Therma Stor hi-e dry vehere pool and spa humidity controller dehumidification equipment and indoor swimming pool room dehumidifiers for indoor relative humidity control
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Therma-Stor: HI-E Dry Vehere Pool & Spa Dehumidifier 4025276

Are You Tired of Nasty Odors, Moisture and Mildew Around Your Indoor Pool?

Efficient, durable and economical HI-E DRY Vehere Pool and Spa Humidity Controller Dehumidifier is your solution for indoor swimming pools, whirlpools, jacuzzi, hot tubs, lap pools, and therapy pools.

Benefits of Hi-E Dry Vehere

  • Remove indoor pool chemical odors
  • Clear up foggy windows
  • Dry out condensate
  • Control structural moisture problems
  • Prevent mold and mildew from growing
  • Comfortable humidity level
  • Clean hot tub environment
Daily Dehumidification Capacities
Air Temp/Relative Humidity


80F/80% RH 238  37.1
82F/60%* RH 191  35.3
80F/60% RH 185 34.3
60F/80% RH 160 27.5
* ASHRAE Recommended Conditions

Indoor Pool Dehumidifier Features

High Efficiency Dehumidifier
Vehere indoor pool and whirlpool dehumidifiers use proprietary FOCUS heat transfer technology that conditions the air in a passive way that aids dehumidification.  The result is lower electrical consumption.  You get industrial dehumidification from less than 12 amps of electricity.  HI-E Dry Vehere Dehumidifier plugs into a standard 15 amp electrical outlet.

High Capacity Dehumidifier
Due to the FOCUS thermodynamics process, Vehere swimming pool dehumidifiers pull 2-3 times more water per kilowatt-hour than regular dehumidifiers.  With this dehumidification power, the HI-E DRY Vehere removes over 193 lbs of water per day at 80F/60%RH.

Compact Dehumidification Systems
Cleverly packed into corrosion resistant steel cabinet is completely, self contained dehumidification equipment.  By building the fan into the enclosure, noise is minimized.  For convenience, controls are located on the cabinet or can be remotely mounted exactly where you want them.

Reliable Dehumidification
FOCUS efficiency allows the indoor pool dehumidifier to use less refrigerant, making it cost less and more reliable.

Indoor Pool Room Comfort
Dry air blowing from the Vehere at up to 540 CFM gives adequate air exchange to maintain comfortable indoor humidity levels.  Humidity control will reduce foggy windows, mold, mildew, chemical odors and condensate created by typical indoor swimming pools up to 450 sq ft.

Pool Dehumidifier Tech Specs

General Specifications: Model HI-E Dry Vehere 4025276
110-120 VAC, 12 Amps: Grounded 7 foot power cord
Compressor LRA:
64.5 Amps
Refrigerant Charge:
540 CFM (without external ducting)
510 CFM @ .15 IWG external static
2 lbs, 13 oz R-22
Optional Duct Connections:
12" inlet and outlet
Controller Accuracy:
+/- 5% RH @ 72F
Humidifier Dimensions:
36.5" L x 19.0" W x 40.0" H - Weight 180 lbs
Lbs of Water Removed
Air Temp/Relative Humidity Lbs / Hour Lbs /Day
80F/80% RH 10.34 248
82F/60%* RH 8.336 200
80F/60% RH 8.04 193
60F/80% RH 7.17 172
* ASHRAE Recommended Conditions
Pints of Water Removed
Air Temp/Relative Humidity Pints / Hour Pints / Day
80F/80% RH  9.92 238
82F/60%* RH  7.95 191
80F/60% RH  7.71 184
60F/80% RH 6.67 160
* ASHRAE Recommended Conditions
Lbs of Water per Hour Removed
Air Temp/Relative Humidity BTUs / Hour KWH / Day
80F/80% RH  15313 37.1
82F/60%* RH  13114 35.3
80F/60% RH  12680 34.3
60F/80% RH 10869 27.5
* ASHRAE Recommended Conditions
Download Hi-E Dry Vehere Information

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Download PDF Owner's Manual for Hi-E Dry Vehere Pool & Spa Dehumidifier
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Download PDF Owner's Manual for Quiet Vent Exhaust System
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Therma stor hi-e dry vehere dehumidifier for indoor pool, whirlpool and spa dehumidification is more efficient than other dehumidifiers

therma-stor hi e dry vehere dehumidifiers

Therma Stor Dehumidifier
Hi-E Dry Vehere Pool & Spa Humidity Controller 4025276

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Dehumidifier Details

humidity control for hi-e dry vehere pool dehumidifier

Controls for HI-E DRY Vehere indoor pool room commercial dehumidifier mount to unit or remotely on wall.


quiet vent ventilation equipment used with swimming pool dehumiddification systems

Quiet Vent - Central exhaust system runs separately from dehumidifier and provides negative pressure for pool room that prevents pool chemicals and moisture from penetrating the rest of the building.


compact hi-e dry vehere fits swimming pool rooms and installations
Click for larger view

humidity control for hot tub, whirlpool, jacuzzi, therapy pool, lap pool and spa moisture

Vehere Installation

Install in humid area
 with no ducting
dehumidifier installation in pool room
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Install in humid area
 with ducting & ventilation
dehumidifier install in pool room with ductwork and ventilation Click for larger view

Install in remote area
 with ducting & ventilation
dehumidifier remote install with ductwork and ventilation Click for larger view


To learn more about how to size a swimming pool dehumidifier for a residential pool, spa or hot tub -- Please visit our sister company at OscarAir, Inc.

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