drawing for a FREE AustinAir HealthMate Jr. valued at $299.99. When you make a purchase for an air purifier (or other BreathePureAir product) valued at $299.00 or more, we will enter your name one time into our monthly drawing for a chance to win this FREE AustinAir Healthmate Jr. air purifier. On the first of every month we notify our winners by email so make sure you check your email box on the first of the month after you have received your product to see if you have won.


If you have any questions, call us, we'll be glad to help!


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